Back in the precinct Jess sat at her desk tapping on the computer as Danny hovered and paced behind her.

"So we know that Kellerman is involved." he mused "And he must know dead and dumber somehow."

"Maybe he's in on their dealing." Jess tapped some more "I mean if Randy is selling, which lets face it is the likeliest of probabilities, then maybe Kellerman is the supplier."

"Could be the middle man." he leant on the desk and peered at the screen "Anything?"

"Few parking violations, that's about it." a rub of the face and a sigh followed "He doesn't have a record, which I have to say shocks me somewhat."

"How about employees? Family?"

"Let's see." she tapped at the keyboard and waited "All employees are clean, his brother did time for assault and robbery." she tapped again.

"What you running now?"

"I'm hoping that maybe we could peek at visitor logs."

"See if Kellerman knows an inmate." he nodded

"Nothing... Oh wait a sec." she clicked on something "Eureka."

"Did you just say Eureka?"


"All right Einstein what did you discover?"

"Kellerman is being watched." she turned the monitor toward him "Seems we have eyes on him and his club."

"Looks like we get to go see what they know."


The two detectives entered OCCB and went to find a detective within the Narcotics division.

"Sleeping on the job again Leo." Danny exclaimed slapping his hand on the shoulder of a detective

"Never would I do such a thing." Leo smiled "So what brings you down here?"

"We need some information."

"We?" he glanced "No Jackie?"

"No Jackie. Leo Colgan, this is Jessica Ryan, Ryan this is Colgan."

"Nice to meet you." Jess nodded

"Same here. So what info are you looking for?"

"We need to know what you know about Ray Kellerman and his club."

Colgan whistled "Outta luck Reagan."

"Come man, we got a dead kid last seen at his place."

"My hands are tied. We've an undercover working it, operation's been going for almost six months already. I can't do anything."

"What if the DA okays it?"

"If the DA gives the nod, I'll get you the intel, until that happens I can only apologise for you wasting a trip. I'd say you should have called but you never do."

"That's because calling doesn't have the same effect as if I threaten in person."

"Right. Sorry Reagan."

"That's fine. We'll be back though."

"Look forward to it."

"So what now?" Jess asked as they walked out of the unit.

"We go get the nod from the DA. Lucky for us, I happen to know someone who can help."


Sitting in the relatively quiet office, Erin Reagan-Boyle was busy writing notes on one of the files that sat on her desk.

That is until the commotion outside the door caused her to pause, and the door opening caused her to raise her head and her brow.

"You can't just walk in!" Jessica exclaimed as Danny grabbed the handle of the door and pushed it open.

"Surprise!" he exclaimed

Erin rolled her eyes "It's not much of a surprise. You're the only one who doesn't knock. What do you want Danny?"

"What I can't come say hello?" he smiled at her as she just looked at him "All right, we need to get hold of whatever information you guys have on Ray Kellerman."

"That's an OCCB case right?" she asked standing and heading to a filing cabinet

"Yeah. We've been and asked. They sent us here."

Having retrieved the file Erin walked back to her seat "They've been running an operation for six months. Last they heard they were close to finding the head of the organisation."

"Please? Don't make me beg. Not in front of the newbie."

Erin glanced behind at the door where Jessica was standing. "His manners need some work, I'm Erin." she walked to meet Jessica. Slapping Danny on the head with the file.


"Take a seat." she returned to hers "Danny I'd like to help, but they're close."

"We have a dead kid, last seen at Kellermans club. Kellerman denies seeing him but security told us they had eyes on the kid in the VIP lounge. Where Kellerman spent most of the night."

"Any reason they would lie about that?"

"Employees have no records." Jess spoke up. "The guy I spoke to seemed genuine enough."

Erin sighed and sat back in her seat. "Find something else that proves the kid was in the club and I'll have the information made available."

"How?" Danny asked

"Surveillance." Jess suggested "The club has cameras."

"I'll get you a warrant for the security footage. Only the security footage." she picked up the phone as Danny and Jess walked to the door. "Try not to step on any toes."

"Me? As if I would. Thanks sis." he smiled.