Dear god he could have had a life

But I was never strong enough

I let my dark consume his light

My will was overshadowed by his love

So will you bring him home tonight

I need to know he's in your hands

God guide his soul and give him wings to fly

He's yours to take

He's right before your eyes

Jack stood in the corner of the hospital room. He stayed out of the way of the nurses and doctors as they came in every so often to check machines or change the IV drip. It was a private room, he had arranged it specifically.

As the latest nurse left, he turned his attention to the pale form on the bed. Vital signs were slow but steady… according to the doctors the immediate danger was gone. He slumped back into the shadows of the corner thinking about the decisions that lead to this.


It was nearly a year earlier and Ianto Jones was practically stalking him. After what the younger man had gone through during Canary Wharf, Jack was trying to protect him from further pain from the world of Torchwood. But he had finally relented. And Ianto had joined Torchwood 3.

Then the reason for the stalking came to light. Lisa. After the incident with the cyberwoman, Jack had put Ianto on suspension. Deep down he had hoped the younger man would stay away. His reason for continuing to be a part of Torchwood was finally gone. He had the dose of retcon ready if Ianto had asked. The young man with such a horrible past could move on and have a normal life.

But he had never asked. Ianto had retuned to the Hub at the end of his suspension.

Then Jack had come up with the idea of a team outing. It was supposed to be simple… missing persons. If Ianto was going to stay, then he would be part of the team, not just the teaboy.

Jack's decision had nearly cost Ianto his life. The team had returned to Cardiff broken and battered, Ianto worst of all.

The shadows of the room had deepened as evening had fallen. Just the dim bed lamp now shown on the young man's bruised face. Jack wondered if anything short of death would make Ianto leave Torchwood. He deserved so much more. He deserved a happy life.

Even though Jack had no right to hold onto the young man lying broken in the hospital bed, he just couldn't bring himself to let go.