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Pairing: Liam and Annie (known as Lannie by fans).

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Liam and Annie were still not 'together' but they had now gotten to the point of talking. As Annie walked passed Liam's locker he would now give her one of his signature smirks instead of just avoiding her. Annie beamed back at Liam and suddenly he felt his heart skip a beat. He was now ready to explain. Even though he now felt it was stupid why he had fallen out with Annie but he felt that he still had to explain. He wanted to get back into that place with her.

Annie couldn't help but beam back at Liam when he smirked at her. That smirk of his always had and probably always will affect her. She felt good. Annie was glad she had left Liam just to think things out because if she hadn't and she had gone and confronted him. They would probably still be fighting. She just couldn't wait until they were back in that place together where she felt so comfortable and that was in Liam's arms.

As Liam walked into the cafeteria he walked straight up to where Annie was sitting, she was sitting with Naomi, Silver, Ivy and Ade. This made him nervous he didn't know why but he didn't care he was completely focused on Annie and no one else.

"Hi" he suddenly started to regret coming up to her when she was beside all her friends. "Annie, ermm can I talk to you if that's ok." He said in a slightly nervous voice but he tried not to show it.

"Sure why not." Was all that Annie replied. She skipped up out of her seat and walked with Liam out into the court yard.

Liam didn't know what to say while Annie was patiently waiting for him to start explaining. He was just so nervous that he was going to mess everything and then Annie would hate him forever.

"Look Liam, it's me, you know I don't care what you say." Annie said calmingly. Hearing that voice suddenly mad a huge difference.

"I know but I'm just worried that if I mess it all up then you will hate me forever and well I just can't live with that. Annie I love you and I know I've said it before but this time I want you to really hear it. Because I really mean it. " Annie's heart suddenly jumped out of her and then back inside of her she just couldn't believe what Liam was saying. But all she knew was that she liked it.

"I love you Annie…. Wait in fact … I've always loved you…. I've never loved anyone so much in my entire life."

When Annie heard that Annie just froze she was just so happy she just couldn't think of what to say back. She kept trying to start her reply but she just couldn't. But Liam took it the wrong way thinking that Annie didn't love him anymore.

"You know what it doesn't matter Annie I've got to go." Liam said with a harsh tone. He turned around and started walking towards the exist.

Once Liam was nearly out of view Annie suddenly came out of her daze. She couldn't believe that she hadn't said anything back to him. Annie began to run through the hallway towards the car park where she still hoped that Liam's car would be.

He was.

Liam was sat in the front seat like he always did when he was angry. He liked it there it was a place where he could think. If the waves weren't good enough for surfing then he would be sitting in his car. As Liam looked up he saw her. Standing there, looking at him. Their eyes met and then Liam realized that Annie didn't mean not to say anything because she loved him. She really did.

Liam opened his car door and walked towards Annie.

"I love you too Liam …. Wait in fact … I've always loved you…. I've never loved anyone so much in my entire life." Liam laughed.

"Copying my lines now ehh." He said his signature smirk appearing on his face.

"Of course." Annie said.

Once Annie said that Liam grabbed her and slipped his hands round her waist and then he crashed down a smouldering kiss onto her soft lips. Annie let Liam deepen the kiss. She just didn't want it to stop. After a while they both came back for air. They didn't hesitate for long though as Annie grabbed a fist full of Liam's top and crashed another kiss onto him.

Annie had forgotten how good Liam's kisses were. But from then on she knew that she never wanted to be with any other guy other than Liam. He was hers and no one else's.

She was the only one for Liam and he knew it. No one else had ever affected her like she had. She was his and no one else's.

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