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There will be some female characters you'll have to watch out for. We'll have: Fem!US, Fem!Prussia, Fem!Sweden, Fem!Germany, Fem!Poland, Fem!France, Fem!Spain, Fem!Greece, Fem!Australia and Fem!Russia. I'll add more as I go. The Pairings that'll be here are:

FrUK, PruAus, JapanxAmerica, SpaMano, PolandxLithuania, SuFin, AustraliaxNew Zealand and CanadaxUkraine not to mention many more.

Also watch out for Canada's overprotective brother syndrome. And for Punk Arthur too.

I'm thinking I'll tell you all their names right now so you don't get confused.

America- Amelia Jones

France- Francine Bonnefoy

Canada- Matthew Williams

England- Arthur Kirkland

Australia- Kylee Walters

New Zealand- Aidan Grace

Prussia- Gilberta Beilschmidt

Germany- Luise Beilschmidt

Spain- Isabel Fernandez Carriedo

South Italy- Lovino Vargas

North Italy- Feliciano Vargas

Sweden- Susann Oxenstierna

Finland- Tino Väinämöinen

Poland- Felicja Lukasiewicz

Lithuania- Toris Lorinaitis

Greece- Harmonia Karpusi

Russia- Anya Braginskaya

Austria- Roderich Edelstein

Japan- Kiku Honda

Hungary- Elizaveta Hedevary

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Hetalia International Academy, a prestigious school only for the best of the best. A school for genii. A school that is world renowned for the students that have left its halls and gone on to change the world.

It was also, Arthur's new school. Arthur stared up at the main building, sighing and running a hand through his hair. There were some things he already didn't like about the school. The school uniform was one of those things. The uniform comprised of a white shirt, dark blue tie, white sweater vest, a dark blue blazer and horrible dark blue plaid pants. Yes, Arthur didn't like it one bit. The girls were a bit better off. They had a red plaid skirt and a white shirt. And a tie. Even the blue blazers made them look better.

Arthur sighed again. This was going to be hell. Before continuing with the story, let's find out who Arthur is first, shall we? Arthur Kirkland is a sixteen year old teenager with blond hair, bright green eyes and pale skin. He came from England all the way here, that is, to America. America. The Englishman was, rightfully, ticked off. Anyways, ignoring the little flashback like thing, let us return to the present situation.

Arthur was done staring at the building and was walking up the stairs, his ripped jeans, graffitied t-shirt, green streaks and ear and tongue piercings seemed very out of place. People paused on their way to their classes to study the new arrival, staring and whispering. The green eyed blond ignored the whispers, flashing smirks at the girls and occasionally flipping skirts with a wink and sly smirk. Girls were all over him. The Englishman made his way to the admissions office, shoving the doors open and stalking inside, looking around languidly and flashing a bored look at the receptionist.

"Hello. Are you Arthur Kirkland?" asked the bright and chipper young woman manning the table. Arthur gave a noncommittal shrug, eyeing the place again before giving a nod when she failed to understand that yes, he was Arthur bloody Kirkland. The woman eyed him and wrinkled her nose slightly before tapping away on her computer.

"Welcome to Hetalia International, Arthur! You'll be boarding, right? Well, as you probably already know, Hetalia has co-ed dorms…" The woman rattled on and on about the school with Arthur just looking around, appearing rather bored. To be honest, he was bored. He just wanted to get to his dorms and listen to loud music. The receptionist, whose name was apparently Melissa, finally stopped talking and handed Arthur his room keys, telling his to sign this paper please, and to not disturb the girl you'll be sharing the room with. The Englishman signed the paper and said something along the lines of, I won't do anything with the girl, and sighed, wrinkling his nose as Melissa gave him a plastic bag.

"Here's your uniform Arthur. And once again, welcome to Hetalia International."

"Whatever," was the only reply the peppy receptionist got before the blond trudged away to his room. He walked down the corridors, ignoring the looks he received, and stopped in front of the door to his room. Before he could do anything, the door flew open and a girl stared up at him, a bright smile on her face. So this is my roommate, he mused, studying the girl.

The girl had short blond hair, with one piece that seemed to defy gravity and stand up, and bright blue eyes. She was wearing a skirt and a crop top, baring a toned and bronzed stomach. She eyed him for a second before smiling even more brightly.

"Hey dude! You must be my new roomie! It's great to finally meet you! Do you know how bored I was getting being all alone with no one to talk to? I heard you were British. Is that true? What kind of…"

The girl asked rapid fire questions which Arthur barely understood, and he stared at her. So she was American. Explains her annoying attitude. She was pretty good looking too. The male sighed, running a hand through his hair and finally shoving his way into the room, ignoring her yelp of protest as his bag scraped her arm. He tossed his bag onto the only other bed in the room and grunted, eyeing the walls.

"Dude! Did ya even listen to me?" whined the girl. He finally turned to roll his eyes at her, snorting and crossing his arms.

"Whatever, love. Now do me a favor and shut up. You looked prettier before you open your mouth."

That shut the girl up. At least for a second. She had a light blush on her cheeks before she grinned.

"So you are British! I knew it! What's your name? I'm Amelia!"

The Englishman rolled his eyes and unrolled posters which he took out from his bags. They were of various bands, and some of them were ones he had painted himself. Yes, he was proud of them.

"Arthur Kirkland, darling. Now, are you just going to stand there or do something too? It's rude to stare." Amelia pouted and studied him before huffing and putting her hands on her hips. The punk snorted, leering at her until she felt a bit more self-conscious. "Now that, sweetheart, was the most feminine move ever. And if you're done staring at me, I'm going outside," he said. However, before he could even open the door, the door swung open by itself. Standing in the doorway was a boy with light blond hair that was down to his shoulders, silver rimmed glasses and violet eyes. He had a stuffed polar bear in his hands and was watching the other male in the room carefully.

"Hello. You use be new, eh?" he greeted, his voice soft and quiet. Arthur shrugged, pulling his iPod out from his bag and stuffing it in one of the pockets of his leather jacket. He pulled headphones out, decorated with the Union Jack, and changed out of his sneakers into boots with steel caps. After studying himself for a second he turned to the boy at the doorway, raising an eyebrow at the surprised look on his face.

"Done staring at me, love?" he asked, feeling slightly irritated at all he staring that was going on, before shoving past him and putting his headphones on, turning the music up loud and striding down the corridor.

His plan was soon ruined when he crashed into someone. The other person fell down and Arthur resisted the urge to shout at them. He looked down and found a girl glaring up at him. And she was an albino. He offered her a hand and hauled her up, putting his headphones around his neck and eyeing her openly before smirking.

"Sorry about that, love. Didn't mean to make you fall," he said smoothly, watching her dust herself. To his surprise the girl rolled her eyes, scarlet eyes, and smirked right back.

"Kesesesese, it's okay. You new here? You look new. Vat's your name?" she asked, a hint of a German accent in her voice. The Englishman glanced to her side, wolf whistling as a girl in a rather short skirt crouched to ice something up, before returning his attention to her.

"Arthur. Arthur Kirkland. And before you ask, I'm from England," he replied, giving his signature smirk. The albino laughed, throwing her head back.

"Gilberta Beilschmidt. Nice to meet you. Are you searching for someone?"

"Not really. I was going to go for a walk. And if you're done with your interrogating, then I'm going." Gilberta fell into step beside him and smirked slightly.

"Know anyone yet?"

"Only my irritating American roomie. And this guy who looked like her. Why?"

"I can introduce you to some friends. You know, just if you needed anyone to talk to," said the albino. Arthur briefly wondered where the accent was from and was considering on asking her is she was really german when she spoke up. "And just so you know, I'm Prussian. Not German." Seeing the slightly surprised look in his eyes she smirked. "You looked like you were going to ask me that," she explained. Before the Englishman could say anything, Gilberta paused and pointed out to a girl with short blond hair who was wearing a black tank top and cargo pants, headphones slung around her neck as she jogged.

"That's mein schwester. YO! WEST!" she hollered. Arthur smirked slightly and watched as the blonde turned her head and sighed before walking over to them. She gave the boy with her sister a once over before turning to the albino.

"Vat now Gilberta? And who is this?"

"This is Arthur. Arthur, mein schwester Luise. He's new, Luise. Isn't that awesome?"

"Ja, ja. Hallo Arthur. If I were you I wouldn't go anyvhere vith Gilberta. She's got perverted friends." With that piece of advice, Luise left, leaving a smirking Arthur. The blond glanced at the girl next to him and raised an eyebrow, running a hand through his hair.

"Perverted friends?"

"Come on, I'll take you to meet them."

Arthur really didn't know why this…Prussian was helping him on his first day, but he was really too interested to leave right now. Plus, he might meet some interesting people. They walked through the grounds and suddenly Gilberta paused, pointing to two girls who were surrounded by boys.

"That's them over there. FRANNY! IZZY!" she shouted, waving at them. Both the girls turned to look at their friend and then marched through the horde, coming to a stand still in front of the Englishman. Arthur eyed them both and wolf whistled, smirking and winking. Both the girls flushed a bit, and one giggled.

Both of them were brunettes, though one's hair was admittedly lighter than the others. One had violet eyes and her light brown hair done up in a French twist. She was wearing a white skirt (that was quit short, but Arthur wasn't complaining) and a light purple (not lavender) t-shirt. Her lips were a full luscious red and she winked back at him. The other had slightly darker hair which was done in a messy bun and bright green eyes. She was wearing a pair of shorts and a red t-shirt. She looked like she smiled a lot.

"Okay, Arthur, these are mein friends. This is Francine and that is Isabel. Izzy, Franny, this is Arthur, a new guy," introduced the albino. They all nodded at each other before Francine spoke.

"Bonjour, mon cher," she greeted, eyeing Arthur openly. The Frenchwoman hummed appreciatively, taking in the ripped clothing and the black eyeliner that had his eyes looking darker. Not to mention the numerous chains hanging from his jeans which made tinkling noises and the silver chains around his wrists. There was also something that looked like finger armor on one of his fingers. A punk. And the green highlights in his hair brought out his green eyes. Were those piercings? Francine nodded, walking closer to study him. Yes, a perfect catch…I mean match, for her.

The Englishman snorted at the close scrutiny he received, letting his travel over all three women before settling them back on the brunette in front of him.

"What? My clothing not suiting your frenchiness, love?" he asked, smirking at the slightly offended look on her face.

"Mmmm, my 'frenchiness', as you so eloquently put it, is razer insatiable. A trip to the dormitories after zis? My room," she remarked easily. Arthur snorted, grinning slightly at her.

"I should warn you, darling, I never go easy. And on a completely different note, I don't like the French, though I'm sure that must've been obvious."

Francine smirked and backed away, eyeing the Englishman one more time before letting her lips quirk ever so slightly in a grin.

"Don't like ze French? Or is it just me? Eizer way, mon petit lapin, I'll 'ave you coming to me in no time." Arthur smirked back.

"Is that a challenge, poppet? Because it is on."

Their handshake was interrupted by a cough as Amelia strode over.

"Hey Arthur dude! I see you met the resident perverts!" greeted the American with a smirk. Isabel smiled rather freely.

"Hi Amy! You met Arthur?" she asked, waving a hand at the punk who had finished his glaring competition with her friend and was busy eyeing some girls a little way off. The Brit had an attractive smirk on his face as he passed a wink to one of the girls who was staring at him. The girl flushed and giggled, waving slightly at him before turning away. The Englishman returned his gaze to his companions, raising an eyebrow at the look they all gave him. He just realized they were all girls. Amelia rolled her eyes, muttering something along the lines of 'player…flirt…punk'. And they all fit him properly too. Francine snorted, crossing her arms and taking on a snooty look.

"Really? Zose girls? Zey aren't even attractive. If you really want to flirt with someone, make it someone worz your while," she remarked, her eyes narrowing as one of the girls sashayed past the blond male and batted her eyelashes and looking flirty. Arthur winked and brushed her skirt as she walked past. The girl squealed and blushed, turning to give him a look of admiration before hurrying away.

"They're all easy. And why would you care who I flirt with?" shot back Arthur. However, he didn't give the brunette a chance to respond, pulling his headphones on and winking at her, turning on his heel and walking away. The albino squinted slightly as he walked away, watching as the Englishman was attacked by a horde of girls.

"He has a tongue piercing?" she finally asked. All of the girls whipped their heads to where the Englishman had waved the girls off and was talking to Matthew.

"Does 'e? Ohononononon, 'es going to be a good catch."

Amelia shivered slightly. This was going to be interesting.

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