Attempts at a New Life

Lily Icerem

Chapter 1: A Small Demonic Smile

Published: 27/04/12

Edited: 13/10/12

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Genre: Hurt/Comfort/Adventure/Friendship

Summary: Set after Scorpia Rising; Alex in trying his hardest at leaving his past behind him, with the help of Sabina Pleasure and her family; Alex slowly settles down into a quiet life, but this Alex Rider; when has his life ever been 'normal'? No parings! Sorry but if you haven't realised yet; it's incest!

Warning!Unfortunately for you action junkies out there, this chapter doesn't really have much action in it, in other words; this chapter is for plot building only! Although nothing happens, it's sort of essential, so please bear with me. This chapter is really just talks about what has happened since arriving in America; hence the Chapter name. Also there is a slightly morbid scene… Sorry, but I'm also a ShanFan (Fan of Darren Shan). It's really not that bad, I don't really have that talent, but if you don't like it; don't say I didn't warn you.

Also very sorry about all the empty lines, I'm very used to writing in book style and unfortunately tabs don't work on , so the story might look longer than it really is, but really it's just 5,223 words.

Disclaimer: Yeah, sure I'm Anthony Horowitz, I am 14 year old girl, I still go to high school, I live in Australia and my name I Lily Icerem… wait. What? Clearly, I don't own Alex Rider.


His heart was pounding in his chest, his breaths short and rugged. His legs were burning and his thighs were itching from the movement. The summer air whipped his face as violent vibrations were sent up his body, every time his feet hit the rough ground. Alex Rider was again, on the run. This was nothing special, the question was; from what? Scorpia? No, they haven't disturbed him ever since the incident with NCIS(1). Was it the Axe Triads? That wasn't the answer either; they probably have NYPD hot on their heels at the moment (2). The answer was not only unclear to the people who Alex ran past in the park, where he was now, Alex himself didn't know there was a question to answer. With his iPod blaring music into his ears, Alex was on his morning run. Pushing himself to his physical limit, Alex cleared his mind. Every morning at five thirty the teenager would wake up and run to the massive park that was near the Pleasure's house. It was there and only there, where he could be himself.

It wasn't that Alex did not trust the Pleasures, but after arriving in America, he soon realised that it was easier to act normal, as if everything that had happened to him in the past year had never happened. He could still remember the moment prior to the plane ride; he really thought that this could work out. He really believed that going to America to live the Pleasures could make him forget about his past. He was wrong. Sure, things worked out for the first couple of days, but this was short lived, as nightmares plagued his sleep.


Alex woke to the sound of someone's voice, at first he thought he was being attacked by an unknown enemy and panicked, but as the face of his 'attacker' became clear, he relaxed. Edward Pleasure; his newly adopted father, was shaking him awake, "Alex, wake up. Hey relax. We're landing in LA." Alex shut his eyes again; he had been asleep for most of the plane ride, waking up only once or twice, so he woke up tired and confused. He remained in the same position for a couple of seconds before he opened his eyes again. Edward was looking at him concern, "Are you okay Alex? You were sleeping like a log."

"Yeah, I'm fine. I think was just tired," he replied. Edward nodded his head in understanding, thinking that the boy must be worn out, because what has happened to him. That was a part of the truth, but the main reason was because Alex had become claustrophobic. He slept most of the way to avoid the feeling of suffocation. Alex himself did not realise his fear until the plane took off. Sure, it was so minor that he could hide it, but none of this meant that he was comfortable in confined spaces. In truth, Alex was feeling rather pressured at that moment.

Around them flight attendants were checking that all the passengers had their seatbelts on, beside him Edward was putting on his seat belt, Alex had fallen asleep almost as soon as the plane took off, so he still had his on, but tucked his backpack under the seat. A young female flight attendant walked towards Alex, he remembered her; she was the one who looked after them during the flight. After they took off she came over to Alex, noticing that he was in a sort of discomfort, she asked Alex how his was feeling. As a wave of tiredness washed over him, he whispered into her ear why he was looking so pale. She smiled and explained how one of her friends had the same problem and managed it by sleeping. She also added the fact that her friend use to snore and drool while they slept. The little joke at the end made Alex smile and he took an instant liking to the woman, but there was also an element to her the Alex felt he knew, something a little too familiar. Before he could think of anything else, he stopped himself, he was just being paranoid. She was pretty, her shiny blonde hair up in a small bun at the back of her head, with brilliant blue eyes. Her tight uniform wrapped around her curved body perfectly. Smiling, she stopped besides Alex and Edward, "Hello, are you feeling better?"

Alex nodded and flashed a stunning smile at the flight attendant, "Yes, thank you very much for the advice." She smiled again and nodded; they looked each other for a moment and reached a silent understanding. She moved away as she took the blanket off Alex's seat, secretly slipping him her phone number is the process. Edward looked at Alex questioningly as Alex shrugged and smirked smugly. "She gave me her phone number," flashing the small piece of paper that held the pretty flight attendant's number. "Huh, Scarlett. That suits her."

"Oh no, Sabina's going to have her heart broken," voice full with fake concern.

"Come on Edward, she's what twenty? Remember I'm fifteen, ain't gonna go anywhere. Anyway, Sab and I are just friends now." It was true, they hadn't seen each other in ages, but they still kept in contact. They both agreed that it would be better for both of them to stay friends. Also, now that Edward and Liz were his adopted parents, it would make Sabina his sister. 'That would be so wrong', he thought to himself. "Anyway, this wouldn't be the first time," Alex mumbled.

"What did you say?" he said warningly.

"Nothing," Alex replied cheekily, Edward rolled his eyes.

A deep voice, with a British accent came on the telecom, "Hello this is your Captain speaking, my name is Alfred Brookes. Will we be landing in LA in a couple of minutes, while we may have had some turbulence during the flight, the weather has cleared up nicely and just like everyone else on this plane; I pray for a smooth landing," everyone chucked at the last comment. "The weather is fine outside with temperature of thirty four degrees Celsius (3). I hope you had a good flight; the current time is eleven thirty AM(4). Thank you for flying with British Airways." Soon after the Captain's address ended, the plane landed smoothly with a light bump, Alex smirked as he recalled what the Captain had said.

Making their way out of the plane, Edward came to a sudden stop, leaving Alex stunned behind him, as the boy nearly crashed into to man. "Edward, what are you doing?" getting no response from Edward, Alex tried a more forceful approach, "Edward!" clapping in the man's ear and shouting his name at the same time.

"What?" Edward asked as he broke out of his trance.

Alex looked at him oddly, "What were you staring at? You didn't answer to your name and you looked like you were a thousand miles away."

"So you opted to make me deaf?"

"Sorry?" Alex said guiltily, "But you still haven't answered my question yet. What made you zone out?"

"Never mind Alex, I just thought I saw," he had that look again. "Look it's nothing. I doubt that it's actually them anyway. Let's just get off the plane, okay? I really don't want to be in here anymore, eleven hours in quite enough."

They got through customs smoothly and soon they made their way out of the airport. Alex looked at Edward curiously; he was half expecting Mrs Pleasure to pick them up.

"Liz is out doing some shopping," said Edward quickly, hailing a cab he gestured Alex to get in. "Sabina is at school, it will be a few hours until she comes home. You'll have a moment to settle down, into your new room." Alex gave a small nod, he was suddenly a little nervous; after all, the last time he was in America, things didn't really work out for him. He was about to say something, but a sudden wave of realisation dawned on him; he was heading to his new home, a new beginning. From the moment he steps out of the American cab, he'll have to leave his past behind him. Not that it was a bad thing, but the problem was; could he do it? Could Alex Rider, spy extraordinaire really forget what had happened to him and move on? Trouble seemed to follow him like a loyal puppy, but he would try his best; other than that, what else could he do?

Wiping the negative thoughts from his mind, he focused on his surroundings. Edward was still reading his book and the cab driver was, well… driving. As he looked out the window he saw an attractive looking park, it seemed like there was a school excursion; why a school would want to go to a park for an excursion, he would never know. Edward finally looked up from his book and started to get ready to get out. "We're nearly there," he said.

Alex nodded; they slowed before coming to a halt in front of an expensive looking house. He couldn't help thinking that Edward must be doing well. He took his suitcase in, as he followed Edward into the house. The interior was cosy and was very well furnished. Extraordinary paintings hung on the walls, as well as pictures of the Pleasures. "You like the house?" Edward walked over and placed an arm around Alex's shoulders, noticing the way the boy was staring at his home, what he didn't notice was the subtle flinch that Alex had hid as he came in contact. "This will be your home from now on, so you better get used to it. Remember you have about," he glanced at his watch, "an hour and a half until Liz picks up Sabina from school. So go and get used to your room, unpack and get ready for two very nosy women."

Alex moaned a sarcastic, "Yes, sir," and moved upstairs to find his room. Remembering that he didn't know where his room was, he headed back down to ask Edward.

"The third one to the right," Edward smiled. "You must forgive me Alex; sometimes I forget the most important things."

Shaking his head, Alex opened the third door to the right. He dumped his suitcase on his queen sized bed, closed the door and looked around. His room was big, but plainly decorated. He guessed that they expected him to want to keep his room personal. It was painted a natural white, just like the rest of the house. His bed was directly across from the door, from that position; there was a timber work desk against the wall to his left. There were two windows on both sides of his bed. Taking a closer look at his room, he could see that there were two doors on the right. Alex went over to have a look, behind was a walk in wardrobe and the other made him smile; his own ensuite.

After his long flight, the thought of a hot shower was more than just pleasant. Thinking of how much time he had until Sabina and Liz comes back, he stripped and stepped into the water. The hot water was heavenly as it relaxed his stiff muscles and he cleaned himself of the unsanitary feeling he got from being stuck inside a plane for half a day. Walking out of the shower he grabbed the fluffy white towel that was already there for him and rubbed himself dry. Wrapping the towel around his waist, he walked out of the ensuite and opened his over-sized suitcase (which carried a lot of his clothes and small belongings, but most of his stuff was back in England, in storage) and found his clothes. After deciding what to wear, he put on a tight black t-shirt and a pair of shorts. Putting his sneakers back on, he stared to unpack.

He was almost done when he heard the front door open and someone running up the stairs, the next thing he knew, he was being attacked by a flying figure; Sabina Pleasure had wrapped her arms around him neck and was now in a tight embrace with her best friend. Alex was still tense from the shock, but after the realisation of who was in his arms, he relaxed. They held that position until Alex thought it was a good idea to let go, "Um, Sabina?"

"Hi?" she said timidly, still holding on the Alex.

"Isn't time to let go now?"

"No, a few more moments," she replied, her voice was more demanding than pleading. After the moment that Sabina requested had past, she pulled away to eye Alex over. He had changed since she last saw him, he had grown taller, his skin was more tanned, his usual stiff posture had somehow gotten more… stiff, if that was even possible, he held himself with a subconscious pride, that had been drilled into him by his uncle at an early age, but the thing that had changed the most was his eyes (5). They were the same in a way; brown, serious, but there was definitely something about them. Something that Sabina couldn't put her finger on, it seemed like Alex was hiding something, that the person she saw now was only a mask, but either way, she was glad to see him. He had lost most of his boyish looks and his featured were more defined. 'Oh god', she thought, 'the girls are going to go nuts over him. He'll become a heartthrob. Those bitches will do anything to get him. 'She felt a sudden sense of protectiveness, most of the girls at Sabina's school weren't exactly… innocent'.

Alex was worried; Sabina had zoned out and was looking at him with glassy eyes, lost in thought. He looked at the girl that he liked with measuring eyes, she had grown her silky brown her down to her waist and wore it out with pride. She was certainly more gown up than he remembered, she was wearing more makeup than she used to: mascara, lip gloss, eyeliner and foundation, all done in moderation, but put together, there was quite a lot. It wasn't that Alex thought makeup was a bad thing; he just thought that Sabina was pretty even without it. She was no longer had the figure of girl, leaving her twig-like figure behind, she was now taking on the figure of a young woman, curves had appeared on her firm, toned body. Must be from the sport, he thought to himself. Her freckles were hidden by the thin layer of foundation on her skin and her bright blue eyes were unfortunately, still giving him a serious, but unfocused look. The boy waved a hand in front of Sabina's face. "Sab, what are you thinking about? Hello, are you there?"

Sabina shook herself of the evil thoughts she was thinking about, she really shouldn't be thing of killing those stupid sluts at school… well not at the moment anyway. "Sorry, I just zoned out."

"You don't say," said Alex sarcastically.

Sabina rolled her eyes, "So, how have you been?"

"Fine," he said dryly. Of course he wasn't fine, but then wasn't the time.

"Yes, I thought you might say that, but 'fine' in your language means that you totally not fine," she sighed. "You know you can talk to me right?" Alex was just about to reply, but she cut in, "I know what you're going to say, but when you're ready. Okay? I'll always be here when you need me." Alex could only nod, he was surprisingly touched by Sabina's words and- "Besides, how else could you tell? Other people will just think you're crazy," she smirked. He picked up a pillow and threw it at her as she turned and walked out the door, making him miss. "Are you coming or are you just gonna stand there?"

He groaned and followed Sabina out of his room. They found Liz and Edward in the kitchen bickering about supper. Catching Liz's eye, he was captured in a tight embrace by his new mother. "Hi Alex, how was the flight?"

"Long," he replied. "But it wasn't unpleasant."

"Yes, that's what I would say," Alex looked at Liz questioningly. "Ed over there was just telling me about the pretty flight attendant," she said teasingly, Alex blushed. "Already attracting older women? What will you do when you get older?" By now Alex was looking like a tomato.

"Liz, leave the boy alone," Edward defended. "So... when are you going to ask her out?"

Alex could have bashed his head against the cupboard, but he couldn't just let people tease him like that. Picking himself up he said, "Edward, no need to tease. You're just jealous." Edward's mouth dropped open. "She didn't even glace at you once, beaten by a teenager. How's the ego?"

The room was silent, but then Liz and Sabina started to giggle, before bursting into laughter. "You got told Dad!" giggled Sabina.

"Shut your mouth Ed," Liz was gasping for air. "You might catch flies."

Edward composed himself after being humiliated, "Well, moving right along. What do you want for dinner? Liz and I were just arguing about it; I wanted to go out and Liz-"

"Wanted to stay home," Liz cut in. "But really it's your choice."

"I think I want to stay here," he replied. Liz looked very happy, while Edward looked disappointed.

"Well home it is then, I'll start making dinner," Liz started to busy herself within the large modern kitchen.

"What are we having?" ask Alex, looking curiously over at the woman. "Do want some help?"

Liz looked surprized, "You cook?" Alex nodded; Ian had taught him at a young age. "No Alex, it's okay. You must be tired, go and join Ed and Sab in the living room. We'll have an early dinner tonight so you can head to bed early."

Alex blushed at her thoughtfulness, "Thanks."

"No problem."

Later that afternoon the Pleasures and Alex sat down for an early, but pleasant meal. That night was especially entertaining because Edward decided to start a philosophical debate about the concept of time travel. What was meant to be a short meal, turned into a loud and interesting argument, which did not really go anywhere. By the end of the meal, Alex was ushered up to his bedroom by Sabina, saying that he should get some rest. That night, Alex slept with a smile on his face.

-Line Break-

"Alex!" Alex jolted up in bed, eyes searching for source of the voice. Panic rose in his mind as he searched his unfamiliar surroundings. He relaxed as he realised that he was in his new room, in America. Focusing on the origin of the voice, he heard it again, "Alex!" the voice was familiar, feminine. He thought as hard as he could, his mind was hovering over the answer, but he couldn't put his finger on it. Thinking that he knew the answer at last, he stopped himself from saying the name, 'It's impossible!' he thought to himself. "Alex!" there it was again, forcing his mind to clear, he got up from his bed and adopted a defensive stance. It wasn't possible, the owner of the voice that he heard couldn't possibly the person he thought it was. But how could he possibly think that? The voice that was haunting him had been part of his life for such a long time, how could he possibly not recognise it? 'Jack,' he thought. He still didn't really believe that it could be possible, Jack was dead. Julius had blown her to bits and it was all his fault. He saw it with his own eyes, but for some reason, he wanted it to be true. He wanted his beloved housekeeper to be alive, to be here in his room, because it would mean that her 'death' was never his fault, it would mean that he no longer had to be burdened with fact that he had caused her death, her pain. Pulling himself together he walked towards to where 'Jack' was.

"Jack is that you?" 'Jack' was standing in the corner where the desk was, face and body hidden in the shadows.

The figure turned her head, "Alex." For the first time since that encounter, Alex realised how tired her voice sounded, drained of her usual enthusiasm.

"Jack how are you here?" he said excitedly. "I thought you were dead, I saw him press the button. I haven't seen for… for," his voice trailed off, he could find any words as to how he was feeling at that moment. Instead of trying to express his feeling by hugging her, stepping forward he leaned towards Jack.

"Don't come any closer," she hissed.

"What do you mean?" Alex was truly disturbed by the amount of venom in her voice. "Jack, what's wrong? I thought you were dead, I'm so happy to see you, I-"

"Alex, I am dead"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean that I'm dead, you killed me," she said angrily. "You killed me Alex."

"What? I, it wasn't me. Jack, it was Julius, he was the one who-"

"I know what happened," Jack snapped. "It doesn't matter who pushed the trigger, in the end the only person to blame is you!"

Alex was shocked, he had always blamed himself for what had happened, but he had never imagined that Jack would ever say such things to him. He moved toward her, "Jack I-"

"Don't! Do not touch me!" she shrieked. "Why didn't you say no? How many times have I told you? You just can't help yourself, can you? You always need to be the hero, to act like you have control. Why did you just have to get me involved? And just before you say it was my choice to follow you to Cairo, just consider how you brought me into this mess in the first place! How many times have I warned you? How many times have I tried to persuade you to let go?" Her voice softened, "I loved you Alex, I tried to keep you safe. I tried to get you away from those people, but you pushed me away. The more I tried, the more you fought. You got deeper and deeper into that mess and look where you have got me!" She stepped out of the shadows.

Alex gasped, the person who he loved as a sister was no more, he stared at what she had become. Her clothes were in rags, shirt torn in hundreds of different pieces, but somehow it was still intact. Her jeans, that were once a deep blue, were now a dirty brown. Her clothes were ghastly, but her body was horrifying, there was no place that seemed completely intact, every area of her inch had been stitched together. Each piece of skin was only the size of a small coin. She wore no shoes, even if she had shoes, she would have only needed one. There was nothing left of her foot, in fact she was missing more than that, it seemed that whatever had taken her foot, had taken some of her leg as well. On her left leg, Alex could clearly see the bone that should have connected her leg to her foot, the bone was sticking out and the flesh around it was burned and charred. Blood seeped from her body, not only from her leg, but from her skin, nose, ears and mouth. She stood supported by her right leg, keeping a steady hand on the windowsill, leaving a bloody hand-print on the white paint. Her skin was a tint of an unhealthy green, it could have been the moonlight, but Alex knew it wasn't.

"Alex, look at what you have done to me!" she hissed violently. Her eyes started to grow red, "Why, Alex? Why did you have to do this to me? I loved you! I treated you well, didn't I? What did I do to deserve this?"

Alex was speechless as she burst into tears; red tears, her tears were longer tears of purity, but tears of hate, tears of pain. The bloody tears ran streaks down her face, looking like a form of grotesque makeup mixing with the blood on her face and her body, the seemingly continuous flow, soon grew into a crimson puddle around her foot.

"Jack, I'm so sorry." He barely whispered. What could he say? What she said was true, there was nothing that he could pay her with… was there? "Is there anything I can do?"

A small demonic smile appeared on her face, "Well, you could pay." Alex started to shake uncontrollably at her voice, it was cruel, but other than that; sadistic. "You could pay with your life Rider! It's not hard, you just have to stand there and let me kill you. Simple as that."

His mind was screaming for him to run, his experience was telling him to protect himself, but he was rooted to his spot, not from fear, but from something else. As Jack graced impossibly towards him, his instincts told him he was going to die.

The monster before him wrapped her fingers around his throat, strangling him. "Jack," Alex whimpered. Alex was still unable to move, he tensed as Jack tightened the hold she had on his throat. Not only did her fingers rob his lungs of air, they burn his neck, unimaginable pain racked thought his body as he realised that this was the end. Alex Rider was going to die in the hands of someone that he loved, someone that had once loved him, but was destroyed by his own irresponsible actions. He was going die there, unable to move and in terrible pain.

Jack didn't press hard enough for him to die quickly, no, she wanted to kill Alex slowly. She wanted to torture him as much as she can, prolonging the process. Jack was laughing at him, calling his name repeatedly, "Alex!" At first it was the same sneering tone, again and again, he ignored it as he said sorry to her in his mind. Suddenly her voice became worried, which caused Alex to think that he was going crazy, her voice was full of concern, but her face was still staring at him demonically.

He soon realised that the person who was calling his name was not Jack, it was very familiar, but it definitely wasn't Jack. "Alex!"

Alex jolted up in bed desperately searching for the source of the voice. He looked around the room and found Elizabeth Pleasure staring at him, eyes full of concern. "Alex, are you okay?"

Alex slowly nodded, "I had a nightmare." He pulled his knees up to his chest, "It was so real."

Liz sat there quietly rubbing the boys back, Alex shied away from her touch at first, but relaxed as he realised that Liz would never hurt him. "You know you can cry if you want. There's nothing keeping you from doing it. Let your feelings out Alex, you'll feel better afterwards and you know can trust me. We're family now, you're my son and-"

She didn't need to say anymore, because soon Alex was crying. Liz pulled the boy into a hug while he cried his soul out, telling her what his dream was about. Liz sat there and told him that Jack's death wasn't his fault. Nothing was, he should never have been dragged into something like that in the first place.

"Liz, why did you come into my room?" Alex asked quietly.

"Sabina and Ed are asleep, I was going to my room when I heard you screaming Jacks name and apologising again and again."

Alex could only nod, he really thought that Jack was going to kill him.

"Alex?" Liz was looking at him thoughtfully. "Have you ever seen a shrink before?"

End of Flashback

Alex sighed, at was almost at his favourite spot; it was a seat on top of a hill, overseeing most of the park. Every morning he would stop there and sit, collecting his mind. Running up the hill after such a vigorous run was exhausting, but the view was worth it. Sitting on the park bench, he recalled the conversation he had with Liz that night. He refused to see a therapist and Liz accepted his choice, but as the week grew past, his nightmares got worse and his mood affected the Pleasures. Every day they would become more drained, more desperate. Alex, not wanting to become a burden, finally accepted Liz's request for him to see a shrink.

His sessions were not successful, they only thing that Alex ever achieved, was pissing the therapist off and nearly killing the bastard. He laughed as he remembered the incident, it wasn't intentional of course, but the guy wanted results so the shrink tried hypnotising Alex into sleep, drawing out his subconscious. Unfortunately for the therapist, Alex's subconscious turning out to be somewhat… dangerous. The poor guy got a very bad fright when he tried to touch Alex in his subconscious state. Alex knocked him out and things didn't really go too well for the therapist.

It was soon after that day when Alex decided to pretend he was better, he learned to control his mood swings and to silence his dreams. Sure, he still got them, but at least he never woke up anyone in the middle in the night anymore. Of course he had help from his Anonymous Shrink.

His phone vibrated, Smithers had given him the phone when he left, it was an incredible piece of technology. It was fingerprint sensitive, which meant that only he could use it. It had a distress function that was activated when he called a certain number, the location was of course given to MI6, but he could also connect it to phones of his choice so that that person would get his location as well, other than that, it was untraceable. Smithers also said that it could be used to contact other agents, but he could not see their numbers, he could just contact them. It also has the same function as the Nintendo DS he was given on his first mission, along with other apps that did other things.

The thing that he least expected to help him, actually came to be very useful. As he took out his iPhone, he smiled.

Anonymous Shrink: So what r u doing?

The Reluctant Patient: What do u think? Running of course!

Anonymous Shrink: That has really become a habit, haven't I told u that routine is dangerous for spies?

The Reluctant Patient: I'm not a spy anymore

Anonymous Shrink: Yes I know, but it's still not a good thing

The Reluctant Patient: Whatever, so r u asking for another mission? Which 1 r we up to? Oh yes, I was just about to start about the 1 in Aus. And so were u! What a coincidence!

Anonymous Shrink: Actually I was thinking that we should call instead of txt

The Reluctant Patient: I thought we were always going to anonymous!

"I already know who you are, Alex!" shouted a familiar voice.


-Line Break-

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