Chapter 1

He had been forced to go back to his hell on earth. Well, not quite hell, but close enough. He was back to being the house elf, running around on limited food of like half a meal every 3 days, cleaning up after muggles that raped and abused him. He couldn't do a thing to stop it. If it wasn't to his uncle's satisfaction, he got punished as such. He couldn't wait until his 17 birthday when he could leave his living hell behind. He wondered if he would feel any different. Probably not. The Dark Lord was dead (so why he was still here was beyond him) and there was no one else to take his place (at least he didn't think so). It was only 1 week left until his 17th birthday and he was counting down the days.

He looked at his 'to do list' as his aunt had called it before she had left go wherever it was that she went with her little 'Duddykins'. He had finished most of his 'to do list'. He only had a couple of small things to go that didn't exactly require his full attention.

It was the same every day. Uncle Vernon would get up, bang on his door then go get ready for work. Harry would then get up, get changed, make breakfast and wait until his Uncle would go over the same threats that if everything wasn't done to his liking by the time he got home, Harry would be punished severely. His uncle would then leave and his Aunt would then write him a list of what he was expected to have completed. She would then take Dudley to school and disappear for the day. Where she went, Harry had no idea but was glad for it because that meant he do what he wanted when he wanted. Most of the times his aunt was lenient and gave him mostly small stuff but on Sundays when his uncle was home, she gave him the big jobs such as mowing the lawns and the weeding, trying to keep him busy. Harry had a funny feeling that his aunt was planning something as this 'odd' behaviour had only started when he was forced to come back. She would then come home with Dudley not long before his uncle was due home. Harry would then prepare dinner. After dinner was finished, his uncle would go over the list, check if they had been done to his satisfaction and if they had (which wasn't often) he was allowed to eat in his room, if not he was to go to his room and await his punishment.

And this was how the week was carried out. There was no change to the routine. Unless you counted on whether or not Dudley and/or Petunia would watch his punishment getting carried out. His cousin getting off on it, his aunt looking disgusted. After his punishments were over he would hear Vernon and Petunia fighting. Usually about his uncle making her sit through watching his uncle rape then beat him. Harry had quickly learnt that his uncle wasn't everybody and Harry knew he was into males. He just hadn't really been into the whole dating scene recently and had been avoiding the whole topic. Before Harry knew it, his birthday had arrived and there had been no change. After his uncle had gone to bed, Harry was starting to feel weird, almost like he was starting to change on the inside. Harry tried to shrug it off. It was probably just his imagination.

Two hours later, Harry woke up writhing in pain. He tried not to scream out so as to not wake his uncle but it was hard. It was worse than all the times he had endured the cruciatus curse. Harry had tears running down his face. He quickly passed out.

Severus on the other hand, sitting in front of the fire at his manor, felt a recognisable change run through him. He had another mate and judging from the amount of pain his other mate was going through, it was his sub. He could feel his sub changing, hitting his inheritance. He also knew who it was. Harry Potter. He should have guessed. The fates enjoyed playing around with people's lives. Apparently Harry's was no different. Severus wasn't opposed to being the boys mate, after all the boy wasn't his father, he just didn't know if Lucius, Draco and yes, Harry would be fine with it. They were in for a rough few months.

Lucius was talking to Draco and Narcissa about Severus when both he hit the floor. Narcissa knew her husband and his relationship with Severus and therefore knew that they were getting another mate. It would hopefully be the last, she thought to herself, as if her husband and the clan he belonged to got much bigger, there were going to be issues. They would have to move away and it would be dangerous for anyone to get too close as there were so many steps to when a vampire or vampires were courting someone. Lucius could feel their sub coming to his inheritance. It wouldn't be long now then, he thought before he too passed out. Narcissa left him there and took Draco to bed. If he was uncomfortable or cold, he would wake up.