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Harry didn't like her.

She was far too 'friendly' to him and Louis. He didn't like her personality, her voice, her...everything. She patted his hips, searching for his cell phone. "Have you got a mobile phone on?" she asked. "No," Harry replied, moving closer to Louis. "Have you got a mobile phone on?" she asked Louis. The Doncaster boy looked guilty as he whisked. "Yes," he said. "Yes!" the hostess gasped. "Louis, you naughty boy!" Harry stiffened slightly as she reached into Louis' back pocket and pulled out his phone. "Oh, who's calling?" She just kept going on and on, while the other hostess laughed. Louis just looked helpless.

She put her hands on Louis' shoulders. He looked at his phone. "That's very saucy!" Louis' jaw dropped. He knew she was joking, as there was nothing on the phone but a black screen, but he figured he'd just play along. Plus, he loved seeing Harry jealous.

"I won't tell people what it says,"

"Tell no one, please!" he pleaded.

He looked at Harry from the corner of his eye. The Cheshire boy was glaring at the hostess with a burning passion. He caught his eye and winked. She pointed her finger at Louis. "Lesson number one, when you're on a TV show, switch your phone off."

Harry's face was growing red with jealousy, and Louis' face was red from embarrassment. The rest of the show went smoothly, Harry trying to avoid the blond hostess as much as he could, and they ate what they had made, letting Liam, Zayn, and Niall try some as well. "That's all we have time for today, but One Direction will be staying on, they're gonna be in The Hub this morning taking all your calls, anything you want to ask them. Say goodbye boys!" The boys were too busy stuffing their faces to say anything, so they just waved and gave thumbs up to the cameras.

After the cameras stopped rolling, Harry swallowed his food, and pulled Louis closer to his side. Louis wrapped his arm around Harry's back and smiled as the blond hostess looked at them in shock. Harry cupped Louis' cheek and, making sure the hostess was watching, leaned down and kissed him. The rest of the boys knew of the woman's tricks, so they made sure to distract the other hostess by singing parts of songs that were going to be on Up All Night.

They thanked the women for having them on the show, but before they left, Harry whispered something to the blond. "If you ever think of touching my boyfriend's bum again, I will make sure you get put in jail for pedophilia." Sure, he couldn't say much about that topic (look what he had gotten into with Caroline), but he learned his lesson; he almost lost the boys.

She blinked in surprise at Harry's tone. "A-alright, yes, no problem at all. Thank you for coming." She turned quickly to go backstage.

They all piled in the van, Louis crammed in between Niall and Harry, his legs resting on Niall's, and his head in Harry's lap. Harry carded his fingers through Louis' hair. Louis sighed softly. "What did you say to her that made her walk off like that, Haz?" he asked. Harry smiled down at his boyfriend. "I told her that if she ever touched your bum again, she would be seeing bars of her cell." Louis laughed. "What am I going to do with you?" He hooked his fingers on Harry's blazer collar and pulled the boy down to kiss him. Niall swatted Louis' feet. "No making out while your legs are trapping me!" The two boys laughed in the kiss. They pulled away and Louis whispered in Harry's ear, "I think I like it when you get jealous. It turns me on," Harry looked in Louis' eyes to see want and lust fill them. He smirked. "Well what are you gonna do about it, then?" The older boy smirked and pulled him down for another heated kiss.