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A note from the author: Hi persons! This is my sequel to my story "Winner Take All and Then Some." Enjoy!

Chapter One

"Whhhhhoooooo waaaants waffles!" Cyborg yelled as he slid three waffles onto a plate.

"I would enjoy the breakfast!" Starfire called in agreement. She sat down at the table and folded her hands with a smile. "I will take thirty two fluffycakes."

"Pancakes Star." Beast Boy corrected her, "Can I have some tofu eggs with that?"

"No." Cyborg replied, "You want your freaky eggs you make 'em yourself." Just then robin came upstairs from his morning workout.

"Hey, Rae come out of her room yet?" He asked.

"Nope. Still moping." Beastboy said.

"Psh, She is moping." Cyborg said, throwing in a bit of a slam that Beastboy simply couldn't stop talking about terra.

"Why is raven doing the mopping?" Starfire asked,

"Moping, not mopping, star." Robin corrected.

"Oh. What… what is the moping?"

"It's like… when someone is sad about something, they stay in a bad mood." Beastboy explained, "Though it isn't much different than from how she usually acts."

"Beastboy," Robin said, Beastboy rolled his eyes and waved it off.
"Here we go! Waffles for everyone!" Cyborg called out, he put down four plates of waffles on the table. The door opened and Raven walked in.

"Hey Rae, want some waffles?" Cyborg asked. Raven shook her head and walked to the stove to make some tea. Just then the alarm went off. Robin got up and walked over to the computer.

"Titans. Trouble."

Jason hated this look that Slade had him adopt. Instead of the red X mask, he had on a mask, that looked something like an gas mask, it only covered half his face, but kept the same fake metallic voice he was given before. He wore bronze goggles over his eyes that looked like something out of SteamPunk International. Then he had on metal boots that ended at his knees but has two metal pieces that went all the way up his legs with hinges at the knees. The pants he wore were the same brass color as Slade's mask, and his shirt was half black and half brass. He had new white steaks in his hair, that Slade had forced him to dye in. His tool belt was filled with weapons he didn't know how to use. It was an exercise of power, and it was working.

He jumped over the rooftops. It was still rather early in the morning, and he had just robbed a research facility of some sort of detonation system that Slade wanted. He was probably helping to blow up the city, but all he could think about is getting back to Slade's headquarters before the Titans showed up. "Are you on your way back?" Slade asked inside his earpiece.

"You know clear well where I am." Jason replied, he turned the corner and jumped across another alleyway.

"Stop!" Someone yelled behind him. He didn't need to look back to know it was Starfire. Jason could hear himself every time he breathed through the mask, a short metallic noise that was irritating him to no end.

"Hey Darth Vader hold up!" Cyborg yelled after him. Jason suddenly saw Robin, Beastboy, and…. Raven, ahead of him. He stopped dead in his tracks.

"Halt." Starfire said behind him.

"Looks like Slade got a new apprentice. Bet you had to work for that job." Robin said. Jason faked a laugh,

"You should have seen how badly he beat his last apprentice. The kid lasted about six minutes after winning some huge competition for the spot. Dead." Jason lied. Raven didn't need to think he betrayed her. Raven pulled her hood over her head and brought magic to her hands.

"Dude. You did not want to go there." Beastboy said.

"Titans! Go!"