Chapter 14

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Harry woke up feeling refreshed yet slightly worried. His claustrophobia yesterday was ridiculous.
He had failed his mates in the worst way. He had freaked in front of his mates family. Harry started crying.

Severus and Lucius woke to Harry's distress and hugged him letting out soothing growls and purrs.
When Harry calmed down 5-10 minutes later, Severus asked quietly and calmly, "What is wrong Harry?"

"I failed you guys yesterday in the worst possible way." Harry whispered, sniffling.

"No, you didn't Harry. They should have known better then to crowd around you, knowing that you are still in the claiming stage." Lucius defended.

Severus gave Lucius a look over the top of Harry's head that said 'what did I say?' Lucius nodded back.
They would talk about it later when Harry was out of earshot and feeling better.

Harry just sat there silently, still blaming himself, thinking he wasn't good enough. Once Harry calmed down enough, he stood up.
"I'm going outside to the swing. I'll be back for lunch. Thank you my loves." Harry kissed both his Dom and Beta on the cheek before walking out of the mansion to the swing outside.

Once Harry was out of earshot, Severus turned on Lucius. "What did I say? He would go back instead of forwards. Your family are in BIG trouble if this takes him on a downward spiral Luc."

"I know, I know. He will be with us for Lunch at least. We must make it special for him. We don't want him thinking we don't want him or anything like that. He must know that we will be here for him."

"What do you have in mind Luc?" Sev asked suspiciciously.

"Well, what I was thinking was..."

Meanwhile outside on the swing, Harry sat there thinking to himself. Luc and Sev didn't believe it to be his fault. they both thought it was Luc's family's fault.
Maybe there was ettiquette that Lassie hadn't informed him of in regards to family meetings. Then again, maybe not. Maybe they were just saying that so he didn't feel that he had failed, in which case he still had.
If the former, then there was nothing to worry about. If the latter, then he was screwed and he would have to prove to them that he was the Submissive for their family.

By the time lunchtime came around, Harry had a plan set to redeem himself beyond all doubt. But first, his mates needed to claim him. Harry put up his brave face as he walked into lunch, ready to be asked all kinds of questions by his mates.
But when he walked in, he got a completely different vibe. There were bunches of white roses on the table and in his spot was a note addressed to him. Harry opened it.

'Dearest Harry,

We know you probably didn't believe us this morning when we said that you didn't fail. And you didn't. We aren't just saying it. We are very proud that you lasted as long as you did with them smothering you.
However, since we know this, we are going to make it up to you for not being able to prevent it from happening. So we have a plan to make you more relaxed around our family as they are now yours as well.
We love you Harry, our sweet submissive. We don't want anything bad to happen to you so any correction from here on out is for your benefit, not ours. We will both be spending time with you Harry so we can prove to you that we do love you and so can be proven by our actions.

See you soon,
Your Mates,
Severus and Lucius.'

Harry just kept rereading it, over and over. It was sweet. It held promise but he was worried about that one line about correction. They thought he was going to do something wrong? Does that mean that he did do something wrong yesterday?
Before Harry's thoughts could take a darker turn, the doors opened and in came Luc and Sev. Harry subtly put the letter into his pocket for later and sneaked a peak at his mates. They didn't look upset. If anything they seemed more concerned for him.

Severus' nerves were at an all time high now. His Sub would now need to be handled with even more care then before. The smallest thing could have him upset and throwing a hissy fit. It was time to pull out the best. That was where he was thankful to Luc.
It was Luc's idea as a way to apologise yet shower him with love. Give him presents, notes and suprises. When he walked into the dining room with Luc in tow, Sev smelt his Submissives uncertainity in the air. They had a lot of making up to do. That was for sure.

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