A Prince for a Price

Like all wealthy families, the Daidouji family has a secret for their success and fortune. But the secret has been suddenly revealed during the heiress'18th birthday when she was taken away by a group of men as part of a certain deal: to give the Hiiragizawa clan the next generation heir.

Chapter 19
Daidouji vs. Mizuki

"Tomoyo Daidouji! How come you never told me that you're pregnant!"

That was the first thing Tomoyo heard after picking up her phone at 6:30 in the morning. Sad to say the ringing of the said gadget was the reason of her waking up which was rare as far as Sakura Kinomoto is concerned. Because Sakura has always been a late riser, but it seems like the news woke her up in shock.

"Good morning to you too, Sakura." Tomoyo yawned, her eyes still closed and her head still buried deep in the comfort of her pillow, one arm bended up to balance the phone in her ear as she listened to her friend's ramblings.

"Yes, good morning Tomoyo! But seriously, serious things like this should be told to your best friend you know." Sakura whined on the other line, but if there was one thing Tomoyo was curious about, it was: if she didn't tell her, then how did she found out?

From behind, she heard a low groan and subtle movements which only belonged to the one and only Londoner. Apparently the man also woke up from the ring of her phone, thus explaining the still sleepy state he was in. Tomoyo was still holding the phone in her ear and she almost gasped when she felt Eriol's arm sneaking in its way around her waist and pulling her closer. She couldn't help but smile at the contact and let it be. She was already feeling the steady breathing of his chest behind her, making her realize that he was falling back to sleep.

"I'm terribly sorry for not telling you immediately, Sak. I'll make it up to you, I promise. What do you say about being godmother?" Tomoyo smiled, knowing full well what her friend's reaction would be.

"Are you kidding me? Of course I'd love to be the godmother! Thanks Tomoyo!"

"Wait, so how did you find out again? Since I'm sure I wasn't the one who told you and I doubt Eriol was the one who did that, so how…?" Tomoyo's lips curved into a frown, inwardly praying that her answer wouldn't be the one she already has in mind.

"Well, you know how I'm not really an early riser, right? So awhile ago my brother suddenly barged in my room and woke me up and turned on the television. It's on the morning entertainment news, Tomoyo! Apparently there were people who saw you and some tall lady shopping for baby clothes and all that which made the paparazzi people assume that you're already with child! You are pregnant, right?" Sakura explained.

Tomoyo gulped. I knew it. Of course there would be people around who saw Nakuru and I shopping for baby stuff the other day. "Wow, it's funny 'cause I never noticed some of the people took pictures of us. And yes, I really am pregnant with Eriol's child." She smiled and she suddenly felt Eriol pulling him closer at the sound of his name.

Sakura shrieked from the other line. "That's very good news Tomoyo! I'm sure you're mother would be delighted to hear that from you too! Have you told her yet?" She asked.

Oh right, mother…

"…No, I'm afraid the last time I spoke to her was during our wedding. Do you think I should tell her about my condition?" Tomoyo asked unsure.

Sakura's reply was quick. "Tomoyo, I know that you're not on good terms with Aunt Sonomi right now but this is really an important moment in your life that I think your mom deserves to know about it. At least she would know your condition even when you're far, she's still worried about you, you know."

Tomoyo paused for awhile and breathed. It's not every day she could hear great advice from a friend like Sakura, and during this rare times her friend was right. She should at least tell her mother what's already going on in her life at the Hiiragizawa manor.

"Thanks Sakura, I'll call her later and tell her about it."

"That's great! I'm sure she'll feel excited to know that she's going to be a grandmother soon."

"Yeah, I guess so."

"Thanks for telling me Tomoyo, just call me if you need anything, okay? Should I tell Syaoran and the others about it too?"

"Um…" Tomoyo pondered for a moment. "Yeah, go ahead. I don't think I'll have time to meet them all and tell them, but I will try and see if I can meet all of you guys soon."

"Great. Take care of yourself, okay Tomoyo? You're doing fine there, right?" Sakura asked a bit worriedly.

"Yes, I'm fine. Thank you." Tomoyo said.

"Okay then. I'll talk to you later then, bye."

"Bye." And both of them hung up from both lines. Tomoyo placed the phone back in her bedside table and continued to stay still on the soft mattress. A lot of things wandered on her mind again regarding her current situation.

Before, she was very sure on what she's going to do after all this; but now that she's already pregnant, can she really afford to leave her baby just like that?

Do I really want to leave?

"What's on your mind?" Eriol whispered against her hair. Tomoyo sighed and turned around to finally face him.

"A lot," she replied. "I'm not sure if I'm ready, or if I'll ever be ready for this baby. Now the whole world knows I'm pregnant because Sakura just found out about it in the news. People are going to expect a lot from me, Eriol."

Eriol just gave her a reassuring smile and pulled her closer. "It'll be okay, Tomoyo. I'm going to be here with you, remember? We'll go through this together, I promise." He said, placing a soft kiss on her forehead.

"Okay." She said. "Wait, does your father already know about my pregnancy?"

"Yes, apparently Nakuru was the one who relayed the message to him before I could even talk to him. He called me soon after to confirm and so I did, and somehow he was a bit… happy about it. He did congratulate me after that so I'm guessing he's also excited." Eriol grinned.

"I've never pictured your father to be a happy man, Eriol. But you know him better anyway so if you say he's happy then that's a relief." Tomoyo smiled.

"He never had negative emotions about you, if that's what you're worried about. If anything, he actually respects your family for still pushing through this deal even if he knows it's going to be hard for you guys." He said.

"Really?" Tomoyo's brows perked up.

Eriol nodded. "My father's not an all-around bad person, Tomoyo. He can be very understanding when needed, he just needs people to understand his business needs too."

"I see," she responded. She was about to close her eyes and go back to sleep until she snapped open them again at the realization of something, "Wait Eriol, what day is it?"

"Saturday, why?" He said.

"Oh god!" Tomoyo exclaimed, automatically sitting up from her side and quickly getting out of the bed.

"What's up?" Eriol asked, sitting up too and grabbed hold of his eyeglasses from the bedside table.

"It's Saturday today, I have this monthly check-up I have to go to and I'm scheduled to have it today at 8:30am. It's already past 7!" She quickly explained and dashed towards the bathroom to have a shower.

Eriol just shook his head in response and got up from his side of the bed too. By the time Tomoyo got out of her morning shower, she saw Eriol already changing as well.

"You have work on Saturdays, Eriol?" Tomoyo tilted her head to the side, questioning Eriol's actions. Her body was only clad in a towel while her hair was up in a bun.

Eriol just smiled at her and said, "Nope. I'm going to the monthly check-up to accompany my pregnant wife."

"Oh," Tomoyo said, suddenly feeling touched that he wanted to voluntary come. "Thank you then." She then walked towards the closet and picked out a nice apple green baby doll dress with sleeves reaching up to her elbows. It was quite loose on her stomach area which was now visibly getting bigger.

She didn't even notice that Eriol has been watching her change from her almost naked form to her now clothed body. That is, until he said, "You know, I don't know if you're doing this on purpose or not."

This caught Tomoyo's attention and looked back at him with an all-knowing smile. "What are you talking about?" She asked. She then saw Eriol coming closer to her and then wrapped both of his arms around her growing waist.

He looked deep into her eyes and said, "For the last couple of days you've been visiting me in my office in those dresses that seemed to be designed for Scarlett Johansson, and act like nothing's wrong. I had to fight the urge of firing some of my employees by the way they look at you! And then just last night, you were wearing this nightgown that looked a tad shorter than your usual ones and so, I hope you don't mind me asking but… are you trying to seduce me?" He raised a brow, obviously interested in the matter.

But Tomoyo remained calm and her eyes still held the same innocence as before.

"I have no idea what you're talking about, hubby dear," she giggled. "Is there something wrong with a wife visiting her husband at work? And maybe it's just your imagination Eriol, but I never had any of my nightgowns tailored for them to be shorter. You know how I hate your perverted side." She added.

If only Eriol knew how much of a lie it was. All thanks to Nakuru, her tailors, and the scripts she has been making Tomoyo memorize.

Really Tomoyo, what the hell are you doing going through Nakuru's plan? She mentally scolded herself, but admittedly, she's somehow having fun with it. Hormones, I presume. But why on earth would Nakuru want me to go this far?

Eriol gave a short laugh before placing a soft kiss on top of Tomoyo's nose.

"If you say so, wifey; but please remember that I won't take any responsibility if there's suddenly a… change in me with the way you're behaving, okay? I'm a man too, you know." He gave this wolfish grin that Tomoyo inwardly gulp at that playful threat.

"So are you saying you're going to rape a pregnant woman when that time comes?" Tomoyo asked.

"Rape is such a strong word," Eriol mumbled. The other didn't even realize that she was being pushed until she already felt the door closet against her back. Tomoyo let out a gasp when she felt a roaming hand sneak under her skirt and feel her inner thigh.

"Eriol…" She didn't mean for it to come out as a moan, but in Eriol's ears, it still was.

Tomoyo's eyes widened when he saw Eriol's azure ones darken as he leaned in and claimed her lips in a chaste kiss. He forced his tongue inside and Tomoyo couldn't help but kiss him back, her eyes closing in the process and her arms wrapping around his shoulders, pulling him closer. If it wasn't for the way he was holding her up against the closet door, she could have sworn she would already fall from the passion he was giving her.

Then she had three realizations.

Realization #1: When was the last time we kissed like this? Our honeymoon, I suppose…

The hand inside her skirt continued to roam up until it reached her butt cheek. She moaned in their kiss when she felt Eriol squeezing it repeatedly.

Realization #2: I miss him. I miss us like this.

Their kisses never stopped. They only had quick pauses between kisses because Eriol wouldn't want to stop, and it seemed like Tomoyo didn't want to either. They would breathe for a split second until Eriol would push his tongue back in and they would playfully battle each other inside.

When Eriol already found it very hard to breathe, he pulled away from her lips but continued to kiss down to her cheek, then her jaw and eventually he found his way deep in the crook of her neck, leaving kiss marks here and there. His hands never stopped to wander though, his other hand that held her up eventually traced her clothed side until it reached below her bust line, feeling the familiar soft curve there.

Tomoyo couldn't help but moan at the sensation. Why is he doing this to me? But why can't I make him stop too?

"Eriol…" She moaned again, but this time it was a bit louder when Eriol simultaneously sucked a sensitive part on her neck and squeezed her clothed right mound.

Which led to her most important realization of all…

Realization #3: "I love you Eriol."

"What?" She heard him say. Her eyes widened when she too, asked herself the same question. Did I just say that realization out loud?

Eriol's ministrations stopped, Tomoyo now pushed him away. Both of their faces were very flushed from the heated moment they just had, their chests heaving up and down desperate to get their breaths back to normal.

"Did you say something other than my name?" Eriol asked. His hair was already messy due to Tomoyo's wandering hands awhile ago.

Tomoyo's face was still flushed, trying her best to think of an excuse quick as to not repeat what she just said. Oh please, I hope he didn't hear it. "No, I just keep calling your name because you wouldn't stop." She frowned when she saw him chuckle.

"How can I possibly stop when your calls made it look like you want to continue?" He raised a brow, now tidying up his clothes and Tomoyo did the same.

"You're so full of yourself, Eriol. Let's go, we're already late for my checkup." Tomoyo bit her already swollen lip, turning away from the Londoner who still had that smirk on his face.

"Maybe I am, but you should still admit that you enjoyed it as much as I did, my dear wifey." Eriol teased. "I told you I'm not going to take responsibility if something suddenly happens."

Tomoyo's frown deepened from his remark, most of it because what he said was true but she wasn't going to admit that to his face. "I'm leaving." She said. She was about to do so but a hold on her arm suddenly prevented her from leaving. "Eriol, I'm serious. We can't be late than we already are—"

"Are you sure you want to go to the doctor in that situation? For me, it's actually fine if you look like that, you know… with a hickey still present on your neck?" He gave his Cheshire grin that made Tomoyo suddenly fume in anger and immediately covered her neck filled with love bites.

"You're such a pervert, you know!" Tomoyo grunted, opening the door of the closet once more and retrieved a white scarf, covering her neck with it. She gave a small 'hmph' and stuck her nose out, now leaving the room with Eriol following her behind with a laugh.

"So you're already entering your 9th week of pregnancy, right Ms. Tomoyo?" Dr. Yamada inquired with a smile, leading Tomoyo to the bed to have her ultrasound check up.

"Yes, I believe so." Tomoyo replied, making her position comfortable on top of the bed.

Dr. Yamada then turned to Eriol, "Are you excited about it, Mr. Hiiragizawa?" She asked while preparing the jelly lubricant to splatter over Tomoyo's now exposed belly.

Eriol nodded eagerly. "Yes, very." He took Tomoyo's hand and clasped it as they waited. He sat on the free chair beside Tomoyo's bed and watched the doctor do her thing. The assistant now opened the monitor and plugged in the device that the doctor would be using to examine Tomoyo's pregnancy.

Dr. Yamada stared at Tomoyo's stomach for awhile and noticed something. Her smile remained as she asked the heiress, "Don't you think your belly looks a bit bigger than the normal 9th week pregnancy?" Both Eriol and Tomoyo's eyes widened at her inquisition, could it be…?

"I'm not exactly sure since this is my first time, doctor." Tomoyo smiled meekly.

"Well then let's see if my assumption is correct." Dr. Yamada grinned. She opened the monitor and Eriol and Tomoyo immediately focused their attention there. The doctor began using her big pen-like tool to roam around Tomoyo's belly and try to focus on some visible parts of the baby.

"It's not very clear right now but if you look closely, you can see a head and…" Dr. Yamada suddenly paused, causing worry to wash over the couple.

"…Dr. Yamada?" Eriol gulped, silently praying that nothing went wrong.

"Allow me to say that again. You can see two heads and two hearts. Congratulations to the both of you, you're going to have twins!" Dr. Yamada announced.

Tomoyo shrieked, Eriol grinned. "Twins?" They echoed.

The doctor nodded, happy for the both of them. "This is the reason why you're stomach is bigger than the normal 9 weeks, Ms. Tomoyo. I expect you to be even more careful now that you're carrying too. It's going to be pretty heavy so I'm going to give you a new kind of diet to properly nutrition both your body and your babies' bodies. Your stamina is going to be tested here, but I'm sure you'll be fine." She explained.

Tomoyo nodded. Her eyes were starting to glisten with tears of happiness for knowing that they'll be having two kids at once.

"I'll take care of them, I promise." She nodded. The hand the clutched hers tightly also reassured her that Eriol would do the same for them as well. The Londoner leaned in and kissed her on the forehead after that.

"Are their genders already recognizable?" Eriol asked.

"It's a bit too early to detect it but surely the next time you visit, I can already tell you what their genders are." Dr. Yamada said.

"Thank you very much doctor," Eriol said.

Dr. Yamada ended the ultrasound exercise and closed the monitor and her other tools. Eriol helped Tomoyo to sit up from the bed and tidy herself up.

"Are you always taking your vitamins, Ms. Tomoyo?" She queried.

Tomoyo nodded. "Never finished my meals without them."

"Good. You can come into my office after you're finished. I'll just fix up your new added diets and vitamin supplements for your twins. Congratulations again." With that, Dr. Yamada exited the room and went back to own office, leaving the two alone.

"No wonder you're twice as sexy the last couple of days, you have twins inside you." Eriol teased, his grin never leaving his face.

Tomoyo rolled her eyes and just laughed. "You and your excuses, I say you worked me too hard during our honeymoon to give me twins."

"Who could blame me? Maybe you were very irresistible that time that even the drunk me couldn't get too much of you." He said, pulling her closer to him again.

"You're starting to get really creepy Eriol, come on let's go. I'm already hungry." The heiress successfully pushed him away and both of them left the room.

"Oh my god! Congratulations, you guys!" Nakuru shrieked, bringing both Eriol and Tomoyo into a tight hug after learning about the good news.

"Thanks," Tomoyo smiled.

"This is going to be so much fun! I get to have two cute nieces or nephews running around at once! I can't wait for them to be born, Tomoyo." The brunette grinned excitedly.

"Me too." The heiress agreed. She suddenly remembered something and excused herself from the two. She grabbed her phone and went inside Eriol's office room since it was the nearest to their original spot.

Tomoyo dialled a very familiar number and waited patiently for the other line to pick up. When it finally did, her voice was suddenly caught in her throat that the other person repeatedly said, "Hello?"

"Hello?" Tomoyo whispered.

"…Tomoyo, is that you?"

"Mother… Yes, it's me." She answered.

"Oh my baby, it's so nice to finally hear from you. I missed you so much! I'm very glad you called me, Tomoyo. Is something wrong? Are you hurt? Are they being nice to you?" Sonomi asked continuously that Tomoyo never had the chance to speak and answer her questions.

"I miss you too, mother," she finally admitted, a smile forming on her face. "And no, nothing's wrong mother. I'm fine, more than fine actually. I think you'd like to know that you're going to be a grandmother soon."

Tomoyo smiled when she heard a gasp coming from the other line. "You mean to say the news was true? You were really shopping for baby clothes and other things because you're already pregnant?" Sonomi asked.

"Yes, that I am. I'm sorry for not telling you sooner. I just got back from the doctors, you see."

"That's good you're having checkups, my dear. So what did the doctor say?"

"I'm pregnant with twins! Can you believe it?" Tomoyo said and for the second time, she heard mother's excited voice from the other line.

"That's excellent news, my dear! Please take care of yourself okay? If you need anything, don't hesitate to call me, okay? I'll have what you need immediately prepared for you in case of emergencies." She said.

"Yes, I will mother. Thank you."

"Good. And Tomoyo?"


"I'm really sorry. I miss you, and I love you so much, my daughter."

"It's okay mother. Me too, I love you so much too."

Both of them finally hung up after that. The heiress breathed in heavily as they ended their call, it's as if a great weight has been lifted off of her after finally conversing with her mother for a long time. She knew she couldn't grow to hate her own mother for a very long time. No, never. Especially now that she's pregnant, she needs to have a mother to talk to in times like this.

"Are you okay, Tomoyo?" Tomoyo almost jumped at the voice she never knew was coming. She turned around and saw Eriol looking at her worriedly after watching her.

Tomoyo nodded and walked towards the Londoner, bringing him into a hug much to Eriol's surprise. "I finally called her, Eriol. I finally had the courage to talk to my mother. Thank you." She said.

Eriol wasn't really sure why she was thanking him, but for now it didn't really matter. He embraced her too and ran his fingers through her silky hair. They stayed in that position for awhile until it was finally time to let go.

Monday came and Eriol was already dreading it. He was happy enjoying his weekend but office hours are finally back and he knew he had to work again.

By the time he entered the office, a number of his employees including Kia congratulated him because of the reported news that his wife was pregnant. Eriol was never really a man who liked attention but this actually made him happy. At least it showed how much his workers still respect him and at the same time, still refer to him as a family-oriented man with a loving wife.

"Thank you everyone." He nodded and then went inside his main room.

He breathed in heavily and tried to focus his mind for work. There's a pile that needs to be finished and dozens of meetings to go to. Boy, was it going to be a busy day.

When the clock showed 10:00AM, the door of his main room opened. Eriol, without looking up to see who entered, just smiled and said, "Tomoyo dear, isn't it too early for you to bring me lunch? But I can—" His smile faltered when he looked up and realized that it was not the Daidouji heiress present before him.

"I'm so sorry to disappoint you, my love." Kaho greeted, walking towards the huge mahogany table Eriol was currently working on.

"N-No, it's okay." Eriol said. Wait, something's different about her. What changed? His questioning stare bore into her that she managed to answer his mental query.

"Oh, do you like my outfit? I thought it wouldn't hurt to look elegant but at the same time daring, right?" Kaho smiled seductively. She took off her coat and revealed a red halter dress, with a low v-cut lining in front. It hugged her every curve and ended mid-thigh, making her legs look longer than ever. She wore matching red stilettos to go with it that Eriol couldn't help but stare at the seductress in front of him.

"What's up, Kaho? It's not like you to wear something like this, especially inside the office." Eriol mentally gave himself a pat on the back for not having a nosebleed immediately.

"Well, I bet your wife is the same too. Or is she used to wearing these kinds of clothes every day? She should be ashamed if that's her kind of nature, and I hear she just turned 18, am I correct?" Kaho smirked.

Eriol frowned. He does not like the sound of this. Clearly, Kaho is up to something and to bring Tomoyo with it is not a very good sign. "I think my wife's outfit is still appropriate for her age since it doesn't show as much skin as you think it does." He closed his eyes for a moment and sighed. He reached a hand up to his temples and rubbed it, suddenly feeling a migraine coming up.

"But, isn't this how she has been getting your attention?" Kaho whispered in his ears. This made Eriol's eyes instantly snap open at the sudden close proximity between them.

Too late. By the time he opened his eyes, the woman's cleavage was what greeted him immediately making his face turn red. Apparently, Kaho has been leaning on his desk in a very promiscuous pose that made her chest threaten to pop out from their narrow covers. Both of her palms flat down on the table, and she was leaning in front of him with a sexy smile on her face.

Kaho's right hand reached up to caress Eriol's cheek. The latter flinched at the contact but the woman didn't let go. Instead, she continued doing her ministrations and even added some sensual whispers.

"Tell me, has your wife been treating you good lately?" Kaho asked.

Eriol gulped. He tried to avoid her gaze but every time he does, his eyes would then focus on the big obvious mountains she has on her chest. In short, he was trapped. Not to mention the little predicament his friend down south already has. Why, oh why can't he control his hormones at times like these?

"Y-Yes, Tomoyo has been very nice to me." He managed to answer. He was very aware that his face was already red but as long as he's not doing anything to her, he's safe right?

Really! What's up with women these days? First Tomoyo, now her? Is 'The Seduction of Eriol Hiiragizawa' really part of their game?

"But I bet I can do so much better," she purred, now moving up to sit on top of his desk, ignoring the important papers he had thoroughly organized.

Eriol let out a dangerous growl. "Seriously Kaho, you better stop this right now because Tomoyo will come any minute—" He was stopped when the lady forcibly grabbed hold of his collar and pressed her lips against his.

With a groan, the Londoner gathered all his might to push the lady away but failed. Kaho used his outstretched arms to her advantage to place his hands over her barely clothed chest to continue her game.

"I can love you better than that Tomoyo, Eriol. Remember? You told me before that nobody can love you as much as I love you and make you feel. That brat is no different at all! What, just because she's married to you automatically makes her your best lover? Then why are you even making me wait Eriol!"

Eriol remained silent, his bangs covering his eyes from the sudden speech. He tried to pull his hands away from her chest but again, failed. Kaho forced him to stay in that position and make a point that she feels better than his own wife.

"What's this? I gave you time and space to give way for your father's little traditional deal and this is how you repay me? Why did you even bother making a promise with me Eriol! Are you backing out now because of that, that… teenage whore you call as wife—?"


It was against the Hiiragizawa virtues, heck any man's virtues for that matter, to hit a lady. But after Eriol Hiiragizawa slapped Kaho Mizuki right across the face, he admittedly felt good. Now that lady is sprawled all over the carpet, shock visible on her face and her cheek red from the contact.

"Never ever, call Tomoyo a whore. She's a hundred times better a woman than you'll ever be. You dare call her such when you're the one who's all over my desk in that ridiculous outfit, seducing a married man? This was not part of the deal, Kaho." Eriol said with a very threatening voice.

"Wha—? But… I thought you love me, Eriol… Why? We were supposed to be the one married, to be happy, to be—"

"You know very darn well why I didn't marry you Kaho, even if my father did give me a loophole to marry the one I love rather than abide by his conditions. And I almost did, but thanks to a certain document, it helped me choose the right decision."

"What—?" Kaho still sat there in shock, her eyes wide in fear for something that he's about to do.

Eriol opened a little drawer underneath the table and there, took out a folder. He took the documents out of it and passed it impolitely to the girl looking helpless below.

"You think I'll never find out? The time you went to the doctors to have something checked after being curious as to why you're not getting pregnant no matter how many times we made love? You should have at least known that the hospital you went to was part of our company's shares Kaho, that's something you overlooked." Eriol said.

Tears were starting to form in the corner of Kaho's eyes, as the nightmare from the past has been catching up with her right now. Her eyes scanned the very familiar documents scattered before her, her head shaking, still disbelieving that all of this was real.

"Since when did you care about having an heir, Eriol? Just because your father had some fertile brat he got from another family, already makes you think twice about our promise?" Kaho cried out.

"It has always been part of our tradition Kaho, you know that very well." Eriol mumbled.

"But you love me—!"

"I love Tomoyo, damnit!" Eriol finally yelled out.

And for the nth time in a row, Kaho sat there shocked at the revelation. "No, no! No, no, no, no. This is unreal! Just because she's pregnant doesn't make her any more appealing!"

"As a matter of fact, she looks better than ever." Eriol smirked, remembering their early morning Saturday scene. "And don't think I never realized that you were the one who was responsible for me not being able to meet with Tomoyo last time."

"W-What are you talking about?"

"That day when I was supposed to meet Tomoyo at The Vine? You were the only one left here in my office with my phone during that time. Good God she was waiting for me for 4 hours that night! After that incident, I had my phone investigated on whether or not I did receive a message from Nakuru; turns out I did and they found your fingerprint on my phone."

"You have no proof!" Kaho tried.

"I have my full trust on the Hiiragizawa investigation team." Eriol crossed his arms.

Kaho remained silent. How and why did it come to this? Just before, she was very sure of Eriol's feelings for her, but now that he was married to that prissy Daidouji princess, he's just going to leave her like this?

"As expected from my cousin."

The new voice made both Eriol's and Kaho's heads turn towards the direction of the door. There, standing proudly was none other than Nakuru Akizuki leaning against the closed door to avoid any conversation reach outside. In her hands was also a folder, something for Kaho as it seemed.

"Nakuru, how long have you been standing there?" Eriol queried, surprised.

"Long enough to see you slap her down; I'd give her another one too after hearing what she called my cute little cousin-in-law but I guess she already deserved the one coming from you." Nakuru grinned, then sending a distasteful look at Kaho who was now standing up.

"Where's Tomoyo?" He asked.

"Apparently, she was still sleeping when I left so forgive her now for not being able to bring you lunch. It looks like this crazy woman here knew that too and decided to come here early in case Tomoyo comes in late." She explained.

"Oh," was his response.

Kaho grabbed her coat and wore it over her shoulders, now standing up and tidying her hair. "You're just wasting your time with Daidouji, Eriol. Just wait, by the time she already gives birth to your baby, she's going to leave you just like that because she doesn't have any feelings for you. And I'm sure by then, you're going to chase after me after treating me like this."

Eriol's jaw clenched at her words. It was true though that he was still unsure of Tomoyo's feelings for her, but surely she cares about him… right?

"Actually they're babies, not only baby. Better congratulate your lover for his wife's pregnant with twins." Nakuru smirked, now walking towards the lady in red.

"Does it even matter? She's still going to leave you anyways." Kaho scoffed.

"Yeah, keep dreaming lady. And while you're at it, you're tasked to take care of a little company store in Hong Kong. Have a safe trip, Mizuki." Nakuru beamed, passing her the folder she was holding awhile ago.

"What? You—You're…?"

"That's right! I'm the reason why your family's company is very busy right now. It's all thanks to an anonymous project giver, right?" Nakuru winked. "You know, you should at least thank me because this is as generous as I can get. Make one wrong move and the Hiiragizawa Corp. could easily wipe out your family's hard work in no time. At least I still have pity over your parents who are working hard, now why don't you do the same instead of disturbing other people's marriages?" She added.

Kaho scowled. She knew she never really liked this Nakuru ever since she met her. She was dangerous, but she never knew how powerful Nakuru was also.

With a glare, Kaho stomped off the room and shut the door with a bang.

"Make sure to bring me back some souvenirs from Hong Kong!" Nakuru waved. After saying her teasing goodbye to the lady, she turned her attention back to the frowning Eriol behind her. "Okay, come on, tell me who's the best cousin? You know who it is. Who has great timing?" She grinned.

Eriol shook his head and laughed. "Really Nakuru, you also know who it is but, thank you. Thanks for helping me send her away. Pretty smart on your side too," he remarked.

Nakuru made a peace sign at his direction and winked. "Let's just pray that she doesn't do so well in her job that she ends up being sent back here for a promotion." She said. "So, now what are we going to do with your relationship with Tomoyo? I knew it! You really do love her!"

Eriol just smiled and leaned back against his seat.

Outside, Kaho was still stomping on the marble floor with a huge scowl on her face making the other employees wonder what the hell happened. As if on cue, Tomoyo just arrived and was about to open the glass doors when Kaho opened it and exited from the inside.

Tomoyo blinked, her hands filled with bento boxes for her husband.

"Ah, Kaho! It's nice to see you, how are you—" Tomoyo's smile instantly faded the moment Kaho glared at her straight. This caused some confusion to the heiress and she wondered the same thing the other employees were wondering. "Kaho, I…"

But Kaho didn't answer. Instead she continued walking away with a frown, purposely bumping Tomoyo on the shoulder and left. Tomoyo's brows furrowed at the action, gently rubbing her shoulder and asking, "What's her problem?"

Deciding to ignore it, she opened the glass doors and welcomed herself inside and went straight to Eriol's office room.

end of chapter

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