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Roderich sat in his wheelchair in the barn, which was called Sleepy Hollow. He breathed in the smell of hay, polished leather, and horse. 'It's good to be back.' He thought with a small smile. A stablehand stepped out of a horses' stall. "Excuse me!" Roderich called, trying to get the stablehand's attention.

The stablehand turned around and each person's mouth dropped open.

"Gilbert?" Roderich exclaimed. There was no denying it was the Prussian personification. From the white hair to the red eyes to the leather jacket, Gilbert Beilschmidt was all there.

"Roddy?" Gilbert's face broke into a huge grin. "Zhis is awesome!"

"Zhis is not 'awesome' and don't call me zhat!" Roderich snapped.

Gilbert laughed. "Vhatever you say. Vhy are you here?" He looked Roderich up and down. The other country was wearing light tan riding breeches, tall black boots, a black belt, and a navy polo. "You're here to see Erin? Zhat's great!"

"No, I am here to feed elephants. Of course I am here to see Erin, you dingbat!" Roderich exclaimed. "A better question vould be, vhy are you here?"

"I vork here." Gilbert smirked.

Roderich paled. 'Oh no. I'm going to have to spend my time at the stable with this creep following me around.' He thought.

"Vould you like me to tell Erin you're here?" Gilbert asked. Roderich nodded. Gilbert gave Roderich a smile before walking out of the barn.

Roderich sighed and rolled up to one of the horses. The horse, a bay with a star and snip, poked its head out of the stall and snuffled Roderich's hair. Roderich reached up and stroked the animal's forehead. The horse lowered its head so the wheelchair bound man could rub in between its ears. The horse leaned foreword and nibbled on Roderich's glasses. Roderich would normally push a horse's face away if they behaved like that but right now he didn't care. He was at piece with himself for once.

"He likes you, doesn't he?" A voice behind Austria said. Austria whirled around to see a tall blonde lady standing with Gilbert. The lady walked forward. "Hello. I'm Erin Callaway. We spoke on the phone." Roderich politely nodded and shook her hand. Erin smiled at him. "Gilbert tells me you know each other." She said.

Roderich nodded. "Unfortunately, ve do." Erin laughed and Gilbert pouted.

"All right then! Let's get the horse tacked up, shall we?" Erin said.

Roderich nodded again. "Vhich horse am I going to ride?"

"This bay right here." Erin pointed to the horse who tried to eat Roderich's glasses. "His name is Bailey." She opened the stall door and put Bailey's halter on and clipped his lead rope to his halter. "Would you like to lead him out?"

Roderich nodded and then thought for a second. "How vill I push my vheelchair and lead zhe horse?" He asked.

"I'll push you." Gilbert offered.

Roderich gave the albino a death glare. "Like hell, I'll let you push me." Gilbert pouted.

Roderich thought of a trick he had learned from the internet. He tucked the end of the lead rope under his leg and held the lead rope in his left hand. He clicked his tongue and the horse walked slowly alongside him. Erin and Gilbert followed.

"Sit up straight, Roderich! Look up! Bend your elbows!" Erin called.

"I'm trying!" Roderich called back. It had been hard enough getting the horse to go without the use of his legs, but staying on, even at a walk, was harder. Gilbert was holding onto his leg, which he hated, but he wasn't going to give in. He couldn't turn back now.

After almost an hour Roderich wasn't completely flopped over, but his position still had a long way to go. "Do you want to try some trot?" Erin asked.

Roderich gritted his teeth and nodded. "You ask for it then!" Erin called. Roderich nodded and clicked his tongue until he got a teeny tiny trot. He felt himself bounce around like mad. The Austrian knew he probably looked like an idiot but he didn't care. He was free.

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