Aloneā€¦ Together

Jack watched the CCTV as Gwen and Rhys walked away across the Plas. When they were out of view, he leaned back in the chair and sighed. Taking a deep breath, he ran his hands through his hair and rubbed his eyes.

He sensed rather than heard someone approach the desk and stand in front of him. The silence and the smell of fresh coffee mixed with a very familiar aftershave told him who it was.

"Ianto." He said, not opening his eyes.

"Thought you might need this." The younger man said, placing the mug on the desk. When Jack didn't move or open his eyes, Ianto silently turned away and headed toward the office door.


Ianto turned to see Jack looking at him, the older man's eyes confessing a weariness they very rarely showed.

"Yes, Jack." He paused just inside the doorway.

"You wouldn't leave me would you?"

A silence of understanding hung between the two men as Ianto closed the office door and crossed the room to Jack. He took the older man in his arms.

When Ianto spoke, it was barely a whisper, but Jack heard it plain and clear.