A/N: This is like my first ever Scrubs Fanfic. What do I say? I had this.. or rather this background story in my head for a completely different fanfic of Scrubs. But at least this has turned out into something decent.

As for the actual story this might be the background of: I've a multiple-chapter story in my head. JD's new patient is a teenage boy that had been in an accident. Soon he'll realize that if the accident hadn't happened no one would have ever known what happened to the teenage boy at home. He felt a slight similarity to his case and tries to help the boy revealing his story in the very process.

Still not sure if I should write; or publish it. Well as for this, ENJOY, as how do not own any of Scrubs or any of the characters~

They all had been the same after Dad had left. All wanting but one thing from me. But that was fine.

Because when they did it, they told me I was important, that they needed me.

Even though they had disappeared after a while until the next one came. Somehow they all had been the same. Dan hadn't known about any of this at first, as he was more with our father than with our drunken mother. He still was jealous as how every one of our Stepfathers seemed to love me. And hated me for liking them as well. I don't know if my mother actually knew what those men were doing to me. She was drunk all the time, so... I don't know if she knew.

Then there had been that moment Dan got to know what was actually happening. He was over for the weekend. Mum and our new Stepfather were newylwed. Before that he had been living for a couple of months in our house already. Well actually it was our REAL fathers house. He bought it and lost it in the divorce.

I was in my room like always, not knowing whether he would come today or not. I was prepared. It had not been my first time after all. Not to mention that I didn't exactly thought of it as something bad. Not until that moment anyway. Whilst he was in my room, filling me up like usually, suddenly Dan bursted in. He actually had wanted to frighten me, but he saw us. His face was truly one filled with shock. And mine? Well, the moment I was busted all shame, sadness and anger overcame me. I cried and screamed for help.

This was the night when Dan and I ran away for the night. I was forced to tell him everything. We both knew what I actually had gone through. But we never really ever spoke of it afterwards. Dan moved in with us after that, scaring the shit of the stepfather and in his own awkward way protected me. I still don't know if my mother knew any of this, and so was Dan. We never really ever told her, and we also had kept it a secret from Dad.