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This chapter is in Toph's POV.

Time moves slowly afterwards. After Aang took Fire Freak's bending away, instead of killing him, we stood on the large rocky column for a while, congratulating Aang; patting him on the shoulder and cheering for him, hugging and kissing me (if I am going to be honest, this was mostly done by me, okay all of it). And I feel proud of Twinkle Toes for sticking to his morals; I know how important his air nomadic morals are to him, I mean his people have been long exterminated by the Fire Nation and he likes keeping the traditions of his people alive and well. Without him, the heart of the air nomad's culture would crash and burn, the heart of the culture would die. I know that we gave him a lot of slack before the Final Battle; the infamous battle between Aang, my Aang and Fire Lord Ozai, that he had to kill Ozai; I mean even Zuko insisted on it. And Ozai is his dad. He is biologically supposed to love him.

While we are celebrating like total and utter nutcases, Sir Grumpy Pants proceeds to complain about the noise pollution. Really, I don't know what his deal is. He has created a lot of noise pollution and perhaps other pollution as well, due to his attempts to wipe out and or tame all the other civilisations of the world, with his firebending army creating havoc left, right and centre. But to each their own.

Now I think that it is time to return to Katara and Zuko, before I begin worrying about their welfare. You see before I joined the Gaang, I cared about myself and only myself. Katara was always on my case in the old days; it's hard to believe that it is only just a few months ago since I've joined their little group consisting of Aang, Katara and Sokka. A lot of the time I just did to annoy her. It really was too easy. She really needed a love interest, and Aang was too young and immature for her, although he has matured considerably in recent weeks. I've matured in so many different ways, but I like to think that I am still my own charming self.

Wow, I'm using the word mature a lot these days.

"Come on guys, let's do this thing!" screams Aang at the top of his lungs, jumping onto Appa, dragging Ozai along in his wake.

I resist the overwhelming urge to roll my eyes. I mean, I love him immensely and all, but come on. Sometimes, he acts before he thinks. That's what I love about him. And before I know, a smile begins to tug at my lips and suddenly I am laughing like I haven't laughed in a while.

Sokka and Suki embrace, I can feel their heartbeats, before we all climb on top of Appa's big fluffy back. I gently kiss Appa's fur; he is one of my best friends. Just because he can't speak doesn't mean that he can't love. I mean, I learned my bending from the badgermoles, and we had a mutual respect for each other considering that my teachers were as blind as I am. And boy, did those badgermoles love. They loved with all their heart and soul. It would have made me tearbend, but I'm not Katara. And no, that's not a dig at her. She is like a mother to me, even though she isn't my mom.

"Yip yip!" we scream in unison, completely elated.

Appa gently rises and just like that, one chapter of our lives closes and another one opens.

I imagine that Katara and Zuko will be celebrating the hopeful defeat of his mental sister, Azula. But what we witness upon our arrival is the complete opposite. Zuko lies injured on the ground, with Katara nursing him back to health. I stand morosely beside Katara, my hand on her shoulder, gently reassuring her.

What happened? And why? Why does the universe always like to prove us wrong? I am beginning to sound like Sokka! We thought that we would be safe afterwards. How naïve we were.

Slowly but surely, Zuko's eyes open (I can only assume of course due to the cheering and celebrating) and I feel them kiss passionately. I would avert my eyes, but that isn't necessary in my case, is it?

Yes! This is how it is meant to be! I feel like I could float on air (although I would prefer not to, because then I wouldn't be able to see).

Pulling Aang towards me, I kiss him with as much feeling as I can muster, which apparently is a lot. Yes, this is how it is meant to be.

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