When Jason first sees them together; well… saying he isn't pleased is quite the understatement. It makes sense, he supposes, with the well-known ability to make you eat voltage, he's never really had to share. Ever. Obviously, it was Piper ignoring this was what made him fall for her in the first place, but he hadn't really considered than the normal treatment would to extent to… this.

The problem, though he hasn't been seen as one at first, was a new-ish Apollo camper named Nathan Oliver. Of course, he had been claimed at thirteen, but had decided to stay in the mortal world as his godly abilities extended to having an uncanny aim with a basketball, a skill hecertainly didn't mind showing Piper now.

What does she even see in that guy anyway? Thought Jason bitterly, leaning against a nearby training dummy. She was sitting on a bench near the basketball court, re-braiding random bits of her hair and laughing at something the little wimp said; he on the other hand, was flicking that stupid Justin Bieber hairstyle and oh-so-subtly rolling up his sleeves and blaming it on the hot summer day, and shamelessly trying to keep as much eye contact as possible when he lifted his arms to shoot, making his Camp Half-Blood t-shirt ride up.

Jason felt his eye twitch.

Down, boy Jason thought to himself, as he felt the electricity tingling around his scalp, like it did whenever he was really, really miffed. Don't just barge in there and make an idiot of yourself, come up with a plan first he tried to warn himself it's not like she's your girlfriend; he flinched lightly, pulling a face. They were both sixteen, the giant war had ended six months ago, and Reyna was entering a long term relationship with Leo; he was running out of excuses, but that didn't stop him from being scared he wouldn't get the only thing he's ever really wanted. Maybe this is showing me she won't wait forever, Jason contemplated miserably, or maybe this is her already moved on, or maybe-

His train of thought came to a screeching halt when the maggot took off his shirt. His shirt. In front of Jason's almost-girlfriend. His shirt. Oh Gods,now he was using the cross-arms-and-use-knuckles-to-push-up-bicepts-to- make-girls-look-at-my-arms trick, which made Jason feel like throwing up.

Before he could stop himself, he found himself walking toward the flirtatious pair, quickly putting on his RGF (Roman Game Face) so that his eyes widening in horror of what he was doing couldn't be seen. THINKTHINKTHINK, MAN! Come on, you'll look like a total stalker if you pop up there with no reason. Oh, schist, you're getting closer, THINK. Was basically the sum of his thoughts as he finally arrived in front of them, other than thanking whichever god decided that every Roman must have a perfect poker face.