Chapter 4: An unexpected turn of events.

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Chapter 4: An unexpected turn of events.

Reaver suddenly froze and stopped from saying whatever it was he was about to say and quickly mumbled an excuse before turning and swiftly collecting his belongings then rushing out of the war room.

"Wait! Reaver, what's the matter?"

Rose tried to catch up with him but by the time she had managed to get outside, his carriage was already disappearing into the distance.


**Later that evening**

Queen Rose was once again up late desperately trying to finish the enormous mound of paperwork that no matter how many pieces she signed seemed to keep growing.

"All of this bloody paperwork... How in Avo did Logan even get all of this done?"

Rose sighed and decided she should call it a night and turn in. She shuffled her chair back, collected her crown which she had discarded on her desk whilst signing paperwork and made her way to her room.

As she got to her bedroom door, the hairs on the back of her neck rose.

Something's not right...

Rose summoned a flame to her hand, ready to scold any intruder, slowly turned the handle and burst in. To her surprise, no one was there; just an open window and a guard crouched underneath it that looked to be asleep on the floor.

Rose ran over to the guard to see if he was still alive, she turned him over to find his face was horribly mutilated, as if mauled by some wild beast then burned with a red hot poker, over and over. What was most alarming however was the decorative knife that was sticking directly in the centre of his chest with ruby red trimmings and engravings of little Sparrows.

The Queen recoiled in shock and took a minute to compose herself, before stealthily creeping over to her secret cabinet of weapons, she called it her 'just in case' cabinet. She reached in and grabbed her Black and Red Dragons, strapped them in their holsters then she reached for Avo's Lamentation and strapped it to her back. She hid her crown in its usual spot underneath her bed and then crept over to the window; there she saw a bright red hair caught in the lock, it was a shade of red that she had not seen since...

No... It cannot be...

Rose leapt out of her window onto the very thin path of bricks and slowly manoeuvred her way out and across the top of the castle. She was about to turn around and continue in the light but she saw a flash of red in her peripheral vision; she spun round and saw the figure running towards the tower. The private study, which used to belong to her mother. Rose darted across to catch the intruder and chased the unknown onto the forbidden tower. The Queen thought that this mysterious intruder would then surrender, but they did not. Instead they lifted their hood enough so that Rose could see the blood red eyes, flowing red hair and big smirk, without showing too much of their face. The woman spoke in a well spoken, musical but deadly voice.

"Did you think I wouldn't find out about you and... him? Did you think me a fool?"

The stranger laughed sharply. Before Rose could grab this strangely familiar woman, she dived off the tower backwards with a salute. The Queen ran to the edge of tower to see the woman land on her feet unharmed and run into the night.

"I must be imagining things now... Maybe Logan was right, I am doing too much work..."

Rose turned and climbed back up to her smashed window retrieved the knife from the guard's chest and tossed him out of the window after saying a short prayer to Avo. She then discarded Avo's Lamentation underneath her bed, next to her crown, changed into her night gown and shuffled underneath the covers for some well earned rest.

**The next day**

The Queen awoke from her restless slumber, still clutching her twin Dragons, still seeing those piercing red eyes in her mind. She groggily stretched and climbed out of her bed and looked into her bathroom chamber to see a freshly drawn bath scented with Rose petals; her favourite. After a relaxing soak, she dried herself and her hair and got into her regal gown. She left her natural auburn curls down today, only pinned up at the front to keep her fringe from falling in her face, she put on a light dusting of makeup and placed her crown on her head; she was ready.

The Queen strolled out of her room and into the dining room for her breakfast, which today was fresh fruit and cream; her choice of course. She was surprised to see that Logan was already in his seat, which was to the right of hers at the head of the table; she sat down silently, so silently that Logan didn't notice and when she thanked the servant for delivering her breakfast, he nearly had a heart attack.

"Ahh good morning Sister, you gave me quite a fright! How are you this fine morning?"

"Hello Logan. I am not quite as well as I would like to be this morning, I am afraid."

Logan frowned "Why? Sister, what's happened?"

"I think I saw someone last night..."

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