Jack sat alone in his office, his hands over his eyes. The past few days had gone horribly wrong. It was supposed to be a simple trip to the countryside to investigate some disappearances. Torchwood was supposed to protect the world from alien threats.

But who protected Torchwood from the threat of other human beings.

He rubbed his eyes trying to clear the images of what had happened to his team from his mind. Gwen was injured badly but it would heal. Tosh had escaped with only a few cuts and bruises. Owen, like himself, had come through relatively unscathed. And Ianto…

Before his mind could focus on the torture that had befallen the younger man, Jack was distracted by a noise in the main hub. He had ordered the team to go home, so he got up to investigate.

He saw the coffee machine in pieces and Ianto on his knees scrubbing the interior of the machine.

As if sensing the older man's presence, Ianto looked up. Seeing Jack watching him, he quickly stood up. "Sorry about the mess," he gestured to the machine. "I just didn't want to go home."

They stood in an awkward silence for several minutes, neither man knowing what to say to the other.

Jack spoke first. "I'm sorry. I should never have taken you out there… it was too soon."

Not sure what to say… Ianto grabbed a cloth and started to clean the grime from the machine off his hands.

"I wanted it to be an easy mission, where we could all bond. Then Gwen started that stupid game, and I got angry… then…the body and the SUV and…."

"Jack." Ianto stepped forward.

"… and Gwen got shot, and you and Tosh…"

"Jack!" Ianto put his hands on the older man's shoulders to get his attention.

Jack stopped talking and looked at Ianto. "God, I am so sorry, Ianto… this is all my fault."

Ianto smiled slightly. "Jack, I'm okay. Yeah, I'm in some pain and I'm probably going to have nightmares for a while, but you saved us. You saved us all."

In a reversal that no one other than the two of them would believe, Ianto wrapped his arms around the captain and held him close. He pressed his lips to Jack's temple and whispered "We're here because of you."