Guinevere Rising

With the Prime Merlinean's heart broken it is hard for him to work magic. Can the woman who is destined to be the next Prime Morganian heal him or will they destroy each other in the process? And with Horvath still hell bent on revenge, what are his plans for the Prime Morganian?

Chapter Three : Right Around the Corner

I hadn't gotten the chance to see David again, though we had spoken on the phone twice when we both had the time. And I actually kinda needed to see him now since he had forgotten to take his hoodie back from me after the party.

Work the next day went by fairly quickly and my classes for the rest of the week seemed to fly by as well. When Friday rolled around and my shift was done at work, I was happy to get home to get packed to go see Fiyero. Due to work and school, I only get to stay at the hospital every other weekend. I was humming to myself as I was packing my overnight bag and I was so into packing that I almost didn't hear my cell phone ringing. I reached over for it and picked it up right before my voice mail would get it. I didn't check the caller ID before I did though so I had no idea who I was talking to.

"Hello," I asked. I think I may have sounded a bit exasperated as I spoke.

"Gwen? Am I calling at a bad time?" I snapped my head up and looked around my room for some knitting to take.

"David! Hey, yes and no at the same time," I laughed as I said it while I was digging through my craft drawer.

"Oh well, I just wanted to see if you might want to get together...with me...uh, tonight actually." I couldn't help but smile at how sweet his nervousness was as I sat down on my bed.

"Oh," I knew he was going to be disappointed, "I'd love to but I'm getting ready to go visit my brother. I only get so much time with him between work and school." I chewed on my thumbnail for a second and came up with a solution.

"But I'll be back Sunday around five or so. We could go grab something to eat and then go to a movie or something like that if you'd like." I put a few final things in my bag while I waited for his answer.

"I have a class on Sunday that lets out at six thirty. Will that be a problem for you?" I picked up my bag and moved toward the front room.

"Not at all, cause that will give me time to get showered and changed so I won't smell like a hospital." I started to write a note for Lacey, who always watched Fefe and Hollywood for me, saying that they had tapeworm medicine that they needed to take while I was gone.

"So I'll see you on Sunday Gwen?" I couldn't help but smile at the thought as I looked over my apartment one last time.

"Yeah, it's a date." My smile got even wider as I heard David knock something over.

"Yea, yeah. A date." I laughed a little.

"Bye David," I said as I picked up my bags and walked out the door.

"Bye Gwen."

We hung up and I could just see him now, doing some stupid guy thing, like jumping up and down. I rolled my eyes as I took the elevator down to the parking garage. My pretty little silver 2003 Honda Civic was right where I parked it. I put my bags in the trunk, got in, and plugged my Ipod in as I started her up. I hit shuffle, pulled out of my spot, and started making my way towards the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

Thankfully traffic wasn't too horrible for a Friday afternoon and I made good time. I parked only a little ways away from the main entrance and pretty much ran towards the building. Everyone knew who I was, everybody pretty much knew everybody here. The first place I went was Fiyero's room. He wasn't there but I set my bags down anyway as a nurse came walking in.

"Oh! Miss Nichols! I forgot that you were going to be here this weekend." I smiled at her.

"Hey Lauren. Where's Fiyero? I'm dying to see the little punk." She checked the chart on the door and flipped through a few pages before answering me.

"He's in a counseling session right now apparently, and I believe that Dr. Kushner would like to meet with you. Do you know where his office is?" I nodded my head but was confused as I picked my purse up and headed to the head Oncologist's office. I tried to shake off some feelings of dread as I did. I began chewing my lip as I sat in a chair outside of his office, it was not an easy wait to say the least. I pulled out my phone and texted Tia.

G: So, I'm kinda worried about Fiyero. The Oncologist wants to meet with me and Fiyero is in counseling.
It didn't take long for her to respond.

T: He can't be near the end can he? He's so good about his meds and all the radiation therapy.

G: I don't know. I'm hoping that they found a donor and they're counseling him about living cancer free.

T: I'll be praying for the both of you girlie. Want me to tell Lacey?

G: Nah, there shouldn't be a need to raise alarm just yet. I'll call you after the meeting.
T:K, ttyl girlie.

G: Later

I had to wait for only a few more minutes before Dr. Kushner stepped out of his office. I stood as he did. I appreciated his handshake as he addressed me.

"Hello Miss Nichols, I hope your drive was pleasant." I nodded my head as I followed him into his office.

"It was," I took a seat and so did he, "thank you for asking. Now, how is Fiyero doing?" Dr. Kushner sighed and took off his glasses. I knew that I had to begin to brace myself.

"Miss Nichols, Fiyero is a strong boy. Very strong, but his body has stopped responding to chemo and radiation treatments." He handed me some recent x-rays to compare to old ones. "The cancer has grown much more violent in its attacks." I was fighting hard to hold in the tears.

"So, what do you suggest we do," was the only thing I could muster out.

"Well, it is my professional opinion that you take Fiyero home and enjoy whatever time you have left with him. His blood type is just so rare that I don't think you'll be able to find a donor after all this time. He is scheduled for one more surgery tonight and then he should be able to be home by next weekend." I set the x-rays back down on the desk. I couldn't believe a year of hoping and waiting and fighting was about to come to an end. A tear ran down my face to my dismay.

"I understand. Will he still have his medicines to take or should he stop taking them?" I couldn't look this man in the eye, he pretty much was signing Fiyero's death warrant.

"If Fiyero wishes to stop taking the medications we have him on he can, but they help to keep a lot of his symptoms at bay and he really should continue taking them. As for the chemo and radiation treatments, they might work after this final surgery but I can honestly tell you that they more than likely will not work." I nodded my head and stood up.

"Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. I know you give it to every patient but, I just really want to thank you. It means a lot to me." I shook his hand again and then made my way to Fiyero's room in a daze. He wasn't even sixteen yet and I don't think he ever will be.

Upon reaching Fiyero's room I noticed that he still wasn't back yet, so I took the time to walk back out to my car so I could have a really good meltdown before I saw him. Fiyero hadn't seen me cry in I didn't know how long and I wasn't about to let him see me like this. It was not pretty and I pulled out my cell phone to call Tia and cry my heart out.

After the texts from Gwen about Fiyero, I was on my toes. I needed her to call me and tell me that everything was going to be alright. I scrolled through the pictures on my phone until I found my favorite one. It was me, Lacey, Gwen, Fiyero, and some of the other kids from the hospital celebrating Fiyero's fifteenth birthday. That was a good day, there was so much laughter and hope in the air.

"Tia, come sit down baby. I'm sure everything will be fine." I smiled nervously at my awesome Bennett, but I knew I wouldn't be calm until I heard from Gwen. I must have checked the clock for the hundredth time when David came in.

"Hey guys," he stopped when he saw me pacing. I don't know what happened though, because right after he looked at me, my cell started to ring. It was Gwen. I picked up immediately.

"Gwen?" She was sobbing hysterically and I couldn't make out anything that she was saying, which only made me start to tear up as well.

"Gwen, is everything alright? Is Fiyero okay?" When I mentioned Fiyero, her words became a little more clear.

"Fiyero...h-he-he's o-kay. H-He's get-geting ready fo-for surgery n-now. B-but Tia, his bo-body has rej-rejected t-the radiation. Th-e can- the cancer is killing him! H-he's go-going to d-die!" She started crying all over again and so did I.

"Oh God, I'm s-so sorry Guinevere! Te-tell me what you need me to do." I just let her cry for as long as it would take. I fought back tears as Bennett wrapped me up in a hug. Gwen's voice was barely a raspy whisper when she did finally talk to me again.

"T, how am I supposed to go back in there," I couldn't give her an answer the answer she wanted, but I could give her what she needed.

"Just walk sweetie. That's how you get back in there. Fiyero is still going to need you to be strong. You are his rock just like Lacey and I have been yours for the past two years. You are going to laugh with him and comfort him while he's scared. And when you bring him home, he will have the most amazing people around him to give him all the support and love he needs. He'll have you, me, Lacey, Bennett, Aiden, and you know all the people in our dance classes got your back." I wanted to list off more people, but I couldn't think of names right now.

"Since he's going into surgery tonight, come home when he gets out and wakes up. We'll all be waiting for you." I didn't think she'd respond, so I wasn't surprised when the phone clicked and the call ended. I looked at Bennett with sad eyes.

"Let's go, she really is going to need us when she gets here." I looked over at Dave. "I know you don't know Gwen very well, but she could really use as much support as she can get right now." I gathered my things quickly and I called Lacey and then Aiden as we left. I filled them in on what was going on and that they were going to need to meet us at Gwen's apartment. We were going to need to prepare for worst times ahead, especially with the holidays right around the corner.

Author's Note: Happy Cinco De Mayo!