Sesshomaru looked back one last time. He could hear Harui's soft breathing and the air was nipping at his own skin so he could only imagine how Harui would feel once she was conscious again. With a heavy sigh he started running as fast as his legs would take him.

As Sesshomaru disappeared in the distance, Miroku and InuYasha rushed forward, wanting to get a look at Sesshomaru's mate, she must be something to have a cold-hearted bastard such as him fall for her, they all thought. Sango and Kagome stood in front of Harui as Myu was looking over the girl and giving her some medicine from Kagome's bag that was for inflammation and pain. She also had some herbs that Lady Kaeda gave them which will make the healing process easier and faster.

"Move," InuYasha growled, just meeting his brother has put him in a foul mood he at least wanted to look at her, and so what was the big idea?

"You do realize she is naked, right?" Kagome rolled her brown eyes while setting her hands on her hips looking over the two men that stood before her. She knew InuYasha hadn't thought that far seeing as thinking isn't one of his strong points, but Miroku was a whole different story. He was such a lecherous monk. Sango had her hands full with him…

"I do," A goofy smile appeared on Miroku's face while InuYasha blushed and walked a bit away then sat on the ground crossing his arms over his chest. Smack. Sango's hand came down hard across the priest's face. She muttered a few curses and had to turn away from him. Miroku rubbed his face with a pout but didn't stop him from looking at her behind as Sango angrily huffed away. He was smiling when he reached InuYasha, a clear hand print right across his cheek. Maybe he was some sort of masochist? Kagome thought to herself as she walked back over to see how the girl was doing.

"Did you get her name, Myu?" Kagome was dabbing some alcohol on a rag and lightly pressing it to her stab wounds on her stomach while Myu was trying to set the girl's jaw back into place. A sickening crack was heard and everyone's stomach felt like lurching.

"No…" Myu sighed, "She has been through a lot." She looked at some old bruises and then the new ones which were laying over the old ones. The guy who done this must have been a real bastard. She had already wrapped up her wrists where what looked like chains had dug in and took out chunks of flesh. Even if she is a half-demon she is going to be in some pain… Myu still had to relocate her shoulder and her knee.

Sesshomaru has his fists balled up, his claws digging into his palm as the trees were whipping by. He was angry. Angry that he let Harui slip away when she was at her weakest, angry that he had taken so long to find her, angry that she was hurt… and angry that he had no other choice but to let his younger brother and his friends watch over her. This was absolutely ridiculous. Sesshomaru has never felt so useless before. He vowed to himself that he would keep a closer eye on Harui.

She wouldn't be in half as much pain if he would have hurried. When he had awoke that day where she was going, he figured she just slipped out to go to the springs, because by that time she should be back to her normal disposition and everything would have been fine. So he had spent the day making sure everything was in order for the trip he had planned. He felt as though he had been in the house for far too long and a figured they all could use a little get away time. He planned to go further north, let Rin see some snow, even though it would sprinkle snow here and there Rin had said she always wanted more to play in.

Harui would probably have enjoyed the snow as well; she seemed rather tense during the hot months. He had noticed how she tried to be strong… That's one thing he liked about her, then she fell in his arms. She had smelled so good; and her subtle lips looked as though they were calling to him. He was a proud man and it irked him to know that someone like her was getting to him so he had tried to push it off, but he soon gave up. It was useless since the half-demon had already unknowingly stolen his heart, which he wasn't even aware had existed.

Sesshomaru skidded in front of his mansion and pushed through the door which almost came off its hinges. Jaken rushed to Sesshomaru, the noise of the door scared almost all that was there. "L-Lord Sesshomaru," Jaken sputtered. He looked around but couldn't see Harui. Maybe she didn't make it Jaken thought to himself which would explain why his Lord was looking the way he did.

Rin ran down the stairs the smile that was on her face gone when she didn't see Harui. "Where is she, Lord Sesshomaru," she blinked her big brown eyes. He could see the water forming in her eyes as she tried to blink back tears.

"Don't worry, Rin. I will bring her back," Sesshomaru then looked down at Jaken which gave a little squeak. "I need you to go to the threader's town, ask them to remake the kimono that they did for the half leopard demoness." He gave Jaken a small sack of jewels. "Hurry," Sesshomaru then walked around the stair case to wear the maids were kept.

He didn't like the idea she would have to wear a uniform that these type of people had to wear, but he didn't have a choice no one else in the house had clothes that would fit Harui. He pushed the door open and the girls shrieked at first and rushed to the back of the room. "You," he pointed to a short dog demon girl. "Give me your extra uniform." She nodded and rushed over to her bed and pulled out a case which held a few other uniforms she handed him one.

Sesshomaru scowled at it then left the room, slamming the door behind him. The girls looked at each other confused and scared, yet excited that he graced them with his appearance.

"I'll be back in a few days, Rin." He looked at the girl who nodded her head. He was out the door and hurrying back to Harui, he was worried. He was having a hard time trusting his brother. He didn't know if InuYasha was actually capable of taking care of his Harui. Clenching his teeth together he sped up, he would be back way earlier than he had planned, and that is exactly what he wanted.

My eyes snapped open. A sharp pain was shooting through my head, I looked up and I was surrounded by strange people. I didn't see Sesshomaru anywhere. "Are you ok?" A fox demon asked her green eyes full of worry.