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PJO 100 Word Challenge

Chapter 7: Books

Even through the door, I could hear the sound of typing on laptop, scratching of pencil and fiddling of pages. I don't think there was a single day off in her life since the end of Titan war, when she was appointed the official architect of Olympus and in charge of the rebuilding. Talk about relax!

Breathing a sigh, I knocked the door.
Knock! Knock!
"Come in!" Annabeth's voice came from behind the door.
I turned the doorknob, knowing exactly what I would see - a busy Annabeth buried deep in her work...with a less-than-great temper.

On Annabeth's working desk were parchments, paperwork, blueprints and loads of books. Balanced on one another, the books formed miniatures of skyscrapers, some very unstable skyscrapers they were. In fact, they looked like they could topple over in any minute.

"What's the matter, Percy? You see, I have a lot of work to do."
"I am thinking that maybe we can go for a lunch and a walk in the park?" I couldn't help leaving that as a question after what she said.
"I told you my schedule is crazy! I still have to go up to Mount Olympus to oversee the construction of the Artemis temple after I finish these statues sketches and confirm the construction material order with Hermes!" She almost screamed. Alright, the pressure's getting to her.
"Tough as you, Annabeth, you still need to take a break. And it's Sunday, for Gods' sake!"
"Perce, please, I appreciate the thought, but really, I don't have time for this."
I sighed. She is such a workaholic.

Turning her chair around, I forced her to look me in the eyes.
"I don't take 'No' as an answer, Annabeth. Either you go with me…or I take you with me." I smirked.
That sounded pretty cool, huh? But then the next thing I know I was lying on the floor with Annabeth on top of me…and a knife on my throat. Oops, I forgot she always has her knife with her!
"Now who's talking, Seaweed Brain? You know, sometimes you can be thicker than a bunch of kelp." She teased me, but she was finally smiling. I took it as a good sign and smiled weakly.

"Okay, you win. Can you let me go now?"
"Well, I don't know about that. Since you sidetracked me from my very important work," She said, emphasizing 'important work'. "I don't think I have much choice than going out for lunch with a certain seriously-kelp-filled Seaweed Brain."
Both smiling at the last part, she stood and helped me up.
"I thought I was done for good today." I joked.
"Yea, you almost were." She agreed, laughing.
"I just love my girlfriend." I pulled her into a surprise hug, which turned into a kiss, well, a make-up session, to be honest.
That's when trouble came.

We were leaning on her desk, when I heard the sound of books tumbling and hitting the floor. Breaking apart and eyes wide, she screamed my name.
Picking up the books and putting them back on the desk. I thought I heard her muttering something like "Such a Seaweed Brain…", but I couldn't blame her. It was kind of my fault.
"Sorry." I said guiltily and pecked her cheek. "I'm so sorry. So, now let's go grab some lunch, shall we?"
She smiled at that and answered. "Of course."

Then we held hands and argued about what to eat along the way out, leaving the messy stacks of books on her room.

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