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PJO 100 Word Challenge

Chapter 1: Wish

Percy's POV

"Annabeth, have you ever wished on a star?" I asked absent-mindedly, lying on the beach and looking up the sky with Annabeth, a peaceful night, finally.

"No. Why are you asking?"

"Well, you know, we see these stars every night and…" I hesitated.

"What, Percy?"

"I wonder…" I blurted out. "I wonder if what people said about wishing stars is true."

"Really?" Annabeth turned to look at me. She looked…stunned. I didn't blame her. Who'd think I would say something like that?

"Have you hit your head or anything?" She put a hand on my forehead. "Or are you too upset about me beating you in the arena this morning?"

"Wise Girl," I rolled my eyes at her and griped her hand, putting it on the side of my face. "If you are so wise, you should know I lose on purpose."

"I don't think so, Seaweed Brain. You know I am way better than you, since my head wasn't so full of kelp." She retorted while smirking, but she kept her hand on my face, caressing it softly.

I stared in her eyes…accusingly.

"Don't stare at me like that. I'm telling the truth. You know I am, Percy. I'm just better…" Her smile widened.

"Oh you so wanted to." I whispered before leaning in.

"Um…" My lips met hers and her words were stuck. Then she started to kiss me back, tangling her hands in my hair. I responded to her and deepened the kiss. It was a slow and sweet kiss.

"So, what do you think now?" I asked when we finally pulled away.

"I think," Annabeth answered. "Maybe we could wish on a star."

"Why the sudden change of topic?" She glared at me with one of her did-you-just-question-me-glare, in which case you really don't want to push the topic any further. "Okay, relax. Let me think. Um…"

"I wish this moment can last forever." I wished to the stars.

"I know better," She stared in my eyes and said softly. "I wish I can be with you forever."

"Me too, Annabeth." I closed the gap between us and kissed her with more passion than ever.

And the wish has come true.

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