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The Doctor was leaning against the doorway of their new bedroom, with his arms crossed watching as his Rose stirred on the air mattress. He smiled when she scrunched her face up and stretched her arms out trying to wake up.

"Hi..." His darling mumbled sleepily. She hasn't yet realized the state of her hair, and the Doctor was greatful for that, but he thought she was absolutely adorable.

"Breakfast is ready and I have tea." He told her gently as she sat up, still disoriented. "Don't forget we need to finish unpacking. Time to get up, Rosie."

She moaned and threw the blankets, only partly covering her at this point, off her body and raised to her knees. The Doctor gazed at his beautiful pink and yellow girl as she stretched an arm above her head and let that hand fall to her head. She was about to tell the state of her hair, and the Doctor had to prolong this moment.

"Wait!" he exclaimed. She pursed her lips and looked at him confused. "Don't move." He ordered her seriously. She gave him a look that clearly said he was loony, but she'd play along.

Assured that she wouldn't move, the Doctor quickly moved toward one of the many boxes in the big room. He rifled through three of them before finding what he was looking for with a shout.

"Aha!" He proclaimed. In his manly hairy hand was a camera. A rather high-tech camera that he had declared they needed when they decided on their life together. He claimed he didn't want to miss a thing and had snapped more pictures of Rose than himself. Well, not counting the first ones he had taken before he figured out how to work the 'blasted thing'.

"Wha' d'ya wan' tha' for?" Rose asked, her Estate drawl more prominent in her sleepy state.

"I wanna capture this moment." He said to her confidently as he moved around trying to find the perfect angle.

"Why'd'ya want a picture of me like this for? I'm a right state." She tilted her chin up and stared intently yet bemused at her Doctor.

"Rose," he started as he lowered the camera and stopped in front of her. He brought the hand not holding the camera to her face and cradled her cheek. She immediately nuzzled into it and kept her eyes locked on his. "You are so beautiful all the time, especially like this when you're carefree and remind me of the other 999 septillion reasons why I love you, so very much."

He saw tears gather in her Tiger's eyes and watched as she slowly blinked them away. She nodded into his palm and he took that as his permission to take her picture. He backed away again.


He stared at her then, sure the camera would never do her this much justice but would have to remain as a small consolation when this moment ended.

He used a lot of his very big superior brain to make this moment engrained in his memory. His Rose in her grey leggings and nightie, covered majorly by his much-too-big-for-her grey jumper, one shoulder exposed and a serious case of bedhair.

He couldn't believe how lucky he was.

"Okay, now?" His sweetheart asked him as she lowered her arm, ahving heard the click of the camera.

"Fantastic." He told her sincerely with pure adoration in his eyes.

"Good. Now come back to bed."