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Divine Arena Private box

Ash laid back in his chair watching the screen. Today was the final match before they reached the quarter finals. Cynthia was up against Marshal who was one of the Unova Elite four who specialised in fighting types. Ash stroked Pikachu who was now sat on his shoulder watching the screen. His girls were to busy doing their own thing in the back of the private suite. Ash had just seen Misty progress to the quarter finals, it was clear she had come along way in her training. Ash looked down the list at who was already through to the next round. It was very likely he could be drawn against one of his girls, which he was hoping wouldn't happen. He at least wanted to meet one of them in the semi finals. Ash pressed a button on his seat which enlarged one of the many camera pictures on the screen. It looked like Cynthia was finally ready for her match.

Battle field five

Cynthia walked out onto the battle field. She was dressed in her traditional black outfit, with her long black coat and her hair fell around her face. One of her eyes was hidden under the trademark length of hair on her left side. She stepped into her box and waited.

On the other side of the field Marshal made his way into his own box. He was one of the elite four of the Unova league, however Marshal had always thought he should be champion and now he was going to get a chance to prove himself against the Sinnoh League Champion.

The referee rose on a small metal platform. In his hand were two flags. one red and one green. He raised both flag. This is a three on three Pokemon battle, between the Sinnoh League Champion Cynthia, and a member of the Unova Elite four Marshal. All rules are in effect, there will be no substituting. The winner of the this match will advance to the quarter finals. Trainers ready your Pokemon."

Cynthia pulled a ball from her belt and threw it onto the field. "Go Milotic!" Out on the field appeared a beautiful serpent like Pokemon, with a fan like tail. Milotic looked across at the trainer who her mistress was facing.

Marshal, threw is own ball onto the field. "Go Breloom!" Out of the ball appeared the grass/fighting duel type, and punched its small fists ready for battle.

The referee raised both flags. "Milotic vs Breloom, first Pokemon knocked out will be eliminated. Ready, steady go!"

Marshal decided to waist no time, in launching his first attack. "Breloom use Spores on Milotic!" Breloom opened its mouth before spewing a sparkling like mist towards Milotic.

Cynthia just smiled. "Milotic counter with Safe guard!" Milotic produced a green like shield the intercepted the spore attacks rendering it useless, due to Safe guards effect.

Marshal growled. "Nice trick, but lets see you stop this attack. "Breloom use Bullet seed!" Breloom, jumped in the air before spitting out a barrage of seeds from its mouth which hit Milotic causing a medium amount of damage.

Cynthia could see that last attack had done some damage to her Pokemon. However she had her own game plan. "Milotic use Attract!" Milotic raised her fan like tail to cover part of her face, and then winked sending a shower of hearts hitting Breloom, causing the grass/fighting type to have hearts for eyes.

Marshal narrowed his eyes. Now there was no telling what would happen. "Breloom use Bullet seed again!" Marshal watched helpless as Breloom just stood there transfixed on Milotic.

Cynthia raised her arm. Now was the time to go on the offensive. "Milotic use Ice beam!" Milotic formed an orb of blue light in her mouth, before firing a blast of light blue beams towards Breloom.

Marshal seeing the danger, decided to act. "Breloom dodge then counter with Bullet seed!" However Marshal orders fell on deaf ears as Breloom cried out as it took the ice beam full on. The attack caused the grass type to become trapped in a solid block of ice. Both eyes had swirls.

The referee raised the red flag on Milotic side of the field. "Breloom is unable to battle, the winner is Milotic. Trainer send out your next Pokemon."

Marshal recalled Breloom, he then removed another ball from his waist. "I choose you Mienshao!" A white ferret looking Pokemon appeared on the field. It stood on two legs, had a long body, and a feline head. it had two long arms that dropped from the front of its body.

"The referee raised both flags. "Mienshao vs Milotic, begin!"

Marshal decided to get in the first move. "Mienshao use Fake out!" Mienshao moved across the field in lightning speed, before hitting Milotic for small amount of damage.

Cynthia noticed her Pokemon flinch which prevented her from making a move. "Milotic use Rest!" Milotic suddenly fell asleep and recovered all her health, however now she was a sitting target for Mienshao.

Marshal looked on confused, why would she order her Pokemon to use rest, especially when it would make her Milotic a huge target.

Marshal decided to try end this battle quickly. "Mienshao use Drain Punch!" Mienshao moved across the field, its paw glowing. It then punched the water type sending Milotic staggering back a few feet.

Cynthia couldn't do much else except watch her Pokemon suffer.

Marshal seeing Milotic was still asleep smiled. "Okay Mienshao finish this match, High Jump Kick!" Mienshao moved again towards Milotic, it then jumped high in the sky and attempted a flying kick at Milotic, however it missed its target and crashed its feet into the battle field.

Marshal growled. That was the risk of using High Jump Kick, it was powerful, however if it missed then it did damage to his own Pokemon. Marshal was ready to launch another drain punch, however he froze as Milotic opened her eyes.

Cynthia seeing her Pokemon was now awake, decided to go on offensive. "Milotic use Scald!" Milotic launched a blast of scorching hot water towards Mienshao.

Marshal eyes widened. "Mienshao quickly dodge." Mienshao was able to dodge the full blast, however part of her arm got caught in the hot blast, and now it was glowing orange. Mienshao had been burnt, which would mean all her fighting type moves would do 50% less than they would do.

Mrshal growled in frustration. "Mienshao use Drain Punch!" Still with the burn on it's paw, it moved across the field and then punched Milotic, however the damage was hardly anything.

Cynthia knew this battle was now in the bag. "Milotic use Surf!" Milotic suddenly glowed and found herself surfing on a wall of water, which she sent crashing across the field. The wave caught Mienshao head on and the fighting type was washed towards her own trainers box. When the water had vanished, it showed Mienshao laid out with swirl for eyes.

The referee raised the flag on Milotic side of the field. "Mienshao is unable to battle, the winner is Milotic. Trainer send out your final Pokemon."

Marshal recalled Mienshao. He was down to his last Pokemon. He threw the ball onto the field. "Conkeldurr you're up!" On the field appeared the huge fighting type Pokemon. in each hand were two huge stone pillars which it was lifting with each hand, and flexing its muscles.

The referee raised both flags. "Milotic vs Conkeldurr Begin!"

Marshal decided to waste no time. "Conkeldurr use Thunder Punch!" Conkeldurr dropped both stone pillar before charging one of it's fists with electricity. It then moved across the field and punched Milotic causing some serious damage.

Cynthia noticed the hit had done some serious damage. In fact she suddenly saw tiny electrical waves covering her beloved Pokemon. It had been paralysed from Thunder Punch after effects. "Milotic use Scald!" Milotic attempted to use the move, however the electrical waves appeared once more, preventing her from attacking.

Marshal grinned. "Conkeldurr, use Thunder Punch, once more!" The fighting type once more charged it's fist with electricity and hit the water type with the punch. There was a small explosion, once the dust had settled it showed Milotic fainted.

"The referee raised the flag on Marshal side of the field. "Milotic is unable to battle, the winner of this round is Conkeldurr, Trainer send out your next Pokemon.

Cynthia recalled Milotic, and then removed another ball from her waist. I choose you Spiritomb!" The Ghost/dark duel type appeared on the field ready for battle.

The referee once again raised both flags. "Spiritomb vs Conkeldurr begin!"

Cynthia decided to waste no time. "Spiritomb use Curse!" The ghost/dark duel type glowed, before a spectral nail could be seen, above it. The nail then started to pierce Spiritomb body, causing her health points to drop by half, but placed a curse on Conkeldurr.

Marshal growled, that was a unfair move, especially seeing he had only one Pokemon left. "Conkeldurr use Thunder Punch!"

Cynthia waited to the very last minute. "Spiritomb use Double team and then counter with Willo wisp!" Spiritomb suddenly split into several direction causing several copies to appear, each one then launched a small ring of fire towards the fighting type.

"Marshal looked on in horror. "Conkeldurr look out!" However he was too late as Willo wisp had hit the fighting type, causing a burn on both it's hands.

Cynthia just smiled, this match was hers now. "Spiritomb use Psychic!" The ghost/dark duel type caused both eyes to glow blue.

Conkeldurr suddenly found itself floating in mid air. It started to wave its arms comically. It then found itself being smashed against the battle field barrier and finally smashed into the battle field floor.

Marshal lowered his head. It was all over. That attack and the burn and now the curse had pretty much decided this match. He watched as his Pokemon was inflicted by the curse once more. This caused the fighting type to sway, before falling face first onto the field with swirl for eyes.

The referee raised his flag on Spiritomb side of the field. "Conkeldurr is unable to battle. The winner is Spiritomb. With all of Marshal Pokemon knocked out, I declare Cynthia the Sinnoh league champion the winner and she will now go on to the quarter finals."

Divine Arena Private Box

Ash smiled at the screen as he watched his oldest girlfriend wave to the crowd. That had been a good battle, and Ash was certain that if they both met in the quarters or the semi-finals then their battle would be close. He suddenly noticed Mr Goodshow, appeared on of the other screens. He pressed a button on his chair and then enlarged the camera shot, and listened as the quarter final match up was announced. Ash watched his photo appear on the big screen, however he noticed one of the other challenger. In the picture he had a huge drench coat on, and was wearing a pair of shades to hide his identity. Ash noticed his name, Tenbrarum. Ash had never heard of this guy before and decided to do some research. He watched as his card was flipped and then paired of. Ash grinned at who he was facing, and then frowned at the other pairing. He had Steven the Hoenn league Champion in the quarter finals, however it looked like once of his girls were going to be knocked out, as Cynthia had been paired against Hilda. Misty was paired against this Tenbrarum, while Grimley the Unova Elite four Dark Pokemon specialised was paired against Lucien the Sinnoh League Psychic Elite four. That would be a good match to watch.

Ash felt someone stand beside his chair and draped their arms around him. "Oh well, guess we knew it could happen. Still I can't wait to get a shot at Cynthia."

Ash pulled Hilda into his lap, and gave a deep kiss. "Doesn't matter which one of you win, I will always love you all the same. So just go out there and do your best."

Hilda suddenly teared up and she buried her head into Ash's chest. "I love you too Ash." While Ash was comforting Hilda, he noticed the door opened to reveal Cynthia. Ash smiled as she was suddenly pulled down onto the sofa by all her sisters.

Ash heard his Pokegear bleep, and he pulled it out of his pocket. It was a message from Richie wanting to ask, if he fancied a Pokemon battle later on today. Ash quickly replied back and told Richie to meet him on the training field at six. The two then would have their battle.

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