Fresh Start

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A loan figure stood at the top of the hill, and looked down onto the small town he had once called home. Dressed in a black trench coat, and hat, the figure surveyed the peaceful settlement. On his shoulder rested a small yellow and black striped creature, with yellow, pointed ears, red cheeks and a lightning bolt shaped tail. It growled at the town below. The figured turned to his small companion. "Easy Pikachu." From the shadow, a strange looking Pokemon appeared, it had the head of a feline creature, a tube connected from it's head onto its back. Its body was very thin, and its arms were long. Three globe fingers extended from each hand. it had a long tail, that curled up to the midsection of it neck. It floated close to the figure.

"Why do you insist coming back here every year master? After all this place doesn't exactly hold good memories for you."

The figured turned his, head, his face still covered by his hat. "You know why Mewtwo. I come back here every year to pay my respects."

Mewtwo shook his head, every year his master had to return to this place. Mewtwo knew it pained his trainer greatly, and couldn't understand why he put himself through it. Silently he floated close by as they slowly walked down the hill, towards the small sleeping town. Mewtwo noticed that his trainer stopped at the entrance to the city, before lowering his head, and carrying on into the town. They passed several house, until they came to one that stood out from the rest. The outside, was overgrown, huge plants and weeds had decided to make it their home, the house itself was still stained black, from being engulfed in flames, all those years ago. Mewtwo saw several tears drizzle down his trainers cheek, and watched as Pikachu's little paws, tried to wipe away the tears. The legendary Pokemon, lowered his head, and floated a few feet way allowing his trainer to grieve. Soon they started to move again. They came to small graveyard. Mewtwo looked at his trainer, before turning to the lock gate in front of them. His eyes glowed blue briefly before extended his paw. He used his psychic power, to unlock the gate He turned to his master.

"I will wait here and keep watch."

The figure nodded in gratitude and walked in, he surveyed the different stones, all lined up in a row. He walked a few feet before noticing the moon was shining down on one particular gravestone. It seemed he was in Cresselia favour tonight. He knelt down in front of the grave. He stretched his arm out towards the smooth surface, before using his finger to trace the golden writing written on the stone. A loan tear drizzled down his cheek has he read the stone.

Delia Susan Ketchum


A loving mother and friend and who was loved and still loved by all.

The figure took a deep breath."Hi mum, its me again, another year gone, I'm sorry for what happened, if only I was stronger." The figure slammed his fist into the ground, as more tears leaked from his eyes. "But you don't have to worry now. The people who did this are long gone, they will never hurt anyone again. I'm still training to be a Pokemon master." Pika pika "Pickachu says hi as well. I miss you mum, there not one day that goes by that I don't think of you."

Meanwhile outside the graveyard Mewtwo was in deep thought. His master always needed a few weeks to recover from his yearly ritual. Mewtwo sighed, when he thought they were moving forward with his recovery, he always took one step back. Mewtwo couldn't blame him though, after all being disowned and betrayed by those you consider friends, right after your mother died was heart breaking especially for a child. Mewtwo couldn't understand how the creator could do this to his master, not after everything he had given and done to save this wretched planet, on more then one occasion. Mewtwo remember arguing with the creator over it.

Flash Black (Hall of Legends)

The God Pokemon Arceus, surveyed the Pokemon floating in front of him. "What do you want Mewtwo?"

Mewtwo floated closer to its creator, of course he had been created by humans, but everything was done by Arceus's design. "I want to know, why you have made your chosen suffer so?"

Arceus lowered its head, it was true, he had allowed his chosen to suffer and be betrayed by his friends. He was trying to make him, stronger. A beacon that he could use to dish out Justice to those who deserved it. However things had gotten out of hand. Instead of making him stronger, he had made him weaker. His Chosen these days lived as an outcast, all because he had asked him to do a few favours down on earth. Arceus had forgotten how bad human retribution could be, and in the end revenge had cost his chosen his family and friends. Arceus looked up and noticed Mewtwo was still staring at him.

"I made a huge mistake, in my understanding of human nature, I failed to see the consequences of my actions, and now those actions have tainted the purest heart I have ever come across."

Mewtwo nodded. "Glad you finally understand that, but what are you going to do about it? I owe a lot to that boy, after all, it was he that taught me not all humans were evil, and you owe him, for all the good he has done on that rock you call earth. Killing his mother and turning his friends against him, is a funny way to show gratitude. Now we have a emotional angry teenager killing left right and centre trying to find out who had killed his mother."

Arceus lowered his head again. "What you expect me to do Mewtwo, I am forbidden from changing the past, Even Dialga doesn't have the power to return the dead to the living. The best I can do is give him closure and hope he finally begins to heal. You Mewtwo will find him, and tell him the location of where his mother killer is hiding. Giovanni has done to much in my mind to be allowed to live, and I want my chosen to end his hold on the world."

Mewtwo laughed. "Please you expect him, to just drop everything and follow you again. He hates you with passion, and curses your name everyday. What makes you think he will listen to me."

Arceus gritted it's teeth, he knew Mewtwo was right, but unknown to the rest of the legend council, he had began a plan to help his chosen find love and hopefully become the man he was born to be. It was a known fact that at least five females still loved him, One of these being a Pokemon, Arceus still found that most odd. Arceus thought about the six females who still loved him. There was the Sinnoh champion Cynthia, then there was the sailor maiden Anabel, he knew the girl from Altomere was also taken with his chosen, what was her name, Bianca, then there was the girl he had meet in Unova, Hilda, and finally one of his own legends Latias. It had been a huge dilemma in trying to choose who would be his chosen companion for live. In the end Arceus could not choose and decided that Ash would have all five to love. However until he had closure then he could not feel love and it would be pointless to put all these girls in front of him. Also Arceus had another gift ready for his chosen once he had taken his revenge. He was going to give him, one of each of his legendary council as his own. Arceus knew his chosen greatest wish was to be a pokemon master, and he intended to make sure he succeeded. He turned to Mewtwo

"I am in the middle of a plan as we speak, but for that plan to happen, he needs closure and I can only think of one way he would achieve this, and that is for him to deal the killer blow to Giovanni, the man responsible for his mother death. Mewtwo not only will you go, but I wish to join his team, be his voice of reason, and await further instructions from me. I have given you the location of Giovanni hiding place, now go."

Mewtwo huffed, at being dismissed like some common dog. He looked at his creator one last time. "Very well I will do as you command, but know this, you go back on your word, and I will help your chosen destroy your precious world."

Arceus eyes widened at the prospect, and was about to argue, when Mewtwo teleported out of his throne room.

End of Flash Back

Mewtwo then thought back to how he had found the chosen, it was a sight he would never forget, that was for sure.

Flash Back

Mewtwo could sense the chosen ones aura, however what surprised him, was it wasn't coming from any settlement, but a new area, Know as Orre. Mewtwo homed on the aura of the chosen one, and came to a wrecked shack, in the middle of a desert plain. He noticed two huge Pokemon stood guard outside. Mewtwo smiled as he recognised the Chaizard instantly, however the other Pokemon. a Salamance was a mystery to him, as he never remembered the chosen having one of them. He looked around rather impressed at the set up. There were several training fields with different terrains, circling the property. He floated closer, only to be halted by an angry Chaizard and Salamance. Chaizard growled

"What do you want abomination?"

Mewtwo eyes glowed briefly, before surrounding the fire type in a blue aura, forcing it down to its knees. He raised his hand just in time to shield himself from a powerful dragon breath, spewed by the mysterious Salamance. Mewtwo diverted the attack with ease, before using the same blue aura, to force Salamance's body to the ground. Mewtwo spoke with power.

"I am here to speak to the chosen, is he here?"

Chaizard groaned as he opened one of his eyes, slowly. "What do you want with our master?"

Mewtwo released both Pokemon before floating forward. He stared at both faces now recovering from his brief Psychic attack. "I have a message from Arceus for him."

Salamance and Chaizard growled at the name. "What does his holiness want to do, that he already hasn't done to our once cheerful master. Because of him, our master descended into darkness, all he cares about is getting revenge, true he looks after us well, and we all care for him deeply, however it would be nice to see him smile again, but thanks to the so called creator, that will never happen."

Chaizard speech was cut off by a scream coming from the shack, Mewtwo looked worried. "What was that? What's happening in there?"

Chaizard and Salamance, both moved in front of Mewtwo, blocking him from getting past. "Our master is in the middle of interrogating one of those scum bags known as team rocket, and has given us orders to not allow anyone to disturb him.

In the shack

A man tied to a chair, with wires connected to him screamed, as he felt another jolt of electricity course through his body. He had a wet sponge on his head so that water dripping from it, would conduct the electricity, making the shocks that much more painful.

A loan figure hid in the shadow, dressed all in black, with a hat covering his face. He circled the helpless man in the chair. "Where is he hiding?"

The man screamed again, as another jolt of electricity shot through his body, once it was over he breathed heavily. He almost threw up at the smell of chard flesh, that he knew was his own. He tried to rise his head to see who his interrogator was, however all he could see was a dark shape moving around in the shadows. He opened his mouth to speak.

"Please I have no clue where he is, nobody knows where he is since he vanished after the incident in Kanto. He contacts us through a video link and gives us instructions, I swear I no nothing else." He looked as the figure moved out of the shadow, and gave him a cruel smile. "Then you are no use to me. Pikachu full power, char this scum till he nice and crispy."

The man looked horrified as the figure turned away. He looked into the shadow, and saw glowing red cheeks before he knew no more as a huge blast of electricity coursed through his body, killing him instantly.

The figure in the shadow, watched the body go limp, before shaking his head and removing the body to a small room to the side. He would use his Chaizard to burn the body to ash, leaving no evidence behind. He looked up as he heard his two Pokemon growling outside. Someone was on his property.

"Pikachu lets go"

The figure unattached the clips from his little friends cheek, and allowed him to jump onto his shoulder, even at the age of 17, he still relished in the feel of his first friend rubbing his cheeks up against his. He moved to the front door before opening it, to reveal his two Pokemon at a stand off, against the legendary Pokemon Mewtwo. The figure walked down the small stair and watched as Chaizard and Salamance parted, allowing him to stand in the middle of both of them.

"What do you want Mewtwo?"

Mewtwo, couldn't believe his eyes, the teen in front of him, looked older in years, then he was, his trademark fingerless gloves and cap missing, to be replaced by a broad hat and black gloves, wrapped in a black drench coat.

"Ash I..."

The figures eyes glowed. "Don't you ever mention the name again, do I make myself clear, I am Night Shroud now, that name died after my mother was taken away from me."

Mewtwo lowered his head, he couldn't believe how a cheerful child could turn into this after three years. "I come from Arceus, he wishes to make amends for his mistake, by giving you closure. He has given me the location of your mothers killer, and he wants you to eliminate him personally."

Night shroud laughed at the feeble attempts of Arceus to get into his good graces again. He had done everything for the so called God Pokemon, only to be deserted in his greatest time of need. He felt like a toy being discarded to the rubbish heap, cause the kid had got tired of playing with it. Arceus had ruined his life, and he swore he would never forgive the Pokemon. However he wanted the person dead who had taken his mother from him, since that day, he had killed many agents of Team Rocket, none of them had given him their master hiding place. Personally he was getting fed up with it. So having Arceus do this for him, was a step in the right direction."

"What do I get in return for doing this, don't get me wrong I want closure, but Arceus owes more then that. So I ask what will I get for completing this mission for the oh so powerful God Pokemon"

Mewtwo flinched at the sarcasm in the boys tone. "Arceus as not said, but he has ordered me to become one of your Pokemon, and I have a strong feeling I will not be the only legend you will have at your side."

Night Shroud thought about the proposition of having a legend as his Pokemon, he had only had won one single competition and that was the Orange Island championship. Even in his time in Unova he could only finish in the last four. It had been after that competition that he had returned to Pallet town, only for him to find his mothers house ablaze, and small blimp flying off in the distance with a huge red R printed on it. He had tried to fight the fire before it had gotten out of control, but he was too late. Once the fire had died down he had discovered that his mother had been sealed inside tied up and gagged, so that she couldn't escape. Her remains had been discovered by the fire brigade, with a note that some how never caught fire. He remember reading it.

Cross Team Rocket and you pay the ultimate Price!

Night shroud shed a couple of tears as he thought back to that day, it wasn't enough that he had lost his mother but his friends had blamed him for her death. He had known they were right, it was his fault, had he minded his own business, then his mother would most likely been alive, then again had he not stopped Team Rocket, then tons and tons of mutated shadow Pokemon would have destroyed the world. He looked up into the face of the Pokemon, he had once helped from taking revenge, now he felt hypocritical that he was doing what Mewtwo had almost succeeded in doing all those years ago.

"Very well Mewtwo I will accept Arceus mission." He removed a ultra ball from his pocket, before handing it over to Mewtwo. "I don't feel right throwing it at you."

Mewtwo looked down at the ball in Night Shrouds hand, by touching it he would for evermore be bound to his new master, never to be freed again, unless released. He stretched out his paw and touched the ball activating it to suck him inside.

Night Shroud watched the ball shake in his hand for a few seconds when the red light clicked off. He then opened the ball releasing Mewtwo, who shook his head after being trapped in such a small container.

"Welcome to the team Mewtwo."

End of Flash back

Mewtwo opened his eyes again after reliving his past. He had sworn his Loyalty to his master Night Shroud, and like a plague, they had destroyed Team Rocket. They left nothing behind so no one could carry on their mission. Mewtwo flinched at how Ash had disposed of the leader, it wasn't pretty that was for sure. He heard footstep coming from behind him. At first Mewtwo thought it was his master, but the aura was that of a Pokemon, not human. Mewtwo ready himself for battle when turned and quickly lowered himself to the ground in a bow, as the God Pokemon Arceus stood before him.

"What can I do for you Arceus."

The God Pokemon red eyes glowed. "The chosen as started to heal. Now he need to take the final step to reach is full potential. I am pleased how he does not just use the legendary for battling, but also treats them as his family. But now he needs human companionship. Five females from his past had never stopped loving him. You know one of them already."

Mewtwo grinned as he crossed his arms across his chest. "How though, she is a Pokemon, you would have to make her human for her to be able to have a relationship with my master." Mewtwo eyes widened at what he had just said, he turned to look at Arceus and could see a small grin on his face. "Never, she hasn't asked to be turned into a human as she?"

Arceus nodded. "Indeed she has, now for the other girls, I have arranged for a Pokemon competition that will take place, all these girls will be there. Your Job is to make sure he is ready for it. You have a month Mewtwo, the invitations have already been sent out by the pokery league. Some of those who betrayed him, will also be there, I just pray he has forgiven them, otherwise he will never truly be happy."

Mewtwo scoffed at the statement. "Please he may be slowly turning back into who he formally was, but there is no way he will forgive them just like that."

Arceus nodded in understanding. "I am well aware of this Mewtwo, it will take time, but unless he forgives them, then he will never be truly happy." With that last statement Arceus flashed away, revealing Mewtwo master walking toward him.

"All finished?"

Night Shroud nodded. Both trainer and Pokemon left Pallet Town and vanished into the night. Wondering what the future held for them.

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