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This story is something I'm slowly working on. I've a little more written but it needs editing somewhat. I would like to turn it into a continuing series, one case at a time maybe, I'm not sure yet. I do know that as much as I like Jackie, I wanted to give a voice to my own character and hopefully keep Danny's character as true to form as I can.

The night parted throughout most of the city. A comforting neon glow, softened only marginally by the yellow hues of the street lamps every few yards.

The regular sense of 2am normalcy broken only by the flashes of blues and reds permeating the cities usual lighting.

Feet shuffled and clunked, sometimes slapping the asphalt. Whirs and flutters as the area was blocked off and the tape rattled and crinkled in the wind.

With a deep exhale which sent that breath off into the night air like a small cloud of fog and a pop of the collar, into which shoulders were shrugged to ears to fend off the cold before hands were jammed into pockets a lone pair of footsteps walked into the bustling sounds of the scene.

"What do we got?"

"Couple of party goers were headed home, stumbled across him. One of your guys is looking the body over."

"Yeah, thanks." he nodded and approached "It's freezing out here."

"Thanks for reminding me." the voice of the crouching detective spoke before standing to greet him "Jessica Ryan."

"Right yeah, you're the transfer right? Danny Regan, pleasure." his eyes returned to the body laying on the ground "What do we know?"

"Coroner says no ID on him, so we're going to have to wait for DNA or prints to hopefully tell us who he is. We did find this though." she held out a plastic evidence bag "Receipt for a club, the uh Sound Factory over on West Forty-sixth."

Danny took it and looked it over "So if this is the last place he went, what's he doing all the way out here in Greenwich?"

"Nothing good if this is anything to go by. Looks like a credit card number on there too, could give us something."

"Okay so we should probably head in, we can grab some coffee while we wait. Going to probably catch a cold standing about in this."

"It's only a light drizzle, I don't think it'll hurt you all that much."

"So you say. Come on newbie that coffee is on me, think of it as a welcome gift."

"Gee I'm flattered really."

"So you should be."


It had been at least a couple of hours since they had arrived back at the station. Despite the sheltered office, the sun had started to rise over the skyscrapers and the city began to transform into it's usual hustle and bustle of noise from people waking and heading out to work.

Jessica dropped her cup unceremoniously onto the desk with a grimace "I swear that coffee has gotten worse."

"I don't doubt that." Danny nodded swirling the last mouthful around his own mug, his eyes focused on Jessica as one of the office workers handed her a file in passing "What's that?"

"We got a hit on the credit card used at the club." she passed the file over "Randy Owens."

"Our guy didn't look like a Randy."

"Of course he didn't, in fact I doubt it's him. My guess? A friend."

"Suppose we'll find out when we get there."

"Yeah, just do me a favour?" she fell into step as she pulled on her coat "Make a stop somewhere so I can get some decent coffee."