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Summary: Edward Cullen is disgusted with women, who use sex to get to up the corporate ladder. However, after finding himself in the same situation, can he feel something else for his brown-eyed assistant? All Human. Drabble-ish.

This story is entirely from Edward's POV

Work Benefits

I swirled the pen in between my fingers, watching the way Isabella rubbed her eyes carefully with the pads of her fingertips. A blind man could see just how tired she was, just how much she needed a comfortable bed to sleep on. I looked at the clock and saw it was way over ten o'clock and she was still here, still waiting.

With narrowed eyes and gritted teeth I tossed the pen away. She reminded me so much of Jessica – both were ready to do anything just to stay close to me. Sure, their reasons were different, but that didn't change the fact that they both went as low as offering sex to get what they wanted.

They even looked the same: both beautiful with naturally straight, dark chocolate-colored hair and heart-shaped face with milky white skin. The only difference between them was their eyes: Isabella's ones were dull, brown, no spark or life touching them for even a second. Jessica on the other hand, had the most unique shade of sky-blue eyes. Hers always smiled when she laughed, always shone better than the starry nights in Summerdale, my hometown.

I clenched my fist and slammed it down on the desk. I wasn't going to think about Jessica, not after everything this bitch did to me.

I pressed the button of the intercom, never removing my eyes from Isabella. She got startled as the buzzer went off, but she straightened her back just as I called her in. Isabella took a few deep breaths, as though she was walking in on an execution. This, I couldn't understand. Every time I wanted her, every time she walked in into the office, she had this look of a frightened cub across her face. She even blushed from time to time. However, as soon as I put my hands on her, she quickly transformed into a lioness — seeking friction, seeking warmth, seeking release.

Isabella walked in through the door with her usual prudish behavior. It actually pissed me off. I had no idea who she was trying to fool. I have been playing with her body for the good part of four years. She wasn't fooling anybody.

I stood from the chair and circled the desk, watching her the entire time. Her eyes were downcast and she was nervously playing with her fingers. I walked closer to her and with each step the scent of her perfume got stronger. I clenched my fists as I was almost flush with her body.

God, how much I wanted her.

This happened every time I got near her. The mantra I kept repeating in my head on daily bases lost its power. I couldn't care less she slept her way to the top, I couldn't care less why she was doing this. My instincts were stripped to the minimum and an entirely different mantra chanted in my mind.

Mine. Mine. Mine.

"Turn around," I order. She complied immediately. I didn't even waste any time before I sneaked my hands from under her armpits and palmed her glorious breasts. Button by button I opened her shirt and immediately sneaked my hands underneath her bra, toying with her already hardened nipples.

I groaned and unhooked her bra. The clasp was in the front and that made it so much easier for me to open the offending material. I squeezed her tits and pressed my body close to hers. My dick was as hard as a rock and I needed the friction to release some of the pressure, before I burst.

With a parting flick on her nipples, my hands roamed down her body until they collected the material of her pencil skirt and hitched it up around her waist. My breathing escalated. I could feel the wetness in between her legs without even having to touch her there yet. I rubbed my aching cock against her ass and barely wondered if any other woman ever made me this crazy with need.

I couldn't wait any longer. I quickly unbuttoned my dress pants and pulled them along with my boxers down until they bunched up around my knees. I pumped my cock a couple of times, before pushing Isabella's thong to the side.

There was no time for me to undress her properly. I needed to fuck her immediately. A person would think I haven't been inside of her for months, when in fact it's barely been hours since our last tryst.

I aligned my head with her opening and pushed up until I was balls deep inside of her. I grunted as I felt her incredible tightness surround me. Isabella was always so responsive to my touch, always ready for me.

Just thinking about this woman could make me blow my load.

I fucked her without mercy. My hands gripped her waist harder as I pushed on her lower back down, making her open for me more. Every thrust inside of her was harder than the previous; every single of her moans was louder than the one before.

I took a hold on her hair and gently pulled her closer to me. Her head was pressed firmly against my shoulder as I pressed my lips to her neck, sucking on her pulse point, marking her as mine just as I spilled my seed inside of her.

Her breathing was labored, but my orgasm induced haze left faster than hers. The same anger for her actions overtook my body and I slipped out of her immediately.

I tucked my dick back into my pants, fastening the belt quickly, before straightening my clothes as good as possible.

I just wanted to get out of this fucking office already, but Isabella was still standing right there, still confusing me, still abducting every sane thought I had.

"Isabella," I said. "Move away from the door. I don't have all night."

Get out of my sight, before I lose my mind again.

She stepped away and I was out of the office immediately.

No outtake, but a companion piece. :) Next chapter will be a combo of chapter two and chapter three from Work Benefits. Next up: Work Benefits.