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It all starts and by that I mean, my incredible brain begins to formulate a plan when Zuko glances every once in a while at Katara in a very curious manner, while we are eating. I just assume that they are looking at each other as per usual. Of course, Katara doesn't notice or realise that he is staring at her. They are so dense!

Of course, I don't actually see this, but I 'see' it in my own way. I can see by way of vibrations. It is awesome! Not that I don't want to see like everyone else, but this is a good substitute.

Even though I am blind, I can kind of tell that Zuko is incredibly hot. When we go into town, the whispers and giggles from the local girls can get extremely annoying. A few times, some girls have actually fainted. It is enough for me to roll my eyes and puke my guts out. Not simultaneously, of course. If it was simultaneously, we would have a bit of a problem, as it happens fairly regularly.

Zuko even has a couple of stalkers, but does he notice. Of course not, that would be way too easy for him. It really annoys me when someone whom is so completely unaware of their own physical attractiveness complains about being unattractive. Yeah whatever you say Zuko.

Well, back to the story. Katara never notices and Zuko thinks no one notices. Please. Of course Sokka and Aang don't notice. I am the only one who notices these things, mostly, because I have no choice. Come on creepers, stop staring at each other!

I am certain that Katara likes Zuko. I can tell by the way her heart beats when she is around him. It is pretty entertaining to listen to them to prove they don't like each other. Please, it is not hard. But it is also incredibly annoying. Why can't they get their shit together and confess. I have more balls than the two of them combined and I am not even a guy.

"Everyone, it is dinner time!" Katara screamed.

Wow, I think my eardrums burst from that obnoxious noise pollution. I really wouldn't be surprised. I roll my eyes in exasperation. She doesn't realise how loud she is. I jump down somewhat ungracefully from my perch in the tree. No one knows I am there and it gives me some time to think. And it also gives me an opportunity to not feel Sokka and Suki's extracurricular activities. Frankly, that is plain scary and I try to avoid it as much as possible.

Aang seems to feel a connection here; it makes sense considering that this is the Western Air Temple, or so people tell me. Anyway, enough with my rambling. I don't know how that random and particularly useless piece of information just popped into my head. Regardless, I am bored and a bored Toph equals mayhem, so you better not anger me. Lucky for you that I am feeling especially lazy today.

I construct a skateboard-like object using my earthbending and I use this to reach my destination of the dinner table. To be predictable, Sokka is already sitting down at the table waiting for dinner. Katara brings the bowls in and sets them down in front of us. I sniff at the bowl suspiciously.

"What is this?" I ask wrinkling my nose up.

"It's rabbitbeaver," she says proudly.

If you ask me, she has nothing to be proud about. It stinks.

Although that doesn't particularly mean it won't taste good…

Sokka is digging into his with enthusiasm, so it must be good.

Oh wait; on second thought he has no standards. He licked the wall of a cave after being high on cactus juice for twenty four hours.

His answer," I have a natural curiosity."

I start to laugh uncontrollably at the memory. I can tell everybody was staring at me, wondering what made me laugh like that. I turn my head to the right, in preparation for the somewhat gruesome situation before my very eyes… or feet in this case? Yeah, there it is. Zuko is watching Katara again. He is facing in her direction, and when I kick him, he doesn't seem to notice. This is my daily test. It is like the pH scale except nothing like it. There is nothing particularly acidic nor basic about it…although this situation is pretty basic. Is this preschool or what? Ugh, I slap my forehead. I have to do something about this, I ponder. It is getting out of control. I will speak to Zuko after dinner about it, I decide.

After eating my dinner...of whatever that was, I follow Zuko.

He is pretty predictable.

I know where he will be. He will be practicing fire bending beside the ruins, trying to tell himself that he doesn't like Katara.

I sneak up behind him. Apparently, he is taken aback by my sudden arrival. He doesn't expect me to be there. Serves him right really for plaguing my feet with such horrible sights. If that makes any sense…

"Yes, Toph? What do you need? "

"You like Katara."

After a second or two of silence, he says," I don't like her."

He is such a terrible liar.

Oh he is feeling uncomfortable now. He keeps shifting his weight from one foot to another. That is definitely a sign of embarrassment. Zuko, that is so believable. Note the sarcasm. Does he really expect me to believe that garbage? I mean, he answers way too quickly for even Aang to believe him. And Aang is pretty gullible.

I shook my head and before turning around, I say," Sure, whatever you say, Zuko."

Then I walk off triumphantly, knowing I am right. I do my best evil laugh…which is particularly malevolent in my opinion… until Zuko interrupts me.

"Toph? Are you sure your fine? I'm only asking because you are really freaking me out now and I'm getting concerned for your mental health."

Abruptly, I stop my 'menacing' laughter and stick my tongue out at him childishly… although when is that ever not childish. Ugh, I am confusing myself now. Stupid author. He starts to chuckle and then strides away.

Now, that I'm alone, I can think. This is absolutely unbelievable. Do they really think I am totally oblivious to their racing heartbeats? They are like two rabbits in heat. I conjure a brilliant plan up in my mind. I snicker to myself whilst clapping my hands in glee. They are going to be completely shocked. I climb elatedly in to my tree and wait for the perfect moment to attack. Okay, maybe attack is not the best word for this situation. A better word would be match-making. Not that I need to do much match-making in this case because they are so perfect for each other, it is actually depressing to watch their flirting or as they like to call it 'ranting'. Seriously, if they don't get together in the next two months, I really won't be responsible for my actions. It will probably involve very long law suit which I will probably win because I am a Beifong. Or if Zuko gets involved, the trump card will rest in his favour indefinitely. And then I will receive a restraining order or a prison sentence…my mom will be so happy with me for soiling the good Beifong name.

The perfect moment arrives when Katara comes to the lake to practice her water-bending just as the sun begins to set. I smirk. Perfect, I assume that she doesn't know what is about to hit her. I jump out of the tree, not making a single sound. I sneak up behind her and stay still for a few minutes. It suddenly occurs to me that I am sneaking around a lot these days. She begins to talk to herself.

"Zuko is so hot. No, he is not." "Yes, he is, he is so sexy."

"No, he is a twat, an idiot, a moron whatever, but he is most certainly not sexy." "Just admit it."

Katara seems to come to a conclusion that Zuko is very attractive. I won't bore you with the details. If I could see, I would watch the sun as it rises and sinks. Days would pass in the time it takes Katara to finish arguing with herself. Luckily I can't, because otherwise I won't be responsible for my actions. I have a feeling that I have already mentioned this terrifying fact.

Clearly, Katara is very conflicted at the moment. I smirk and gleefully clapped my hands again, in what I like to think was a scary manner. Okay for the rest of the story, let's just presume that I smirk a lot, okay? Let the games begin, I decide. They won't know what has hit them and once they are married and have kids (okay, I am a tad ahead of myself, but a girl can dream) I can proudly claim that it was all down to me.

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