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It was a cold Winter's night in Berk. Nothing they weren't used to. It had been only a month after the demise of Red Death.

All was well in Berk.

Stoick had been out late having a council meeting making pre-prepartions for Snoogltog. When he walked into his house he could feel the warmth of the house. The fire looked like it had been tended to hours ago.

He silently crept up the staircase to Hiccup's room to find the night fury curled up on the ground at the foot of his bed.

Stoick glanced at the two seemingly fast asleep. Stoick smiled and as he was about to exit the room he began to hear young Hiccup screech something in his sleep.

Curious and worried, Stoick was careful to walk around the sleeping dragon to his sons side. There was a wooden stool already beside Hiccup's bed so he carefully sat himself down. As he did Hiccup began tossing and turning. He kepting repeating "No" in his sleep.

"N-no! Don't-Don't hurt him. Leave h-him alone. Kill me instead."

Kill me instead

Stoick knew if he awoke Hiccup from such a nightmare it would only lead him to be in fear and paranoid. At this stage was when Hiccup began to unconsiously thrash about. Stoick let his father instincts take over.

He gently grabbed Hiccup's wrist to stop his thrashing and whispered "Relax Hiccup, everyone is fine. Your safe."

It would have seemed that his words got half way through to Hiccup, he stopped thrashing but he returned to repeating "No" under his breath.

Hiccup then began to breathe very fast, he was on the verge of hyperventilating. At this point Stoick was so tempted to awake him but knew why he couldn't.

So instead Stoick brushed a few bangs out of Hiccup's face and caressed his cheek, Hiccup at his fathers touch instantly relaxed feeling comforted by this and his breathing returned to normal. Hiccup slightly stired but was lulled back to sleep when Stoick began to stroke his hair.

Hiccup smiled in his sleep and he seemed to know it was his father. He lightly groanned and mumbled "Dad" in his sleep.

Stoick was aware he was still asleep and calmly whispered "Sleep Hiccup."

Hiccup let out a deep breath indicating he had returned to a deep sleep. Stoick stayed a few minutes to make sure the nightmare didn't return to his treasured son.

Stoick thanked Odin that it didn't, Hiccup just had a calm pattern of breathing.

When Stoick finally decided to take his leave he turned to look towards the door to see Toothless much awake watching him. This is when Stoick knew that Toothless had been watching him the whole time.

Stoick walked towards the door and said to Toothless as he walked past, "I know you will do well to watch over him."

The dragon to what it looked like nodded in acknowledgment at the father of his rider.

Stoick stood in the doorway and watched the Night Fury move closer and was watching Hiccup very intentively.

He knew he was leaving Hiccup in good hands. Stoick took one last look at his sleeping son and smiled,

"Sleep my son, I..." Stoick seemed to struggle with the last few words. It had been almost an eternity since Stoick had last said that. But his experssion softened and finally said it.

"I love you son. Sweet dreams."

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