Carlisle/ Rennesmee one-shot Carlisle's POV

Twilight and all its characters belong to Stephine Meyer


Neisse called from the kitchen. Will you play a game with me? Of course I knew my lovely Granddaughter would get bored with all of the other women out shopping but I loved spending time with Rennesmee.

So I said "of course my beauty what would you like to play?"

"A matching game" she squealed with delight. As she began to pull the game of the shelf and pulling the small cardboard cards out of the box.

Than we began turning them facedown. When they were all down Rennesmee picked up the first card and turned it over it revealed a picture of Dora the Explorer with an umbrella

"Okay Ness , pick up another one" I instructed her, it was a match.

"You got one Ness! I exclaimed. "YAY!" She shouted.

"I win!"

" Not yet Ness."

I warned her. Okay she said it's your turn I didn't make a match we played like that for an hour. Then we just sat there and I wondered what it would be like if Esmé and I had borne our own child. If it would be as blissful as being a twenty three year old grandfather.