I sit here and wonder, what am I even doing here. I am a failure, I and nothing but a being. I am nothing as is all, we are all chaos and we will all fall, as always we will fall.

Location: Beach of Ga Nui, Kardas Nui

Demonon:Why am I here, what is my Purpose and what am I meant fo-

Hala:Hi Demonon, whats up



(Demonon flys off)

Hala:(whie writing on notepad) I must remember that before i end up dead, never speak to Demonon when thinking.

Location: Av Nui Sparing arena

Storm: Take this

(hits Tridax with his sword)

Tridax:Man that hurt, but this will hurt more

(Tridax uppercuts Storm)

(Demonon lands)

Tridax: Hey Demono-

(gets smashed into a wall)

Demonon: Lets fight, 2 against me

Storm:We are doomed

Tridax: Can't move, much

(Demonon kicks Storm in the air and smashes him back to the ground)

Storm:K.O, owww

5 min later


(Demonon starts smashing his head into the wall)

Storm: This can't be good

Demonon: Okay

(Demonon stops and notices cut on right arm)

Demonon:Am i cut? I'm Bleeding, this is odd

Storm: Don't worry about it

(Storm and Tridax start sparring again)

Tridax: I think he as "issues"

(Storm smashes Tridax in the face)

(Demonon flys off)

Demonon: Something is up, i never bleed


Remon: This is just sad, i seem to lose track but soon i will be imortal. Muuhhhhaaaaaaa