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A note from the author: For those who can recall this chapter connects back a bit to the second chapter of 'winner gets all and then some' where Raven comments that she 'Fell asleep when the discussion got to tofu waffles' (a conversation she had had with X after she had stirred him from a nightmare) So, just in case you forgot ^_^ Also, If you read closely in the second chapter of that story, I have already told you who Jason's brother is. He becomes a minor character in this story… there is a few interactions with him…..

Chapter Three

Memories are like Waffles

"He eats tofu." Raven was saying. Jason laughed and rolled onto his side.
"I do to, sometimes…"

"Oh?" She asked, her monotone never failing her. He nodded

"Yeah, I was a vegetarian for a little while, It was a phase…. The only thing I miss are the waffles." He was saying. Raven yawned, set her head on her pillow and looked at him,

"Beast boy eats those. They smell gross."

"They do… yeah, but when you drown them in maple syrup they are some of the most delicious things the world has ever yet to invent." Jason was saying.

"I am falling asleep." Raven whispered, then the world went black.

Raven woke up in her bed with most of her body bandaged, with the exception of her head. Her skin burned, she unraveled the gauze from her hand and looked at herself. She was badly burned.

"Can I heal that for you?" Malchior asked from the corner of the room, he stepped into the light.
"Malchior." Raven said. "What are you doing in my room?" She asked, keeping monotone.
"This isn't your room." He said. The walls suddenly faded to white, the bed turned into a twin sized and the windows moved to directly behind the bed. There was a door on the left wall and a bookshelf on the right. "It is mine. I used an illusion spell on you so you wouldn't 'freak out' as it were?"

"I don't want to talk to you. Let me go."
"Listen, I don't have you, You can leave whenever you want."

"Excuse me for not trusting you, you know, not like you have never left me, tried to rape me or lie to me." She said sarcastically. He laughed,

"Well excuse me for saving your ass."

"…What do you want, Malchior. You aren't usually one for chit chat." She said decidedly. He smiled and nodded.

"I suppose I am just not over you." He turned to leave. "Please teleport yourself out when you-"
"That isn't going to work, Malchior. You are going to make me feel bad, or try to anyway, but I just really don't give a damn about you, Malchior."
"Yes you do. You just are mad because Jason is dead and you are taking it out on me." He said. She went silent and stared at the sheets.

*Meanwhile* Red x's third Person POV

"Eugene." He said. Slade looked him over.

"Your brother? What about him?"
"What about him." Jason repeated. Slade studied him. "You promised me… you promised me that you'd leave Raven and Eugene alone."

"No. I said I wouldn't kill them." Slade said. Jason breathed out calming himself. He gritted his teeth,

"Is Raven going to be okay?" He asked, Slade smiled and clicked a button on his screen, there was an image of Raven, sitting in a bed with bandages all over her. Jason adopted a concerned look on his face. "Where is she?"
"Where else? Malchior's apartment."
"…What?" Jason asked. Slade smiled again.

"But that isn't your concern now is it?" Slade said, "As far as Rocket goes, Jason? I have not had any contact with him since the first night of that game in which you told him to quit."