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Harpers POV

A strange vibe ran through my body. It was new, but my body welcomed it graciously. I now felt this sense of immense power Alex had always felt. Snapping back into reality, I realised why I was like this. Since the portal was already open, I wandered straight into the thick purple smoke, unaware as to what I might find at the other end.

5 minutes later, I was standing in the lobby of WizTech. The whole place seemed dead. Nobody was here, and I couldn't hear anyone. It was obvious that Alex wasn't here. Since I hadn't been here before, I figured it would be nice to walk around. School obviously wasn't on, so it wouldn't hurt anyone to have a little peak, would it? The library door was wide open, and the bright fluorescents were still on. Alex could be here. Why would she go to a library though? There would be nothing important here. I noticed a familiar scent in the air. It took me a while to figure it out, but as soon as I knew, I headed straight for the door on the other side of the library. My pace was getting faster and faster, and as soon as I had reached the door, I stopped dead in my tracks. My whole body froze.

2 people were lying in the middle of the hall. Both faces were sunken, the boy's more aged and feeble looking. The girl, who looked my age, huddled next to the boy. Their hair colour was exactly the same, obviously related. As I paced over to the two people, my heart stopped. I knew these people anywhere. I felt my legs begin to buckle, and before I knew it, I was on the floor, looking straight into Alex's eyes.

Her lilac school bag was still near her, packed full of clothes and things that she had obviously taken from her room. Her wand, broken into two irregular halves, was in the corner of the room. It was surrounded with a pool of glowing dust which still seeped out of one of the halves. My eyes travelled over to Justin and Alex. Their motionless bodies just lay there. I remember Justin talking about how he was never noticed. He was always pushed out by his family, especially Alex. He wanted me to never repeat the conversation and pretend that everything was fine, when obviously, it was much worse than I had thought. Alex, on the other hand, had problems of her own too. Her bulimia was stronger than she was. Alex wasn't herself anymore. Anyone would have seen that today, right after she almost murdered GiGi in the corridor.

I couldn't save Justin or Alex, could I? I was just Harper Finkle. I wasn't anything special.

Harper, you're a wizard now. You can save them.

I heard Daisy's voice flow through my mind.

Come on. You see that book. Look at it.

I picked up the book. I flicked to the back of the book. I skimmed over the large amounts of text that would hopefully tell me how to give me my best friends back. After minutes of searching, I found nothing.

You disgust me. You can't even bring yourself to even save them.

They're gone. And its your fault.

'Shut up.' I whispered under my breath. 'You don't own me anymore. So shut up.' I said. As I rose from my feet, I turned on my heels to return to the library. As my body spun, a loud, deafening scream filled the room.

'It's not what it looks like, I swear.'

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