Everything in the descriptions in this story is accurate. I wrote it while sitting in Canada Square at the base of Canada Tower in Canary Wharf. Being there was pretty powerful for me.

Life Goes On

Ianto stepped off the tube. He had taken a few days off — only saying it was personal - and had taken the train to London. It was around 11am on a Wednesday morning, so things were pretty quiet. Everyone was at work and it wasn't lunchtime yet.

His stomach clenched as he rode the escalator and swiped his travelcard to exit the station. No one in the shopping mall paid much mind to another young man in a suit as he passed. He took a deep breath and let it out slowly before continuing up to street level.

Stepping out onto the sidewalk, he turned and faced Canada Square. He didn't know if he had expected something to happen, but found everything terrifyingly normal. Traffic went by on the street behind him, businessmen walked past him on the sidewalk and a large television was in the corner of the square broadcasting the Olympic Games.

He forced himself to look up — the building was just the same as it had been before that day. Only now it held no secrets. It was simply another office building. There were even window washers hanging on the side of the structure.

Ianto sat down on the black marble stone planter set directly opposite the tower. He noticed the bright red flowers that had been planted there. Pretty, he thought. The day was chilly for August and he looked up at the sky to see the dark clouds blowing in.

How fitting, he thought. He had gotten beyond the grief and anger, even the guilt. Jack had helped with that. The normality… the fact that this place had gotten beyond it as well was what disturbed him now.

What had he expected to find? A memorial? The building to be torn down and replaced? Of course that would never happen. The world moves on. Hell… he had moved on. He had built a new life in Cardiff and despite everything that had happened there, he was happy.

Glancing up at the tower once more, he turned and walked away just as the rain began to fall.