Jeff was on his third drink, scanning the crowd. It had been pretty quiet up until an hour ago. The club, now in full swing, was full of people laughing and dancing. Some alone, others not alone. Feeling his buzz finally kick in, he set his glass down and slowly eased his way through the crowd onto the dance floor. He put his hands above his head and began to move his hips to the beat. He really needed to let loose like this after the day he just had. You can only take so much arguing with your agent before you fire him.

As he danced he scanned the crowd some more looking to see if there was anybody who piqued his interest to dance with. He zoned in on two guys grinding in the center of the dance floor. They seemed to have been here for a bit, their cheeks were flushed, skin glistening from sweat, dancing to the beat lazily. One was taller than the other, pale with red hair. The shorter one, who'd originally caught Jeff's eye, had dark brown, almost black tousled hair and slightly tanned skin. There was something about this guy that just captivated Jeff and he immediately started moving towards the two without even realizing it. He came up behind the brunette and grabbed his hips, pulling him towards him not missing a single beat of the song blasting through the speakers. The brunette leaned back, forgetting about his partner, wrapping one of his arms up around the neck of whoever was behind him and began to move in sync with them.

After a while of dancing with the brunette, Jeff leaned a little more into him and spoke softly in his ear. "What's your name gorgeous?" The brunette moved away a little, turning in his arms, finally looking at the blond for the first time, and gave him a small grin. He definitely liked what he saw. "Nick, yours?" Jeff pulled Nick back into him missing the warmth of their bodies touching, not giving a shit at how strange that was considering he had just met him. "Jeff," he answered grinding into his hips. Nick was a little suprised but he grinded back, nuzzling into Jeff's neck, inhaling. Oh wow he smells so good, Nick thought as he brushed his lips softly over the skin where the neck and shoulder met. Jeff shivered at the soft touch despite the fact that the place was hot from all the body heat.

"Mmm..." Nick hummed, "Jeff." He gave the blonde a wide smile, "I like it. You come to Slammers often?"

Holy shit, Jeff thought, the things that smile did to him. "Not often, few times a month maybe, when I get the time or if I need to destress a little. You?" Jeff said as he slipped his fingers under the brunettes shirt to gently graze the skin above his belt as they continued to sway to the beat.

"About the same. What do you say we go to the bar and have a drink, maybe talk a little more?" Nick asked, knowing if he continued to dance with the blond he'd start grinding embarrassingly because the way those fingers were grazing his skin and how good his lips felt on this mans neck, was driving him insane. He's known him for what, 20 minutes? For goodness sake, how the hell is that shit even possible?

"Yeah, okay that sounds good." Jeff said and smiling at Nick and taking his hand as he pulled away and made his way to the bar. They dropped hands and sat down as Nick asked the bartender for 2 cherry bombs. He looked over at Jeff asking, "Is that okay or do you want something else?"

"Cherry bomb is fine." Jeff replied.

Nick got out his wallet to pay for the shots and Jeff took that moment to really look at him. Nick had an amazing profile, he had an amazing everything actually. These beautiful, brown, almond shaped eyes that Jeff could get lost in if he stared long enough. His lips weren't full but they weren't thin either. They were the perfect shade of pink and Jeff wanted nothing more than to reach over and bring those lips to his. The bartender set the drinks down in front of them with a loud clink bringing Jeff out of his thoughts.