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Jason was grateful he didn't trip on anything on his way over, which would have made him look like a total idiot, and finally settled himself next to the daughter of Aphrodite, "Hey Pipes," he said, grinning at her in a way he (nope-not-at-all-don't-be-silly) was hoping was charming. "Hey Sparky," she teased, nudging his shoulder and grinning at him in a way that could send any guy straight to cloud nine, kaleidoscope eyes trying to make their blue brighter, in hope of lining up with his. Suddenly, she seemed to remember they had company, and whipped her head back round, blushing madly, breaking eye contact to face the dick-head; who Jason noted with only a bit of self-satisfaction, was giving him the stink eye.

"Oh" Jason said, trying to be polite "Didn't see you there, I'm Jason Grace," holding out his tattooed arm and smiling in a way that was polite enough not to be sarcastic, he knew because he had used it on countless officials. "O-oh" the prat faltered, catching sight of the tattoo "Like, Preator Jason?" the dickface's voice squeaking slightly as his crossed arms turned more defensive than show-off-y. Jason chuckled, "Yeah, that Jason,"now get away from my almost-sorta-kinda girlfriend before I shove my spear so far up your ass you choke on it, he continued mentally, both smile and hand still in place.

"Oh," he muttered, voice still slightly high, before clearing his throat, raising his chin, and giving Jason's still waiting hand a shake "That's cool. I'm Nathan, Nathan Oliver." Ha, not so smooth now, are we? Jason thought smugly, letting his ego inflate slightly as he contemplated that there was no way the dickhead would dare flirt with Piper now he knew she was his girlfri-

Oh, oh right. Not his girlfriend.


Why was that again?

"S-so, Piper, umm, as I was saying," The ass-kisser stuttered, before putting his 'I am suave' mask back on and turning to face Piper once more, making Jason internally snort "I was wondering, would you like to see a movie sometime, maybe tonight?" he asked, sounding all smooth and confident, and making Jason mentally raise his eyebrows. Dude, we just stared into each other's eyes for an elongated period of time, and when we looked away, she blushed. How stupid can you get? But, unfortunately, Jason didn't seem to have developed telepathy overnight; so Jason decided to take a less subtle way to make sure this nightmare didn't become a reality.

Pulling a (totally sincere) apologetic face and grabbing Piper's hand, trying to ignore the stupid warm, fuzzy feeling spreading up his arm (he could swear he was suppose to be tougher than this) Jason interrupted "I don't think so, bud, sorry. She's a little busy tonight," nodding to their now intertwined hands. Nathan first looked confused, then disappointed, then embarrassed, then slightly horrified, before, wide-eyed, he ducked an awkward nod and scampered off with his tail between his legs.

urg. sorry. just edited this to make it slightly less obnoxious. may not have been successful. just wanted nathan to seem less like an empty headed pretty-boy and more like a person who was honestly interested in piper. not that he isn't a empty headed pretty-boy. he totally is. but that generally doesn't make up the entirety of a persons personality, you know?