Chapter 1-Chris, a new beginning

Alexa laughed. "Anyways. I know, but I have to know you trust me, and I have to know I can trust you. If you really and to know what's going on, I want you to do this for me. Now, listen carefully." I listen intently. I nod my head yes and leave. I grab my Bright Blue phone out of my pocket and call my mom.

"Hey mom. Eric wants to take me to dinner tonight, so can you eat without me?" I hear her sickly-sweet voice muddle out a "Yes, dear. Be home by midnight." I lied, I wasn't going to Eric's, but I was about to get something worse. A vampire's trust. I can't believe I'm actually doing this. ALEXA! IF YOU CAN HEAR ME, I HOPE YOU ENJOY THE SHOW! I could almost hear her laughing. I was about to walk into the belly of the beast. I was going to have to do something that would show my trust in Alexa, and that she could see I would follow her directions.

Was I scared? Can I get a "HECK YA!" but I had to do this. If I was going to find out what happened to Fang, I needed to do this. Now, let me catch those of you up who chose to cheat. This may take a minute or two…

…One day I saw my friend, Brenda, out in the hallway who was supposed to be out cleaning the graveyard with my best friend, Fang. From there, let's just say the word "Vampire" has been a usual word in my day so far. I ran into a girl who I've been looking for named Alexa Towers (I didn't have to look long. We met on the bus I ride every day. Go figures, right?) and she knows everything about Vampires and she's allowed to tell ( she got permission from the V.L.S. Vampire law society. Just kidding. She is one. She just didn't join Zack's gang of them. I think. More later, Alexa keeps sending thought shots (also known as "SHUT UP CHRIS!")

This isn't exactly a new chapter, so I'm just going to come straight forward and say this is Alexa. I sent a thought shot to Chris "I heard that last part!" She looked up from the ground at me. Even though she was two hundred feet below me, I could see in her eyes she was annoyed. I simply laughed. Now I know the big guy up there wanted us to start over. So, I would tell you the story, but she's told her part. I know what happened to her friend, and I could tell you. I know you want me to. It's like you're a dog and I'm dangling a piece of meat over your head. Here's the cruel part: I'm not going to tell you! SORRY! So, you've met my friend Chris. You'll find out what she has to do now. Well, if you read the first one before Faikara watching over us sadly deleted it, let me catch you up. Zach and his gang are Vampires, and so am I. Big whoop. But now, something happened to her best friend, and I know what happened.

"Alexa! Let me tell them about Brenda's boyfriend!" I growled.

"I just got the P.O.V.!"

"Don't care!" Well, off to Chris you go. LATER PEEPS!


Okay. One day I was walking in the hallway and I just got in Social Studies and sat with my now thirty minute boyfriend, Eric. All of a sudden, Brenda's boyfriend ran in screaming "RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!" I'm going to skip what I said in the story and just say his parts. He was outside when he passed Zack and his gang. He walked faster, and when he got inside into his classroom, they were already there. Afterwards, they took him outside and said, "We're hungry and you're our snack." (I don't remember every little detail) just when he was about to bite, they heard footsteps. Brenda's boyfriend ran and heard a male scream then get cut off.

I'm ready to start a new chapter. You Alexa? "Heck ya!" You heard her. I got to go see Zack, woohoo.