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Mamoru followed closely behind Usagi as they entered the kitchen. The girls and Motoki were already up and sitting in the adjoining living room. Their heads turned as the two of them exited his bedroom. Usagi's cheeks instantly grew red and she lowered her head as she made her way to kitchen fridge opening it like it was her very own. Mamoru laughed. The others stared; their expressions seemed as if they were seeing the two of them in a different light. While Mamoru didn't mind the assumptions they were making, he knew Usagi would have a meltdown if her back hadn't been towards them and she couldn't see the suggestive looks they were giving Mamoru, or at least the ones Motoki and Minako were giving him.

He coughed and gently reached over and grabbed Usagi by the waist with one arm, effortlessly pulling her away from the fridge. She squirmed against him and let out a soft squeak of protest. He smirked as he stared down at her, wondering if the protest was from him taking her away from his fridge of goodies or if it was because he was holding her.

"Usagi… I think you are giving our friends the wrong impression of what happened last night… you being so overly familiar with my fridge and all," he said teasingly.

Usagi elbowed him playfully in the stomach. "No, I think you are with your hand against my waist," she said as she tapped her fingers against his strong arm. He looked down at her fingers and then instantly moved his arm away. Now it was his turn to be embarrassed. He had been so caught up in the revelations of feelings of last night that he had momentarily forgotten that she didn't remember him being Tuxedo Kamen.

Mamoru quickly backed away out of her personal space. "Breakfast anyone?"

Motoki laughed. "Nah, I need to get going to the arcade anyways to open. I can get you girls some breakfast there if you want to follow? Maybe we should leave the two of them alone," he winked at Usagi.

"That's not necessary," Usagi reassured quickly.

Mamoru stared at her for a second and then at the four girls. Now that he realized Usagi's secret, it seemed obvious that the other girls were the rest of the legendary senshi. But Motoki didn't know right? He couldn't have known of their secrets before Mamoru. He was Tuxedo Kamen after all and he was 'technically' dating Sailor Moon… well kind of… he was confused what kissing the girl of his dreams and saving her from evil monsters and posing for pictures for the media really made them. He mentally ridded his mind of these thoughts.

"You girls don't seem very hung-over… especially you Odango… we all know you drank a lot last night."

He guessed that it was their healing senshi powers that inhibited the hangover like it did him, but he wanted to watch Usagi try and manage her way out of this one. He stared at her expectantly, waiting for an answer. She looked over at him nervously, her eyes widening.

"I'm hung over plenty!" she argued, failing miserably to suddenly act out of sorts. He laughed but didn't say anything else to give away her secret. He could respect that she didn't want people to know, he just couldn't see why the girls hadn't felt they could tell him and Motoki given that they were all best friends. Then again, Mamoru hadn't shared his big secret with any of them as well. Motoki had his back to them now and was talking closely to Minako, who was captivated by his presence and attention to her. The rest of the girls were immersed in conversation as well and for a moment Mamoru felt awkward that their friends had seemingly forgotten that they were the only two left out.

Mamoru shrugged it off and closed the short distance between him and Usagi. He pressed his chest against her back and moved his arms around her waist, holding her captivated against him. He could feel her tense up but didn't release her. He lowered his head to the side of her face as she stood there frozen in place.

"I know your secret," he whispered seductively in her ear, his breath sending shivers throughout her body.

Usagi's heart stopped in her chest as questions flooded her now hazy mind. What? How could he? Was he serious? What had she done or told him the night before that she couldn't remember? She turned around in his embrace, no longer caring that he was still holding her, she just needed answers. Her eyes were huge and scared as she looked up at him. She opened her mouth to speak, but no words came out. She was then interrupted by the sound of five senshi communicators beeping loudly. She quickly looked away from Mamoru and to the four girls who now held their communicators, that appeared to the outside world as beepers, in their hands and were picking up their coats. Usagi quickly did the same, checking her communicator to see the message, before backing away from a confused Mamoru as she grabbed her coat.

"Naru just sent us a message…" Usagi lied quickly, making her story up as she went along and as quickly as she could. "There is a sale at the mall. Ready girls?" she finished and then asked her friends. Her eyes stared into Mamoru's as she told the lies, even when she asked her friends if they were ready. She didn't want to leave. She needed to know what he knew, but she had to leave now with her friends. She backed up some more.

"I… need to go…" she said softly, her eyes still on him. "Bye," she said quickly and then turned and ran out the door after her friends.

Mamoru stared in the direction where she had just fled from for a second confused and then it suddenly hit him why they were in such a hurry as the wave hit him. He turned to Motoki. He was going to transform any second now, he could feel Sailor Moon transforming. Usagi, he thought. She needed him. He made his way quickly to his front door, grabbing his keys off the small table next to the door, forgoing his coat as it would only slow him down.

"Lock up when you leave, will you?" Mamoru said, tossing the keys over to where Motoki still sat on the couch. He gave his friend a nod and then quickly exited the room. Motoki looked after his friend, and wondered how much he had had to drink the night before. Shaking his head he stood up and left to get to work, unsure of just how hung-over he was himself because things were just not making any sense.

Sailor Moon aimed her tiara at the monster and it disappeared into Moondust before her very eyes. She smiled down at it as the wind blew it into the morning air. She had killed the monster with her friends' help without nearing death or needing Tuxedo Kamen to rescue her. She liked doing things on her 'own' without him, but also missed his strong arms holding her against his warm body as he saved her life. She sighed and turned around only to be met with solid back tuxedo at eye level. She looked up, her heart racing. He smiled down at her, his masked eyes doing crazy things to her heart.

"Sorry I didn't make it here in time to help you," his deep voice spoke softly, gently brushing her face with his gloved hand. She shook her head.

"No. It was great. We did it by ourselves. It's nice to do it that way once in awhile," she told him honestly. "Although I'm glad to see you," she said as she leaned closer to him, hoping he'd hold her in his arms. She loved being in his arms.

Tuxedo Kamen's hand dropped and he turned around. Sailor Moon, in fear that he was leaving so soon, grabbed his hand. He looked back at her and smiled reassuringly then turned around again and focused on the four senshi that were watching immersed in their every display. He smiled politely at them, although this was unseen to Sailor Moon.

"Do you mind if I steal your leader for a bit?" he asked, flashing them a smile as he turned back and grabbed Sailor Moon, pulling her up into his arms. He didn't wait for an answer but rather jumped off into the distance the moment her body fell against his. Landing gracefully on a nearby rooftop, he gently placed her down on solid footing, silently refusing to remove his arms from around her. He smiled down at her lovingly as she smiled back up at him in much the same way. He brought his hands up to her face and gently caressed her soft skin. She closed her eyes, enjoying the closeness. He draped his cape around her shoulders pulling her into him and promising to keep her warm from the cool morning air in one gesture.

"Truth or dare?" he breathed, his breath tinkling her face. She pulled back just enough to see him as her eyes opened slowly as if out of a sleep. She gave him a dazed look, her head tilted slightly and her eyes searching his.

"What?" she asked breathlessly, both from the proximity of how close he was and from his choice of words.

"Truth," he said as his eyes stared intensely into hers. "I'm in love with you," he paused for a millisecond to brush away a lone hair on her face. "Dare, I dare you to kiss me," he said as he leaned and captured her lips. She melted away into the kiss and kissed him back knowing at that moment exactly who he was. She clung unto the lapels of his tuxedo and as her legs gave out he held her up against him.

"Mamoru," she breathed against his lips as she breathed in air. "It's you, I remember."

His heart raced at the sound of longing in her voice. She knew and didn't mind. He kissed her back with all the love in his heart. She was finally his. No more lying no more secrets. Just his.