A/N: This was originally a one shot but I got asked to make a sequel so here it is. Short and sweet but I also added some Delissa into the mix. xD

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Through the days after learning their mutual feelings for one another, Faye and Cassie were spending more time together. Their bond was growing but it wasn't that of friendship but of a relationship. Cassie and Faye were secretly together. They didn't want to rush things and come out to the rest of the circle yet. Jake and Adam were still at each other's throats over her and sooner or later she'd have to tell them the truth. That she didn't want either of them and instead wanted Faye.

Cassie arrived to the abandoned house for another one of the circle's meetings. As she walks in, she sees all eyes on her but the only eyes she met were Faye's. A smile formed on her face as she looked at her.

"Good. Cassie's here. Now we can start the meeting." Diana says as she picks up her family's book of shadows. Cassie walks over to sit on the couch next to Faye but Adam and Jake cut her off.

" Why don't you take a seat next to me?" Adam asks as he's pushing Jake away.

"Like she actually wants to sit with you."

Faye rolls her eyes at the boys fighting yet again over Cassie. She found it amusing though since she's the one who's been spending time with her all this time.

"Are we really going to do this right now? Just when I'm about to start the meeting you guys?" Diana's toned implied she was just as annoyed with them.

Adam grabs Cassie's hand. "You have to choose Cassie. We can't keep fighting over you."

"Even though I'd kick his ass." Jake says.

Cassie looked at them both then back at Faye. Enough was enough. This needed to end. The fighting and secrets. She needed to choose.

"All right then. Well, I choose Faye."

"Faye?" everyone else but Faye asked at the same time.

Adam let go of Cassie's hand. "What do you mean you choose Faye?"

"It means she wants me and neither of you. Duh." Faye says with a smirk and stands up.

"What did you do to her, Faye? Did you do some spell on her or something? Jake asks.

"I'm kind of insulted that you'd think I'd do that."

Cassie turns around and grabs Faye's hand. "She didn't do anything wrong, okay? No spells, no magic, nothing but being herself."

"I don't believe it." Adam smooth's back his hair trying to take this in.

"I do." Melissa says. "For a while now, I noticed the chemistry between them and wondered when and if they would happen."

"Yeah, I agree. I'm happy for you two." Diana says.

Cassie's grip on Faye's hand tightens a little. "Thanks."

"This is crazy. How can you be gay if you kissed me?" Jake asks.

"A kiss is just a kiss, Jake. And I got dared to do it. We were playing truth or dare, remember?"

"Whatever. Have fun with your new girlfriend. And just so you know, I don't wait around." He starts walking away.

"What about the meeting, Jake?" Diana asks.

"Screw it." He says as he walks out the door. Faye and Cassie were still holding hands and Adam was staring.

"I guess my dad was wrong about the written in the stars thing."

"I guess so." Cassie couldn't look at him. He looked so sad.

"I'm going to go too. Sorry Diana."

He leaves.

"I guess it's just us girls now." Diana says.

"Sorry I ruined the meeting." Cassie takes a seat on the couch with Faye.

"It's all right. We could use the break anyway."

"Diana the queen of the circle wants to take a break from sending her "loyal" subjects orders?" Faye smirked.

"Yeah. Besides, Melissa and I have something we want to share with you."

"What?" Cassie asks.

Diana grabs Melissa's hand and holds it.

"What? Are you both…together?"

Diana and Melissa nod their heads and smile at each other.

"Nuh uh, Melissa and you? How come you didn't tell me?" Faye asks.

"Probably the same reason that you didn't tell me about you and Cass." Melissa grins at her and Faye does the same.

"Well, I guess we're the secret circle of lesbians now."

"That we are." Diana says.