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Five moments of domesticity – H/F

The Beginning…

Hannibal took a deep breath as he finally exited the court rooms. The proceedings had dragged on for the whole week, but finally, after almost 2 years on the run, it was over. Their names were cleared, and they were free. It had taken a while, but one of the outcomes stated that the "A-Team" could be reinstated if they so wished, or be honourably discharged. Hannibal had asked that they be given time to deliberate on that decision. It was one that would affect the whole team and the dynamics they had all grown into during their time on the run. Revelations had been abounding, with Murdock and BA growing so close over the time that they became almost inseparable. It was no surprise to Hannibal that BA's protective nature over their captain, and the love of his cooking, would turn into something more. They became a couple quite early on in their wild escapades.

Hannibal's lip quirked into a smile as his thoughts progressed in timeline. Face and he on the other hand had been a bit of a slow development. Love and affection were always there, but neither had been willing to tip the fine scale of their relationship in fear that it would tip the wrong way. That, Hannibal muses, was where the mischievous captain came in with the help of BA of course. Hannibal remembers clearly the moment when himself and Face were cajoled together under false pretences of a surprise present from Murdock, and shoved forcefully into a small clothes closet. To say he was pissed at the time was an understatement, but true to Murdock's word, they both left the closet with a present… Each other…

"Hey, boss? What's got you all dreamy?"

Hannibal is snapped out of his reminiscing by the voice of his young and far too beautiful for his own good lieutenant. "Just thinking…" Hannibal admits, to which Face smiles. "Yeah – big change and all…" Hannibal 'hummed' softly in agreement to Face's statement. He could tell there was something Face wasn't telling him by the way he was trying to refrain from shoving his hands into his pockets – a habit started doing when he became nervous around him, Hannibal noticed.

"What's on your mind lieutenant?" Hannibal asked softly, shifting to face Face fully. Face's eyes flash up to meet his at the movement and he is met with the most dazzling and charismatic smile he has seen in a while. "Nothing boss… It's nothing." Hannibal knows when he is being conned, having spent around 20 years in and around Face's company. Deciding not to push it however, Hannibal decides it's bet to get moving to discuss the next course of action. However, in doing so he almost misses what his lieutenant's next words. "Are we over?"

Hannibal freezes, the words ringing in his ears a few times before he turns swiftly back to the conman, who for all the world to see looks like his world is about to end. "Kid?" Hannibal asks, confusion written over his own features. "Well…" Face starts, and Hannibal watches as his boy's nervous habit wins out and his hands are shoved firmly and deeply into his pockets. "With the reinstatement… This –," Face frees a hand to motion between them before hiding it again, "will be over… Right? DADT and all… Just got our careers back… We can't… We…"

Hannibal's heart feels like its breaking. He can't blame Face for thinking that he would choose his career over him – hell, it was what Morrison had done to him many year before Face had arrived on the scene. Hannibal finds he has to shake his head to clear his mind of old painful memories. "Listen Temp." Hannibal paused making sure he had eye contact with his young man to let him know how serious he was about his next choice of words. "The Army is not my world. I realised that years ago when a far too young, arrogant, cocky, know it all conned his way onto my team and proceeded to worm his way into my life. So much so – he became my life." Hannibal watched as Face's expression changed into a soft honest, open and loving smile.

"If you want to Temp, and only if you do-," Hannibal stressed, "I will turn my back on what we have and go back to the Army – but I'm telling you now I don't think I could survive that." Hannibal watched a look of honest distress crossed his handsome features. "However, if you want to – and by God I hope you do Temp – I want to settle down with you… Right now – we'll find jobs we want to do, buy a house – even a pet if you - ." Hannibal didn't get to finish his sentence as his arms and mouth became occupied by a very happy Templeton Peck.

Pulling back for a quick breath, Face breathed, "I do John – oh God I do".

Neither man cared that many of the top army officials were still on the stairs of the law courts watching the whole scene unfold.

"Way to say 'Screw you!' fools!" BA laughed from the bottom of the steps. Murdock grind, brandishing a camera to capture the moment.