Lucy, I Love You
Chapter 2: The New Evil Boyfriend
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Last time: "I'm coming alright just let me get something." Natsu thought it sounded familiar so he chased after the voice.

Normal P.O.V
That voice, it sounds like Lucy...could it Natsu was running while thinking he bump into a a girl.
"Watch where your g-" Natsu stop all of a sudden when he saw who it was.

"I'm sorry, I'm in a hurry" said the women. She didn't look at the man. She got up and began to run. As she began to run, Natsu grabbed her arm.

"L-lucy..." Natsu could hardly believe it was Lucy.

Lucy P.O.V
"Lucy is that really you?" The boy asked me. I turned around and saw a boy with pink spiky hair. Wearing a scarf with dragon scales. My eyes widened.

"N-Natsu..." I said slowly not believing it was actually the Natsu from Fairy Tail. "Let go of me..."

"Why?" He said while his bangs covering his eyes. "WHY DID YOU LEAVE FAIRY TAIL? WHY DID YOU, TELL ME NOW!" He was shaking me violently.

"Natsu, please let go of me.." I didn't want to see him or talk to him.

"Why..." as he said as he was shaking in sadness.

"NATSU PLEASE LET GO OF ME!" I shouted while at the same time tears became to flow down my face.

"Oi! You there let go of her now!" a boy said as he was walking up to me.

"M-Mizuki..." I said while wiping my tears with my other hand that wasn't held by Natsu.

"And you are you?" Natsu said. A boy with black spiky hair approached me. He was wearing a head band. (it looks like the Naruto ninja head bands with out the Konoha metal thing).

"Who am I? Well, my name is Mizuki Zunkiro. I am also Lucy's boyfriend so BACK OFF!" Mizuki shouted as he pushed Natsu off. "Are you alright Lucy?" Mizuki said while hugging me.

"Y-Yeah.." I said while blushing.

"Lucy, so you have a boyfriend huh... well then I'm leaving.." Natsu said sadly. As I watched him walk away into the distance I clutch my hand as tear tremble down my face.

"Are you alright? Is it because the pink head hurted you? Next time I'm going to kill him!" Mizuki said while trying to cheer me up.
"It's ok. I'm just upset that I had to see him again." As a said softly while wiping my tears.

"Come on lets go home. I guess we can go to the "Official" Guild tomorrow." Mizuki said.

"O-Ok." I walked ahead of Mizuki while he walked behind me. I had no idea that Mizuki had a evil smile while I was walking.

Natsu P.O.V
"Damn It! I was that close! Stupid Mikizu or what ever his name was, he had to steal Lucy away from me, from Fairy Tail!" I shouted as I opened the door to where everyone else is.

"Wait what? You saw Lucy?" Gray said in shock.

"Where? Natsu tell us immediately!" Erza demanded.

"Luuucccyyy~" Happy sobbed while he had a fish in his mouth.

"NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!" I shouted. I went to my room and shut the door. I was sitting on the chair remembering the time we had together with Lucy.

"You wanted to join Fairy Tail right? Then come with me!"
"I want you in my team because you seem nice, although you are a wiredo."
"Lucy, watch out!"

"Natsu, did you see Luce today?" I was interrupted by Happy's voice.
"Yeah.." I said softly.
"Did she tell you why she left.." Happy said as he flew onto my bed.
"No..." I said while my bangs covered my eyes.
"What was her life like?" Happy said while he looked down onto the ground.
"Well she happy since she has a boyfriend...and if you don't mind I'm going to have a shower" I grabbed my towel and walked out of my room and headed to the shower.
"Natsu..." Happy said as he looked at me walking to the showers.

Normal P.O.V
Next Day

Team Natsu (–Lisanna) job was to track down a dark guild called Devil Eyes. People who are members there are under a spell who is controlled by the guild master. Whoever is under the spell cannot break the spell without defeating the guild master or the guild master stopping the spell which is very unlikely. The thing they didn't know was that Mizuki was apart of the Devil Eyes.

"So all we need to do is to defeat the master to save your son and the others?" Erza said while crossing her arms.

"Sounds easy, what's your sons name?" Gray said while standing up and stretching.

"Mizuki Zunkiro, that is his name." The client said.

"Wait, WHAT?" Natsu said as he stood up with shock! "Did you just say Mizuki Zunkiro?"

"Yes why?" The client said.

"CRAP!" and as Natsu said he ran out of the door.

"What his deal?" Erza said.

"Oh well, we'll have to catch up with him. Thanks for the information." Gray said as he, Erza and Happy followed Natsu.

"NATSU~!" Erza shouted as she and Gray caught up with Natsu.

"What wrong with you, it's not like he has something to do with your life, right?" Gray said as he ran beside Natsu.

"HE DOESN'T HAVE TO DO IN MY LIFE BUT HE HAS SOMETHING TO DO WITH LUCY'S!" Natsu shouted as he was running to the dark guild as fast as he could.

"W-wait what?" Happy said as he flew the same speed as Natsu.

"We better hurry then! He better not have done anything to Lucy!" Erza said as she got angry!

Lucy P.O.V
"Are we nearly there yet I don't want to be blindfolded" I said while is was poking my tongue out at Mizuki.

"We're here." Mizuki said as he took my blind fold of.

"T-this isn't a official guild but a d-dark guild! What are you doing Mizuki, you said you would take me to a official guild!" I said in horror.

"Hmph, it was so easy for you to believe every word that came out of my mouth. You're so cute Lucy." Mizuki said with a evil tone.

"What?" I said as she had horror in her eyes.

"Now Lucy, come here let me make you my little devil girlfriend!" Mizuki said as he tried to grab my hand but I jumped back.

"Not if you can't get me! OPEN THE GATE OF THE LION, LOKE!" I commanded but nothing happened. "W-What? OPEN THE GATE OF THE LION, LOKE, COME OUT!"

"Look closely at you wrist honey," Mizuki said as he was laughing evilly.

"W-what? What is this, I can't take this off!" I said while trying to take a bracelet looking thing of my wrist off.

"No use. What you are wearing on you hand is a magic defender. I stops the person who is wearing it from using magic. Plus you can't take it off unless you have the key which I have. Now Lucy come here.." Mizuki explained. My eyes were getting teary. I haven't changed in 4 years. I'm still weak, but this time no one will come and save me. I am no longer apart of Fairy Tail... I though as tears fell from my beautiful brownish honey eyes. Mizuki appeared behind me and knock me out.

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