AN: Hey everyone, I'm finally back with a full-fledged fanfic! Lately I've only been writing one-shots. Hope you enjoy it!

Drunken Confessions

Usagi Tsukino stood at the door to her nemesis' apartment not believing she was actually standing there. Why again had she agreed to meet her friends here? Why couldn't they have stayed at the arcade after hours and hung out there? But no, they had to meet up at his place. She sighed. Taking a deep breath for the anxiety she knew she was about to encounter, she knocked on the door. She knew she'd regret this.

The door opened and there stood Mamoru. She looked up at him and was surprised to see a playful smile on his lips. He looked… happy to see her. He greeted her and then quickly moved aside so that she could walk in. She mumbled a low greeting as she entered the rather large apartment. Oh right, she remembered, he was pretty loaded. Looking around the main entrance, she could see a bit of every room. All the walls were bare and everything looked so cold and clinical. There was no warmth in anything. Rich, but lonely she reminded herself. His parents had died when he was really young, he'd been by himself pretty much ever since. Usagi ridded herself of those thoughts. They didn't get along; she didn't need to have sympathy for him. She didn't like him. And yet, while she was telling herself this, she knew that in her heart it wasn't true. In the back of her mind, behind all the pretences they shared, she cared. No one deserved that. Not even him.

She turned around again and stared at him. "Where is everyone?" she asked quietly.

He had closed the door and was walking towards her in a leisurely gait. "They should be here soon, Odango," he said, using his nickname for her knowing it would strike a nerve like it always did. She glared at him but didn't respond.

"Why?" he continued, as he stopped directly in front of her, too close for her comfort she thought as she gulped down any excitement she felt. His eyes were playing with hers as he stood there, his smile arrogantly teasing her.

"…you scared to be alone with me?" he murmured seductively as he rubbed a strand of her hair between his fingers. She nearly lost her balance at his words and gesture. He never acted like this when he was teasing her. Was he flirting with her? He was too close for her to think straight. He looked too gorgeous to breathe.

"No, of course not!" she said defiantly as she regained some thought, but they both picked up on the amount of time it had took her to answer him. She lowered her gaze. He chuckled softly, a deep rumbling in his throat that sounded so sexy… wait, what was wrong with her? Thinking of all this? She looked back up to see him gone from before her. She turned around to find him sitting on the couch. She hadn't even noticed him drop her hair or move away from her. Say something mean or rude or… just make him think you hate him. She was overly confused at her own feelings.

"Like I'd let a baka like you do anything to me," she said sticking out her tongue.

He laughed again, his eyes rolling as he stared at her. "Like I'd try anything with you," he said mocking her. She stood there, hands joined in front, standing awkwardly before him. Of course he wouldn't want to do anything to her. She was too young and too unattractive for someone like him.

Suddenly, he surprised her and patted the area beside him on the couch. She didn't move at first but then slowly walked over and sat down. They were still closer than she would have liked even though it was a large couch. There was a long pause between the two of them, neither knowing what to say.

"You…" Mamoru started and Usagi looked up at him. "You look nice," he said, honesty in his eyes and on his face. He stared directly at her, hoping that by complimenting her he could attempt to make up for being so mean to her before. Usagi's eyes widened at his words. He wasn't teasing her. Usagi didn't know how to respond.

"Mamoru," she said softly, using his name and not her teasing nickname for him, this was not lost on him as he waited for her to respond. Luckily for her she was cut off by the opening of his front door and the emergence of Motoki and the girls.

Mamoru shot up to his feet and left Usagi alone on the couch to greet his visitors. His mind was a mess. He really liked Usagi and had since they had first met, but he couldn't risk telling her and her rejecting him. What did he have to offer anyways? Bitterness, pain, and a troubling past filled with gaps? He was always a jerk to her. Even though he tried not to, he always ended up insulting her. For him it was easier than to risk rejection. Still… he couldn't let his true feelings show and if he wasn't careful that was exactly what would happen. He mentally shook his head to rid it of her, now was not the time for fantasies. He greeted his guests politely as they all made their way to the living room.

"So," Mamoru started, not sure what they should do now that everyone was here. It had been Motoki's idea, not his, to have this 'party'. After a lot of prodding by Makoto and Minako, he had agreed upon buying some alcohol as long as everyone promised to spend the night and not leave. He didn't want to go to jail for underage drinking after all… and the girls and Usagi were only sixteen. Motoki, on the other hand, was more than a little too happy that the two girls had wanted to drink. Mamoru knew he liked both girls and a little liquid courage wouldn't hurt as he knew his best friend's intentions to always be honest and noble.

"What did you guys have in mind to do?" he continued after a sizable amount of time had passed.

Minako's eyes grew big as an idea hit her. "Let's play Truth or Dare?" she said enthusiastically, looking around the room for reactions. Mamoru bit back a groan, looking over at Motoki to see him have the same slightly disgusted look on his face. What were they? 12? That game was far too innocent for them at their age… or so Mamoru thought…

Rei was the only one to actually voice her complaints. "That game is so juvenile."

"Maybe it can be fun," Usagi piped up in a low voice as if timid to agree she wanted to play.

"Great!" Minako continued then turned and stared at Motoki. Her eyes grew big as she pouted her lips. "Can we play?" she asked him sweetly, a gentle whine to her tone.

Much to Mamoru's expectations of how he'd react, Motoki nodded quickly, leaving Mamoru behind in the front to not play this game. Then again, he thought knowingly, if he hadn't fallen for Usagi, he would be doing the same thing. Minako was quite attractive especially when she tried to seductively win her way.

"Yay!" Minako said happily. "Mamoru did you get the alcohol?"

Mamoru nodded and rose to get the bottles and cups, returning he placed them on the table. Minako and Makoto clapped loudly in anticipation. Rei looked bored. Usagi looked nervous while Ami was busy fiddling with her mini computer, not paying attention.

Mamoru returned to his seat next to Usagi and stared at the group. "If, we are going to play this, let's make it interesting. Every question regardless of picking 'truth' or 'dare' you must take a drink."

"Sounds good," Motoki said all too gleefully. The others simply nodded.

Mamoru quickly took out seven plastic cups and poured straight rum into them then handed them out. He smiled to himself as he handed Usagi hers and she winced. Maybe this night would prove interesting after all.