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"Evelyn Matthews!" David Matthews called to his daughter from the bottom of the stairs "hurry up or we are going to be late". A little girl with auburn hair appeared at the top with one shoe on and the other in her hand. "But daddy I don't want to go this year, I don't like the loud bangs!" she protested before trudging down the stairs and shoving the shoe into her dads hands. "And I can't get my shoe on!" David looked at his daughters pouting face and chuckled "but Evie darling it's a family tradition, we have to" he said whilst carefully slipping the shoe onto Evelyn's tiny foot.

Grace Matthews stood at the other end of the hallway leaning against the door frame smiling at the cute exchange happening between her husband and daughter. It was November 5th and they were on their way to the beach where the muggles had their annual light show to celebrate something.

Once the family were ready they passed out the door and into the humid Australian weather. They walked along cheerily in a line laughing at Evelyn's attempts to skip all the cracks in the sidewalk. The sun quickly disappeared from the horizon and the Matthews family were plunged into darkness as they reached the alleyway that posed as a shortcut to the beach. Halfway down the alleyway a dark figure appeared at the other end and walked slowly and purposefully towards them. Evelyn felt her mother tense beside her and saw her father reach for his wand. "Grace, Evelyn get behind me" David ordered in a tense whisper. The figure had also withdrawn his wand and David noticed this. He tried to deal with it "listen mate, I don't know who you are but i don't want any trouble" David said calmly. The figure either didn't hear him or totally ignored him for he just raised his wand and a green light shot out. David slumped on the floor. Grace gasped and fell to the floor besides his crying hysterically. The dark figure drew closer and as Grace looked up from her husband's lifeless body the light flashed again. Grace fell forwards across her husband. Evelyn felt silent tears fall from her eyes and she started to feel dizzy. Suddenly a group of men rounded the corner and the mysterious killer was forced to the floor. His wand was confiscated and he was dragged away by at least 5 men. The dizzy feeling in Evelyn's head was starting to become unbearable, her eyes began to close and the last thing she saw before she collapsed was a man with unrulely black hair and round glasses running towards her.

Harry Potter paced around his hotel room. He had finally caught the escaped death eater Theodore Nott but before he could Nott had murdered an innocent wizarding couple and left their 6 year old daughter an orphan. The Australian minister of magic had given him clear instructions, he could let the girl go into care since she had no other relatives or he would allow Harry to take her back to England with him and they could sort it out from there. It was such a huge decision he had to make and he had no idea how to make it alone so he grabbed some parchment and a quill and started to write a letter.

Dear my darling Ginny.

Do not fret everything is fine, we have caught Nott. Unfortunately we could not catch him before he murdered an innocent wizarding couple and left their 6 year old daughter an orphan. The Australian minister has said she can either go into care or I can receive custody of her. What shall I do Gin?

Lots of love, Harry.

He tied the letter the leg of one of the hotels many owls and sent it to his beloved Ginny. He had grown weary in the last 3 days since the capturing and had hardly slept so decided to take a quick nap whilst he waited for a reply. Walking silently across the room he opened a door and peeked in. inside sleeping peacefully was the beautiful little girl Evelyn. The large bed nearly engulfed her small frame. Harry sighed thinking of the terrible things she had witnessed at such a young age, should he really add to it by condemning her to a life in care? He knew what it was like growing up without parents and he didn't wish it on anyone else. When he was content she was okay he left the room and made his way to his own bed.

Sure enough he was awoken later that day by a tapping on the window. He opened it and in flew the same owl he had sent earlier. He put a saucer of water out for the owl whilst he opened the letter

Dear Harry.

That's great and horrible news, it's up to you what you do with the girl, and you do have the most experience with losing parents. If you wish for her to come and live with us for a while I do not protest our family is huge anyways there is always room for another.

I trust you will make the right decision for the little girl

All my love, Ginny.

Harry had been sure of his decision after sleeping on it but after receiving that from his wife he was sure of what he should do. He would take Evelyn home with him and if all went well this young girl would become his new daughter.

A week later Evelyn and Harry left Australia. Evelyn had with her all the belongings she wanted. She grabbed Harry's hand and they dissaperated to England where Evelyn met her new family.

Potters adopt Orphan!

It seems that the famous Boy that Lived Harry potter has had yet another addition to his family. This time in the form of 6 years old Australian orphan Evelyn Matthews. Reports say that Evelyn was out with her parents when they were murdered by escaped death eater Theodore Nott. Potter was the head Auror on scene and claims that he fell in love with the little girl as soon as he saw her sad eyes.

6 months on from the incident and Evelyn has officially become a Potter after being adopted earlier this week. This girl has certainly been through a lot. In half a year she has gone from having two family members to having none and now having a new mother and father as well as 4 new siblings, 5 uncles, 4 aunties, 2 grandparents and 9 cousins. 6 year old Evelyn is due to attend Hogwarts in 5 years with new brother Albus and cousins Rose, Roxanne and Dominique. We will see then whether she can live up to the Potter/Weasley family standard.

Ginny put down the paper frowning as she heard the sound of feet on the stairs. She looked up and smiled when she saw her two daughters enter the kitchen. 5 year old Lily climbed onto one of the stools and 6 year old Evelyn simply walked over and hugged her new mother round the waist. "good morning my gorgeous girls, what can I do you for breakfast this morning before the greedy boys get up?" Ginny asked when Evelyn released her. The girls didn't have time to reply before a stampede could be heard throughout the house. 7 year old James, 12 year old Teddy and 6 year old Albus skidded to a halt in front of their mum. "Pancakes please!" they all shrieked before sitting with the girls at the table. It was august 31st and later that day they were all heading to the Burrow for a family dinner before Teddy headed back to Hogwarts for his second year and Victoire left for her first year. Harry soon joined them at the table as they tucked into their pancakes. Evelyn looked up and smiled, this was her family now and she was so glad about it. She had lost one family already in her short life and she was definitely never going to lose this one!

Chapter 1

(Evelyn POV)

"Evie! Wake up it's your birthday!" my sister Lily yelled in my ear the morning of February 9th. She was right it was my 11th birthday which meant I would be getting my Hogwarts letter! It had been 5 years since I first came to England and became a Potter. I still had a slight Aussie accent but I liked that as it made me stick out in my huge family. You wouldn't think I was adopted seeing as I had auburn hair quite similar to the Weasley red and bright green eyes like my adopted dad Harry's.

I opened my eyes quickly and pulled the 10 year old girl into a bear hug "are you sure Lils?" I joked "I'm sure it was my birthday yesterday and you slept right through it". Lily laughed and slapped my arm "no Evie I'm pretty sure seeing as there is a familiar letter sat on the kitchen table for you!" Lily said back excitedly. I squealed and quickly got out of bed and ran downstairs! I reached the kitchen and on the table in the middle of my parents was a thick looking letter with scrawled writing on the front. My parents looked up as I entered "happy birthday darling" dad said as my mum pulled me into a hug "what's it feel like to be a year older?" he asked like he did to all his children on all their birthdays. "Excellent" I replied keeping my eyes trained on the cream envelope. Mum noticed me staring and sighed "go on then open it!" I quickly reached for it. "Another one of our babies gone" mum said to dad referring to James who had left in September for his first year and Albus who had received his letter in December. "yeah I know, it's only you and us now Lils" Dad said to Lily who had just walked in. I screamed in glee as I finally ripped through the envelope and read the letter telling me I had been accepted into Hogwarts. "Congratulations Evie" shouted mum as I ran upstairs. "Alby!" I yelled bursting into my brother's room and jumping onto his bed. "I've been accepted, we going to be there together! I bet we are both in Gryffindor!" I finished whilst bouncing excitedly on his bed. "Great" he replied in his lazy morning voice "now we just have to wait another 6 months until September!" he said before rolling over and continuing snoring.

Those 6 months went pretty fast because before I knew it Mum, Dad, Albus, Lily and I were meeting the rest of the family in Diagon Alley for first year shopping. We got the books, equipment, robes and I finally got my wand. Its mahogany wood with Unicorn hair, 12 inches and fairly pliable. It took us about an hour in Ollivanders but we finally found a wand that picked me.

My cousin Rose and I were in Flourish and Blots when we noticed and small boy with pale blonde hair staring at us. "Who's that?" I whispered to Rose. "Oh that's Scorpious Malfoy, the son of Draco Malfoy. I nodded knowing the story of how my dad and Rosie's parents were enemies with Malfoy during their time at Hogwarts. "He's quite good looking don't you think?" Rose said before walking towards the new copies of Hogwarts: A history. I grimaced "yeah if you're blind" I scoffed to myself before stalking off.

The next day the whole Potter/Weasley clan were gathered on platform 9 ¾ to see Albus, Rose, Dom, Roxanne and me off. I had been here on this day for the last 4 years but nothing compared to what I was feeling right now. it was excitement mixed with being scared and I think everyone starting this year was feeling it. Dad put mine and Al's trunk away in the train and passed us our cages off the trolley. Albus had a snowy white owl he had named Hedwig II after dad's owl that had died in the war and I had a grey and white fluffy kitten called Gage. Once we had said our tearful goodbyes we all made our way along the narrow corridor towards the nearest free compartment. As we were walking I noticed my laces were untied to stopped to fasten them "i'll catch you up guys" I called the others and they disappeared. I finished my laces and stood up proceeding to bump straight into the pale haired boy from Flourish and Blots. "Watch were your going girl!" he growled talking to me like I was a foot smaller than him when we were in fact the same height. I scowled and pushed past him "no you watch where you are going Malfoy!" I shouted, my temper that was another thing I had in common with the Weasley family coming to light. "Whatever wench" he replied walking away with an angry look on his face.

And that was the day mine and Scorpious Malfoys war began.

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