This story is a deleted scene from No School's Fools Day from the naked brothers band. If you haven't seen the episode Rosalina and Kristina are dressed as French girls with a police officer's daughter trying to prank Nat (they are in disguise). Nat is taking them to the police station because someone "stole" Rosalina bag. They walk to the station while Nat gives them his life story.

Nat:… some British guy kissed her twice and that's why we broke up.(Nat is all sad faced)

Kristina (in accent): that is so sad!( She has a pouty face on)

Officer's Daughter (in accent): YA! (Has the same face a Kristina)

Rosalina (in accent): Do you still love her? (Questioning look on her face)

Kristina and Officer's Daughter look at each other and think: Uh Oh.

Nat: (had confused look on the question because it was from a Stanger, but answered)Of course I do she is he love of my life! Something about her makes my heart stop. Her beautiful brown eyes make me melt. I would never stop loving her even if she broke my heart ten thousand times!

Rosalina looked at him in shock and then came back to focus.

Rosalina (while ripping off her wig): OH NAT!

Nat ( In shock and confused): Rosal-

Nat didn't have time to finish her name because he was being kissed passionately by Rosalina. When Nat realized who it was he deepened the kiss. He loved her so much. He was embarrassed that he told her his whole life, but glad it happened because this wouldn't have been happening.

Kristina: Were gonna go. (grabbing the Officer's Daughters hand and leaving)

Nat pulled away as did Rosalina.

Nat: Wow!

Rosalina: Yeah. I miss that. (Smiling)

Nat: Yeah me too. (Smiling)

Rosalina: What you said before was that true?

Nat: Every word. (Smiling again)

Rosalina smiling was as huge as it could get. Then it went back to serious.

Rosalina: But I broke your heart with that stupid kiss with Michele.

Nat: Yeah you may have, but I got over it. Being without you was breaking my heart the most. (grining)

Rosalina was smiling again!

Nat: How about you?

Rosalina: What?

Nat: Did you stop loving me?

Rosalina looked into his big brown eyes and said…

Rosalina: I can never stop loving you. When I kissed Michele I was crazy. I never thought I would lose you! It was the biggest mistake of my life and that's why I tried to hide it, but I shouldn't have because that is how I lost you! I love you too much to be without you. You're my never ending love.

Nat smiled and Rosalina smiled back!

Nat: I miss making you smile. (Smiling also)

Rosalina: Me too you were always the best at it. (Smiling again)

Nat: I was?

Rosalina: Yeah!

Nat: I'm honored! (laughing)

Rosalina is laughing too.

Awkward silence.

Nat broke the silence.

Nat: Rosalina, Does this mean…

She cut him off.

Rosalina: Definitely! (smiling)

Nat: But you didn't let me finish! (laughing)

Rosalina: Oh, go ahead! (laughing)

Nat: Rosalina will you be my girlfriend?

Rosalina kissed him.

Rosalina: Of course!