"There's a reason this section of the mines is abandoned Gary " Said the younger and wider looking of two male mine-workers traveling in the section of "Dauna Mines" that was dead, if not for them, and the Chrsym Ore.

"Yeah? Oh great mighty and powerful Mogu, what is this cause of desertion" the taller fox looking male spoke in an almost musical voice.

"That, smartass" Mogu said while pointing to a diamond shaped chrsym ore covering a sleeping whelp aged dragon.

"What in the name of the goddess is a dragon, doing in these mine's!" The Fox-mans voice shook with horrification.

"Like I would know or even care, now give me the explosives so I can set them up," The shorter, and much more heavier male spoke with a grin, "We're gonna blast it to smithereens!"

"O-okay" Gary said in a still shaken voice, and handed his explosives to Mogu "There" Mogu walked around the chrsym ore casement and set all three placements of explosives on the ore and walked back to Gary

"Get the matches, and light 'em up" Mogu said walking down a slope and ducking putting his arms up above his head in a small fit of fear that the explosives would back-fire and destroy them and not the ore. Gary slipped off the backpack and took one of the matches, walked backwards until he stood exactly next to Mogu and let the match trail to the backpack and the match lit the backpack and three matches slid out of the backpack gliding across the rocky trail toward the Chrsym ore, and finally dropping onto the explosives and a shining white light filled the room as the explosion was set off.

Mogu and Gray stood up almost in perfect synchronization and stared in awe as what they saw Was not just scattered ore, but a dragon standing in the midst of it.
"Wh-what the hell?" Mogu shouted lashing out a blade at the dragon as the dragon infuriately lashed back, but not with a physical attack, but a breath created from the flames of rage inside his heart and it burnt the two miners almost to ashes.

The dragon, still irritated by the large bodied short males assault went down and sniffed through his body claiming a "Melted Blade" and decided to find the exit to these so called, "Dauna Mines" as the dragon made a clear run for the exit not knowing the path he ran into two bulky mine workers and they lashed at him with their mining equipment, and as a retaliation he charged and flared them with his whelp breath attack.

Finally understanding the direction of this mine the young dragon stepped out onto a bridge placed next to a grassy platform that resembles the head of a mighty dragon. As the young dragon walked across the bridge as an ox-human hybrid walked toward the dragon annoyed by the shrieks of the mine workers crying in horrification by the sight of a dragon, and he walked over to the dragon and stopped the dragon next to a crane.

The dragon rage built up and as he began to unleash his whelp fire upon the oxen-human a voice pulsed into his head "Stop!" The dragon felt confused "He isn't our enemy, don't attack" then before the dragon could think straight he had been knocked out cold by the crane operator..

Hours passed before the dragon regained consciousness and when he did, he was being carried away on a train in a fully metal crate and the dragon was horrified, so angrily he lashed out against the barrier that concealed him, and after slamming the bars he finally dropped off the train and slid down the cliff..

End of Chapter 1

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