10 seconds.

He was going to make it, definitely.


Books in bag, check.

His fingers were crossed, just for luck.


Sweat trickled down his chin, and he took a long, deep breath.

7 seconds.

The elderly teacher slowly shuffled to his desk, shivering hands crossed. Like a boss.


He stared at the clock. The hands seemed to tick in slow-motion.


They stood, and greeted the teacher with farewells.


Clattering of chairs echoed throughout the classroom, signalling the students' restlessness.


His knees were bent, like he was preparing for the start of a marathon.


The bell rang, and his legs jumped forward. He sat at the back of the class, but reached the door the fastest.

1 second.

His hand clamped onto the handle of the door, and slid it open. He was free! Or so he thought.

0 seconds.

The smile on his face faded and his eyes stared disbelievingly at the crimson-haired figure in front of him.

"H-how did you—'' Issei barely managed to stutter, his finger pointed accusingly at his girlfriend.

''Oh, I have my ways,'' Rias smirked. Then, she locked arms with Issei. ''Now come on, I won, so we're going for another round of –sniff-Titanic! ''

Issei groaned. ''We've watched that for like -25 times already!'' He gritted his teeth in frustration and stomped off.

''Does that mean you won't watch it with me?''

Issei froze in his tracks. He turned and blushed at Rias's teary face.

''C-Cute…'' He murmured, taken aback by her girly charm.

''D-Do you h-h-hate me?'' The tears were threatening to spill out. Issei gulped. And unfortunately, Rias took that as a 'yes'.

''U-Uwwaaaa…'' Rias started to cry.

Issei panicked from the sudden burst of emotion.

Suddenly, the crying stopped. Rias's face turned scarlet red. It turned redder as Issei hugged her small frame even tighter. They didn't realise that everyone was staring at them. They were blissfully unaware of their surroundings.

''No, no, don't cry,'' Issei said in a soothing voice. '' We'll watch it, okay?''

He released his grip on her and smiled at her with his charming chocolate eyes.

'' I was hoping you'd say that. ''

Issei was slightly puzzled. '' What do you mean Rias-''

His eyes widened in horror.

In Rias's hands was a bottle of eye drops. A large grin was plastered on her mouth.

''That was all an act?'' He was flabbergasted.

''Yup! A pretty good one too, judging by your reaction.'' She giggled. ''Okay! Onto the cinema complex! Oh, and Issei,'' Rias continued. ''Don't forget to get a few packets of tissues, all right?''

Issei simply stared at her blankly. He would never again underestimate the power of eye drops.