George woke with a warm weight on his chest, he sleepily opened his eyes and saw a mass of black hair fanned just above his heart. He wondered how Harry had gotten into his bed, until the memories of the early morning came back to his mind, causing him to tighten his hold on Harry and pull him impossibly closer, before laying a kiss on the mop of hair.

Harry grunted quietly and shifted, lifting his head to stare unfocused at George before a small sleepy smile graced his features.

George ran his eyes over Harry's face, his eyes were still slightly bloodshot and puffy, some of his hair was plastered to his forehead, while the rest spread and stuck up in every direction, and his lips were chapped and red and currently being worried by his teeth. George ran his thumb over Harry's lip and pulled it from his teeth, offering him a lopsided grin to hide the sappy-warm-bubbly feeling currently churning in his stomach.

"Morning." He mumbled, sifting his hand through silken strands.

"Mm, good morning." Harry replied, tracing idle patterns on George's chest, occasionally dipping to his navel.

"Thank you, again, for last night. I'll owl Remus later and I should probably apologise to your family, I haven't exactly been pleasant to be around lately, and you, I don't know why you put up with me, and-"

George cut Harry of with a kiss, ignoring their morning breath and just feeling.

He wasn't sure why Harry put up with him, Harry, this kind and caring person with so much weight on his shoulders, yet who continued to love. He had vowed to himself that as long as Harry wanted him, he'd try and make his life a little bit easier.

Harry whimpered into the kiss, before breaking apart for air. His eyes had darkened, leaving a thin ring of green surrounding black, his lips were red and wet, a flash of pink tongue darted out to lick them and only had a second to retreat back into his mouth before George was kissing him again and pushing him onto his back.

He opened his legs, and felt George settle into the 'V' created by his thighs, squeezing his hips. Harry moaned into the kiss, sieving his hands into red hair and tugging, getting a groan and jerk of hips in return.

George's hands where under his sleep shirt and running along his sides before moving to his stomach and chest, dipping into his navel and up to his nipples.

They broke apart, a sting of saliva still connecting them.

"Off." George said gruffly, pulling Harry's shirt over his head, before removing his own.

Harry let his eyes drop to George's chest, following the dots of freckles and sparse hair, he trailed his hand along the Quidditch toned muscles, enjoying the way George's breath hitched and his abdomen quivered, before his chin was lifted and a kiss was placed to the corner of his mouth.

George's eyes locked with Harry's as he moved down his chest, stopping to worry each nipple between his teeth until they became hard nubs, his left hand rubbing Harry's thigh as he moaned and arched, trying to get closer to his mouth. George placed a final kiss on the middle of his chest before sitting up, he placed his hands on Harry's hips and after seeking permission, hooked his thumbs under Harry's sleep pants and pulled them down. He pushed his own pants down before allowing himself a look at Harry.

George's breath hitched at the sight of the naked body underneath him. Harry was panting, his eyes were almost black and his lips bruised red. His nipples were dusty pink and his stomach quivered with every breath. His cock was straining from a nest of wiry black curls and he could see a drop of pre-cum leaking from the tip.

"You're beautiful." George murmured, not needing to look up to see the blush that would cover Harry's cheeks.

Harry pulled him down and nipped along his jaw before flicking his tongue across George's lips, pulling away teasingly when he opened his mouth.

"Git." George huffed.

"Yes, but your git." Harry whispered, not caring how sappy he sounded.

He was rewarded by George smashing his lips to Harry and dropping his hips and rocking, creating delicious friction that had him moaning.

They fumbled and rocked, warm-sticky, moaning and panting into each others mouths, licks and bites placed on any place either could reach, hands fumbled and hips quickened their paces, quivering stomachs and thighs, before Harry stiffened and arched, his brow creased and his lips parted in a silent scream, his release spreading across his own and George's chests, who followed shortly after, burying his face in Harry's neck, panting harshly.

"Missed this, missed you." Harry said, running his hands up and down George's back.

"Mm, me too." George replied into his neck, breath puffing across small hairs.

They stayed tight together, basking the sated calm feeling surrounding them, until Harry stiffened suddenly, causing George to lift his head. He was about to ask what was wrong, when his mother's voice floated through the door.

"Harry dear, breakfast is almost ready."

"I'll, err, I'll be down in a bit, thank you Mrs. Weasley." Harry called back, turning a bright red. George buried his head back into Harry's shoulder to muffle his snickers.

"Of course dear, take your time." In a quieter voice she added, "Where is that George?"

"Yes! Where is that George, wonderful Mother of mine?" Harry muffled his laughs into Georges head, when Freds' unnecessarily loud voice came through the door.

They had no doubt, that Fred knew exactly where George was.

An - Finally part 2/smut haha, I'm trying to get better and sex/smut scenes and I hope this wasn't too bad and the ending wasn't a horrible cut of point! Enjoy :) xx