Ever since Miss Martian had saved his life, he had felt different. His mom had said it was the recovery after the transfusion, but he realized later it was more than that. Much more.

At first his mom has said how his color was a little strange, a bit… green. But it was just a subtle tint, it must have been the lighting, the shadows, something else. But it wasn't. Within two months after the transfusion, Garfield Logan had completely turned green.

Marie panicked, she wasn't concerned that Miss Martian had hurt him, but her son was green. It didn't change too much, but she hid him from visitors, kept him at home instead of coming to town with her. What both excited and worried Garfield was when she called his father home. The week in waiting for him to return, she kept talking to herself, kept trying to reassure them both. "It can't be permanent. I'm sure we can get rid of it. Maybe I can call Megan for help."

When his father came home and saw him, the first thing he did was laugh at how ridiculous his son looked. Mom had told him about Garfield's accident long ago, so at least it made… some sense what was going on. But after Marie started to protest, looked at him with desperate, helpless eyes, he caved and turned serious, promising to search for help.

They had to be subtle, of course. They weren't about to advertise their son's predicament for the media to eat up. But Garfield didn't worry, his dad had connections with lots of doctors and scientists, they'd find someone eventually.

Besides, he was green! So cool!

But what he found out later, was even cooler.

It was by accident, he didn't know how he did it, but he and Monkey were playing up in his room, once again hiding from the world. But and he was wondering, what would it be like to be a monkey? What would it be like to have all that fur, that tail, those teeth, that agility? And suddenly… suddenly he was.

Monkey had screeched in surprise, and Gar could understand him! Testing out his own voice, he vocalized what he thinks happened. Monkey merely made a somewhat mean observation about humans being too weird (and hairless) for their own good, but gleefully accepted that now his favorite human could play with him like the other monkeys. Green or otherwise.

After they played, Garfield changed back without meaning to. But immediately, once he heard his mother opening the door, coming back from the clinic, he vaulted down the steps. "Mom! Mom! Look at what I can do, look!"

When he shrunk down into a little green monkey, his mother accidentally dropped her medical equipment. His dad hurried into the house, asking Marie what was wrong. Quickly focusing on what it was like being human, Garfield forced himself to change back. "Dad! I can turn into a monkey!"

Both parents stayed quiet, then shared a look.

Doctor and scientist friends of the family were seeing Garfield within the week.

Garfield still didn't mind, most of them didn't really know what to do anyway, and Marie grew protective whenever they wanted to… test certain theories they may have concocted. But with the following weeks, Garfield did learn more. He could turn into more than just monkey, he could also turn into a wildebeest, gazelle, three different birds, and when he concentrated really hard, a cheetah. Though they were always, always green. Just like him. One day after showing his dad the latest form, the man smiled and commented, "You know Garfield, I bet if you put your mind to it, you could become any animal in the world. A boy who can turn into any beast he thinks of!"

Garfield took to this idea, and soon began reading up any and every encyclopedia available to test such a theory. Some forms were difficult, especially if he didn't know much about them, but he was making amazing progress. His mother became worried when certain traits started staying, like sharper teeth and his ears being pointier, his arms were also getting furrier, less human like. But he was still her Garfield, and that was all that mattered.

It was a weird and confusing time, but to Garfield it was amazing. He was getting everything he ever wanted; he was becoming a super hero! He could do things no one else could! Even his parents, worried for him as they were, couldn't help but feel enthusiastic for his new found gifts.

But then that all ended, and Garfield's life began to spiral out of control.

Another scientist came; one that his dad felt would be very promising in helping them understand a possible cure for Garfield's skin color. He hadn't seen the man since his days at the university, but he trusted him. The man was shocked when he first saw the eight-year-old boy, like all the people who'd been let in on the 'secret'.

But he quickly became interested. He asked Garfield lots of questions, even more questions then the other scientists. He watched Garfield all the time, tried to ask even weirder questions when his parents were busy. When he transformed, did he still think the same? Could he turn into something dangerous? Had he ever tried to destroy things in his form? Was he a telepath like his 'blood donor'? Did he think he could take down people in his other forms?

Garfield began to feel uneasy, he didn't like this man, he wasn't like the other scientists. Monkey agreed with him, he said he smelled 'like scared animals'*. Even though the man told him not to, Garfield told his mom and dad about the questions. That night, after he was sent up to bed, he heard them talking downstairs. He imagined himself as a mouse and quickly crept over to the door, only catching small parts of their conversations.

"… if we sent him…"

"Absolutely not! What are you…"

"…Bialya collegues, they want to see…"

"NO! How could you… everything we've been through!"

"We trusted you with this-"

"Your son is a scientific phenomenon… next level in military biogenetic warefare-"


"Get out! OUT!"

Garfield crept back into his room and morphed back, watching as his parents through out the strange scientist, who was shouting at them. Claiming he'd be back, that they hadn't heard the last of him, they couldn't get away, he'd take Garfield. Feeling somewhat worried, for the first time in awhile, Garfield watched until his car was gone then wuietly padded downstairs.

When he got to the kitchen, his mother was crying, and his dad was holding her protectively. "Mom…? Dad…?"

Marie's head shot up, and with a cry she ran to him, clutching him tightly to her chest, reassuring herself as she rubbed his back that he was really there.

Garfield's mom was never like this, she was always strong. But now she was sad, she was crying. Because of what he'd become, it was somehow not good, it wasn't as cool as he thought. "I'm sorry mom…"

His dad came over and knelt down, looking him hard in the eyes. "You don't ever have to be sorry for who you are Garfield. We love you no matter what color you are, or what animals you can turn into." His mother nodded, still crying. He wished she'd stop crying, it was making him cry. And he was eight, he was too old to be crying!

Marie carried him up to his room, laying in bed with him until he slept soundly.

The very next morning, his parents told him that they were leaving. Right away.

"But why?" Garfield argued. He knew it had to do with the scientist, but he didn't understand, what could a scientist do? "I like where we are, why do we need to go to the states?"

Marie hurried around his room, packing his things. She knew which toys he'd want most, which clothes he liked to wear and what old school things he might want. "We're going to visit a friend of mine, do you remember Rita Farr? You were just a baby last you saw her?"

"But why am I going? You said I shouldn't let other people see me!" Which he thought was preposterous, but used the argument for the sake of trying to stay.

Something in what he said though bothered Marie, because she stopped packing and looked back at him, her strong eyes filled with painful resolve. "Gar… its, it will be better for you to be in the states right now. We should have taken you back years ago, but we wanted to continue our work-"

They both heard the sound of an approaching vehicle and looked outside. Gar's dad had run into town a little while ago to find some people to watch the sanctuary. Garfield felt a bit of worry as his father vaulted out of the car and raced into the house, calling their names. Garfield and Marie met him at the top of the stairs, he looked like he'd been running, or was at least really flustered.

"Grab whatever's packed, we can't stay any longer."

Garfield felt alarmed as he saw the panic rise in his mothers face. "But what about-"

"There's no time! Garfield, grab that bag from your mother and go to the jeep, now!"

Scared by his father's tone, the boy quickly complied. But as soon as he got out there, he realized he left one of his favorite games in the new clinic. Rushing over to the barn, he searched frantically. He could hear his parents, calling out, not knowing where he went. He'd be there in just a minute! He just needed to find- there! Crawling under the table to reach the console item, he quickly stashed it in his pocket and hurried out the door, his parents were no longer calling for him. "Mom! Dad! I'm over here!"

He didn't see his parents near the jeep, and he rushed up to the house, worried they were mad at him. He didn't see the second car parked behind the house. "Mom! I'm ready to go! I just needed to…"

Garfield froze in the doorway, first looking at his parents being held at gunpoint by a Bialian soldier, panic written all over their faces. Hearing a scuffle to his left, towards the stairs, he looked scientist who made him feel so uneasy, who was rushing down the stairs, having been looking for him. Garfield felt himself shiver in fear as the man smiled at him, not at all looking friendly. In fact, he looked scary. Very, very scary.

"Hello, Garfield."

*For the record, I'm pretty sure I read somewhere animals tend to give off chemicals that they can smell off one another. The common one is fear, but I think it works with anger and… physical attration as well.

So, I couldn't get this idea out of my head, and even if it differs from the show, I had to make it. Thanks for reading! Please review!