Guinevere Rising

With the Prime Merlinean's heart broken it is hard for him to work magic. Can the woman who is destined to be the next Prime Morganian heal him or will they destroy each other in the process? And with Horvath still hell bent on revenge, what are his plans for the Prime Morganian?

Chapter One : Another Day

I took solace in the music that began to play around me gently. As I took my first position for the choreography that I was working out for my midterm, I breathed in and out deeply and closed my eyes.

Another day in this carnival of souls, another night sails in as quickly as it goes.

I went through my opening motions, gaining speed with the song and feeling out the beat as if it were my very own heart.

The faces of people I'll never see again and I can't seem to find my way home.

There was a break in the song that gave me time to show off some jumps and spins, which were taxing but that was the art of dance for you. And it was my life now.

Cause it's almost like your heavens doing everything to break me down, cause it's almost like your heavens doing everything to break me down. Break me down.

I was left breathless as I nailed the ending of my performance. I knew that mom would have been proud of me and Fiyero always loves it whenever I pick out "different" music. I clicked my stereo off as I stood and stretched. Dancing first thing in the morning always made me feel good. It was yet another rainy fall day in New York City though and I knew that I would have to bundle up as I walked back into my room to get dressed for the day.

Beep beep beep beep

I groaned as I finally hit the button to turn the alarm off. I laughed as the loyal Tank licked my face.

"Morning gorgeous," I stated lovingly as I rubbed his ears. I stretched as I slowly got out of bed, only to make my way towards the fridge for a Mountain Dew.

"You really shouldn't be putting that garbage in your body so early in the morning." I jumped as I saw Veronica and Balthazar behind me. You'd think that after a year, I'd be used to them coming and going as they pleased but I wasn't. I looked at Bennet who was sitting at our small kitchen table eating something that resembled eggs and bacon.

"Why do you let them in? Seriously man, I need a break." I was still upset with them. After battling with a particularly nasty Morganian in Estonia of all places, Becky had broken down and told me that she couldn't handle being with me anymore and that the stress was beginning to wear her out. I tried to be strong, but I had never had my heart ripped out like that before. It had been six long months now and I had not seen or heard from her.

"Dude, they at least get you out of the apartment for stuff other than school!" I brushed off another one of Bennet's grey wolf speeches and went to go get dressed. I had to give another presentation for Heiderman's Physics 101 class and I needed to be there early to set up.

I was glad that I had chosen one of my thick sweaters to wear as I pulled my coat closer to me under my umbrella. The rain was cold as it fell from the sky, I could see my breath in the air in the chilly November morning. I was happy to finally get to the science building on the NYU campus where I was greeted with hugs from two of my friends who were also taking Physics 101.

"Hey Gwen!" I smiled as I hugged Lacey and Tia, two of my fellow dance majors.

"Hey guys." We quickly took seats near the front as our guest speaker was getting set up. I pulled out a notebook and some pens. I yawned as he started speaking.

About twenty minutes in, I had about ten pages of condensed notes. Lacey, who was next to me was just staring at our speaker while Tia was looking over my shoulder to copy my notes.

"Psst! You guys got some free time after this," Tia asked Lacey and I. I nodded my head and Lacey looked back at her.

"Yeah, what'd you have in mind T?" I listened to them vaguely as I kept my attention focused on our speaker, Dave something or other. They were talking about getting lunch after this but I smacked Lacey's leg when I noticed Professor Heiderman getting up. He hated it when people talked during guest speakers. I sunk down in my seat a little and looked ashamed. He held his hand up and our guest speaker stopped.

"David, I'm sorry but apparently these three have better things to be talking about and I'm sure it has nothing to do with Tesla coils." He turned from David to glare at us but directed his eyes on me. "Miss Guinevere, you of all people, you should know better than that." I'm sure that I turned red as a summer tomato as he turned back to go sit down. I looked up at our speaker and mouthed an apology to him as he picked up where he left off. Lacey and Tia sat in silence for the rest of class, furious with Professor Heiderman.

The presentation ended up being really great in my opinion and the demonstration of a mini Tesla coil was awesome. Lacey and Tia were packing up and grumbling about Heiderman being an ass. I stood after gathering my things and approached our speaker.

"David, right?" He was startled by me and jumped a little as he spun around. I couldn't help but smirk.

"Yeah, yes! And you are Guinevere, right?" I nodded my head.

"Yeah but I go by Gwen though, Gwen Nichols." I held out my hand for him to shake as I continued. "I just wanted to say I'm sorry again and that I really enjoyed your presentation." He smiled as he shook my hand. I felt sparks travel up my arm as he did.

"Oh," he ruffled his hair a little bit as he let go of my hand, "thank you and you have nothing to apologize for. I didn't even notice you guys talking till Heiderman said something." I noticed Lacey and Tia waiting by the door looking impatient and to my horror, Tia had to go and open her damn mouth.

"Gwen, you can get your flirt on with cutie pie nerd boy later! I'm hungry!" I turned my head and glared at her and mentally thanked Lacey for smacking Tia upside the head. I blushed as I turned back to David.

"Well, that's my cue to leave. I think I've had more than enough embarrassment for one day. It was nice talking to you." I practically ran from the room to save myself and glared at Tia as we walked out.

"You are a BITCH!" I screamed out in exasperation as I heard a "bye" yelled from the classroom. I opened up my umbrella and Tia merely laughed it off.

"Oh honey, I may be a bitch but he'll remember you now." I rolled my eyes and we began arguing about where to eat for lunch.

After lunch, I went home to get changed for work. I also needed to feed my two fat orange tabby cats, Hollywood and Fefe. They greeted me at the front door with meows and attempts to bat at my feet as I put my umbrella away. I patted their heads as I walked into the kitchen. I got out some cans and poured the sticky food into their bowls. I watched them chow down for a few minutes before walking into my room where I proceeded to strip out of my skinny jeans and threw on a baggier pair. I also took off my raspberry colored sweater and changed it out for a soft and dreamy off the shoulder piece in white. It looked good over my black tank top. I kept my soft, black leather boots on since it was still raining outside. I almost considered taking my car as I stood to leave even though I walked everywhere. The rain was falling considerably lighter than it was this morning though and I could at least be pleased about that. I checked on the cats before I left again and locked the door behind me after grabbing my umbrella again. I walked down the stairs of my apartment building and then out into the rain.

The walk to The Knit Bits yarn shop seemed to take longer than usual, but I was greeted warmly as always. I clocked in and began checking the shelves and making a mental list of what yarns I needed to stock. I was humming to myself as I made my way to the back to grab what I needed when I noticed a few crates of yarn in a corner with a note from my manager on it.

These are extra crates that were shipped to us accidentally. Everyone please feel free to take a few skeins of each. - Alice

I smiled as I noticed that there were still some gorgeous colors left. I would have to get back here and grab some soon. I worked diligently throughout my shift and was happy when six o'clock finally rolled around. I got out with some absolutely yummy yarns and a text from Tia about a party that some of the theater majors were throwing. I decided that it could be fun and called her up.

"Please tell me you're coming tonight?" I laughed at the desperation in her voice.

"Yeah, I was calling to let you know I was going to be there and that I needed you to text me the address cause I need to go home and change first." I heard some scrambling around on her end as I looked around before I crossed a wet New York City intersection.

"I've got it and I'll text it to you later. You aren't the only one who needs to get ready." I rolled my eyes as I hung up my phone and put it back in my purse. I decided to take some of the back allies home so that I could get there quickly. I was looking around at some of the shops and couldn't help but notice one in particular. It was called "Arcana Cabana." I stared at it for a few minutes before I shook off the feeling of deja vu and continued walking. Maybe I'd stop by there some other day to see if something would jog my memory but for right now, I had a party to get ready for.