Prologue of the Sequel

Red was in a distorted-like world. There he was, just standing somewhere in nowhere. He felt a little scared as he see 2/3-D figures take form into creepy shapes. He even sees Pikachu distort like water, slowly disconnecting from its semi-free particles. The most surprising figure that was in there was Green. Green was smiling and wasn't disappearing nor was distorting, yet, the weird figures around started piling themselves on Green. Red was so astonished that he was frantically taking the distorted figures off Green. He was barely competing against the piling now-slime-like figures. The taciturn Red can't believe that his Green was taken away from him. Knowing that he can't compete with what's taking over Green. He desperately mutter Green's name.

"Green…Green…Green...Green. Green. Green. Green! Green! GREEN!" Red violently screams the name of his loved one.

Still continuing to rip off what's piling on Green, Red gave up his poise of being a reserved, poker-face wearing composure into a zany one, not minding that he is already completely disheveled. His body then began shaking as if it was no longer his to control. He was trying to fight it back to save Green. He just couldn't bare the idea of losing Green.

"No! No! NOOOOOOOO!" Red screamed at the top of his lungs.

His body still continued shaking and he began lose his energy, thus, losing to what's controlling him until a blinding light appeared, and heard a voice coming out of it.

"Red!" it said.

Red's tears were streaming non-stop and noticed that the voice was somewhat familiar.

"RED!" it screamed again, louder than the last one "Wake up!" it added and the light began swallowing him.

Red opened his eyes and he was at Green's room. His shirt, face and raven hair was completely soaked in sweat. He saw Green tightly gripping on his forearms.

"You were having a nightmare…You were clawing in the air…and it seems that I was in it, right?" Green said while wearing a worried look on his face.

Red was looking at Green with his lifeless and tearing eyes. He was so relieved that Green was there. He hugged Green tightly, burying his face against Green's chest.

"Green…." Red muttered.

"It was just a dream…And, you're soaking wet" Green said "I'll just get you a shirt to change into" he added. Red nodded in reply.

Green asked Red to lift his arms a bit and Green carefully removed Red's shirt and slowly tucked a new one on Red's head down his slim waist. Green also wiped the sweat off Red's face and hair.

"It was just a dream so don't worry about it" Green said and kissed Red's forehead "You should get some rest" he added. Green laid Red in the bed while hugging him. Red just buried his face on Green's chest and tightly gripped his shirt, indicating that he doesn't want to let go of him for the time being.

It was just a dream, Red thought to himself…Or that was just he thought it was…