It was getting on for six o'clock in the evening, and still nine year old Rose Tyler had not finished her maths homework. If it was up to her, Rose would've left the whole thing and just got a detention the next day. But of course, her mum wouldn't stop banging on about how her grades had to pick up and doing homework, for some reason, had become compulsory.

Yeah, you try it, mum, thought Rose. It was kind of hypocritical that her mum of all people was the one who was telling her to do it- Jackie never did her homework as a kid.

As another hour ticked by, Rose was really beginning to lose hope. When was she ever going to use maths, ever? Rose was going to be a traveller when she grew up, not a flipping maths teacher.

Rose sighed and was literally about to abandon her work sheet despite her mother's threats- when an electric blue light flooded her bedroom.

Rose snapped round in her chair and in her line of vision was a man. A very strange man in a funny jacket, a stupid red hat and holding a mop.

"Oh. Sorry!" the man apologised, bobbing around. "I must've came here by accident... Yeah."

Rose opened her mouth, but the man pressed a finger to his lips. Rose couldn't quite believe her eyes. Was it an angel? Or a ghost?

"Shhh," the man hushed. Before tilting his head to the side. "What's your name?"

Rose felt incapable not to answer, even though her mum had always told her not to speak to strangers. "I'm Rose Tyler. I'm nine. What's your name?"

The mans eyes glassed over, and he didn't reply for a while. "I'm... I'm John Smith. And I'm very old."

Rose giggled. "Do you want to see my mum?"

John Smith shook his head. "No, not today Rose."

Rose rustled round her desk and passed him her worksheet. "If you're not doing anything, can you help me?"

John smiled. "Yes, okay. I'll help you Rose."